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Six candidates are seeking election in Westhampton Beach; Quogue races are unopposed

Michelle Bugge's name appeared on a letter along with some members of the Beautification Committee taking Mayor Teller to task for planting trees at Village Hll without getting their permission. The committee, mostly Levan's friends & admirers, several not even Village taxpayers, are under the delusion that somehow "they" decide what work the DPW performs and how Village $$ are spent. If Buggee is elected Trustee, you can imagine the control Trustee Levan will have over her. Also,as a newcomer to the Village, Bugge does not seem to have a clue that colored lights on the Vilage's xmas trees iare a long standing tradition. Many of us locals were saddened to see white lights on Main Street. We have Levan, Bugge and the rest of the committee to thank doing away with our tradition." May 15, 10 7:27 PM

Modest increases in library spending

How can a 10% increase in our library taxes be considered modest? " May 18, 10 6:27 PM

Attorney Warns Quogue Village Not To Reject Eruv Application

Verizon ownes 46% of the poles. " Mar 28, 12 9:13 AM

No, They OWN 46% of all poles via their joint use agreement. Verizon places half of the pole and LIPA the other half. Verizon and LIPA collect rent from CATV and other third parties that wish to license space on the poles." Mar 29, 12 5:29 PM

Beach Bakery Owner Granted Dining, Music Permits In Westhampton Beach

This situation is an outrageous example of petty bureaucratic vindictiveness. The Board is throwing away our tax dollars. $190.00 an hour to appeal a code violation that doesn't even exist??? There should be an investigation of how much Mr. Bishop had been paid to go to the Village Justice Court instead of the Village Attorney. This is just a way to throw Village $$$ to the Mayor's cousin. Maybe the new Trustee candidates should look into this. I wish them luck. After six years of the current administration we need change! " May 8, 12 9:12 AM

Finley Says She Will Sue If Not Allowed Back At Farmers Market

This is an outrage. The Village of Wethampton Beach has approved the use of the parking lot by the Chamber to host a Farmers Market. Are they really going sit around and let their own taxepaying merchants and those paying exorbitant rents, be excluded from participating in the Farmers Market? Is Teller asleep in his rocking chair? Hank, as a local merchant, you need to show some leadership on this issue, even if you havent been excluded. It's grossly unfair. The Village should withdraw its permission if the Chamber does not change this new policy.

" May 24, 12 2:36 PM

Board Of Elections Denies Challenge To Petition In Westhampton Beach

It is certainly highlyunusual that an incumbant Trustee would decide to file her petition after the Village Hall closed at 4 pm, even if it was technically legal. It sounds like Trustee Birk is a very reluctant candidate this time around. Didn't she wait to the last minute to decide to run for a 4th term. She has not demonstrated any leadership. I find it disturbing that she can't even comment on her decision to file after closing time. I guessin the end it was just too costly for Trustee Birk to give up the free family medical & dental plan woth +$20,000. . Maybe the Village should stop giving elected officials these free benefits which cost the taxpayers about $100,000 every year. Then we will find out who really wants to serve for the public good! " Jun 7, 12 6:23 AM

Palmer And Urban Win Westhampton Beach Village Trustee Election; No Surprises In Quogue

The new Village Hall, the traffic circle and the new sidewalks were built by the Strebel administration. Mayor Teller served as a Trustee for one year as part of that administration. In fact, most of his cronies and supporters were very outspoken critics of all the projects. For the past six years under the Teller administration there were no capital projects to upgrade and improve our roads, sidewalks and public buildings; Lashley Beach, Village Marina and Rogers Beach Just minimal maintence band aids. Good luck to the new majority Board of Trustees, they certainly have their work cut out for them! " Jun 25, 12 12:20 PM

Former Westhampton Beach Trustee Will Keep Health Insurance Benefits

I guess that EastEnd 68 is not a taxpayer, but a crony of Ms. Birk. This situation is shocking and outrageous! One year in office prior to voting to increase the eligibility for lifetime health benefits from 5 years to 10 does not make it legitimate for Ms. Birk to qualify. Now we see just what her public service was all about. Why doesn't she go out a get a job that offers health benefits like everyone else has to do. For a three year investment of $60,000 she will be eligible for free lifetime health benefits including pharmacy, for the rest of her life! That's some annuity! Hank is absolutely right and I give him the highest credit for voting to increase the eligibility to ten years on his first meeting as a newly elected Trustee. Ms. Birk's unethical ploy could end up costing the taxpayers $700,000 if she lives to age 90!.Whats wrong with Trustee Urban that he thinks it's alright for Ms. Birk to rip off the taxpayers like that. Doesn't he understand that goverments all over are grappling wiith ways to cut expenses to conform to the state mandated 2% cap. I guess that he has no problem putting 3 people out of work, losing their pensions and health benefits, to give a lifetime "golden parachute" to a do nothing elected official who served for 6 years.." Jul 5, 12 9:52 AM

