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Shinnecocks casino team visits Brookhaven airport at invitation of town and county officials

I am hoping that wherever it is the land is large enough that eventually the casino would become a destination place (casino, large hotel, and a golf course or waterpark or race track etc … ) thus supplying more then just casino jobs. If there were able to leave a small airport at the site that would be wonderful as well (Brookhaven or Grumman – Gabreski is too small!). It’s going to be done so let’s do it right!
I would go even further to say let’s have the biggest poker room on the east coast!
As for those who don’t want it … there’s plenty of casinos in NY … the closets to us is in the Yonkers – Run by NY State! …. Where, by the way, you only have to be 18 to play the coin hungry slot machines!
" May 17, 10 8:58 PM

Police cite 21 on drug charges at Neptune Beach Club over holiday weekend

'The drugs included cocaine, ketamine, ecstasy, marijuana and gamma-hydroxybutyrate, a depressant that is commonly referred to as GHB.' ... Marajuna ... isn't it about time we legalized it?
I don't smoke it. I know people who do and realize it is much stronger then in my day ... but hey if booze is legal .... " Jun 9, 10 7:34 PM