Landlord Blames Westhampton Beach Village For Vacant Building

I agree with The Real World the Village should allow a phasing in of the work. Let Bliss get a tenant in and give him a reasonable time period to get all the work done. Let it be cosmetically improved in the meantime. The Village Officials let the former owner Johnny Chih open up a new restaurant operated by Mickey Chih after Dora's closed. The Building Inspecter sat on his hands while the elected officials looked the other way. Mayor Teller is such a hypocrite. He let a "local" open a new establishment without making any improvements, but prevents an out-of towner from doing so. All he cared about was placing his campaign signs out front and getting the six illegal votes from the Chih family and their employees to win the election!" Jul 20, 12 11:40 AM

Developer Will Again Ask Westhampton Beach To Hold Public Hearing On Supermarket Proposal

Trustee DiBenedetto is right. The public should be heard on this issue. There have been complaints for decades about Walbaums (old A&P). Our residents deserve much better that that old crowded store. Yes, I realize that the Village approved a new site plan for Walbaums that would greatly improve the store. Due to fiscal problems the corporation won't make the financial investment. So, years keep passing and the bureaucrats in Village Hall keep repeating the same old mantra that approving a food store out of the hamlet busniess district will kill Main Street. That's just bunk! Isn't Walbaums a pre-existing non conforming use? If a new Village center was being designed from scratch it is very unlikely that a big food store would be located there. It would be placed in a Highway Business zone. Look at any of the other South Shore hamlet/Village business centers that have all been revitalized; Sayville, Bayshore, Islip and Patchogue. None of them have a supermarket in the midst of the business center. Yet they are flourishing. Take a look at Hampton Bays! It's hamlet shops and restaurants are flourishing. Although there is a King Kullen located there, the new Stop & Shop and a Wild by Nature are both located west of the commerical district. All three foodstore seem to be thriving and so are the shop and restaurants in the business district. Clearly, Westhampton Beach elected officials need to do a reality check with what is really going on in the real world. Maybe the Building Inspector and Planner need to go." Jul 21, 12 10:17 AM

Biss Threatens Legal Action Against Westhampton Beach Village

It certainly was Southampton Town's gain and WHB's loss when the Village agreed to transfer Houlihan here. He has nothing but trouble in the 10 years that he had been here. How dare he storm out of a meeting with a taxpayer. lnstead of doing the job of Chief Building Inspector, he thinks he is the Building & Zoning Czar of the Village. He is nothing more than an overpaid, under-educated bureacrat who has enormously increased the staffing of the Village Building Department and saddled the taxpayers with close to a half million dollars in total expenses if you add the cost of pension and healh benefits for these employees.I think that the Village provides 3 vehicles just for this department! All for a tiny 3 sqare mile village. The Village estimates that the fees earned by this arrogant Czar and his bloated, inefficient department will be $135,000. Houlihan needs to do the job of Building Inspector, including the code enforcement duties, and leave the planning/zoning to professionals. The Village needs to hire a good zoning lawyer and a professional planning consultant to advise the Trustees & Planning/Zoning Boards. It's time to transfer him back to Southampton Town!

" Jul 28, 12 9:25 AM

Four Former Westhampton Beach Trustees Are Covered By Village's Health Insurance Policy

Chief Dean is the highest paid Village Police Chief on Long Island if not statewide. Not only does he have an enormous salary, which just got 8% higher this year, he is the only Village Police Chief that receives an annual executive differential payment of +$12,000. Most Town Police Chiefs don't even receive this outrageous perk. All this money and what do the taxpayers have to show for it? The Police Department is still not accredited. while the Quogue Police force earned it several years ago! The taxpayers have had to spend millions on legal fees going after one police officer after another, because this narcissistic psycho cannot tolerate anyone questioning his authority. I've heard that the recent missing gun debacle cost the Village over $300,000 and to this day no one really knows what did happen. Chief Dean was the driving force behind this sham and many more. To make matters worse, it is rumored that this guy will walk away with +$300,000 when he retires, in addition to a six figure pension and free medical benefits for life.
We can all thank the weak minded, gutless Teller, Birk and Farrell team for this colossal waste of taxpayers $$$'s. Now Birk thinks she is entitled to lifetime health benefits for her disastrous 6 years as Trustee. Not so! She was not vested when the Board increased the eligibility to 10 years. So, she has no rights vested for her 1 year prior service. Teller should be ashamed of his statements in support of this ploy to ripoff the taxpayers." Aug 4, 12 9:52 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Makes Plans For Weather Emergencies

If the Red Cross thinks it is unwise to have an emergency shelter in a flood zone, why does the village thinks it's a good idea? Has anyone considered whether the auditorium at the Catholic Church in Quiogue could be used instead or the VFW in Quogue? It's good to know that FEMA will reimburse the costs of operating the shelter. But it must be recognized that if a catastrophic flood occurs in the flood zone, there is a good chance that if any evacuee is injured or their vehicle is destroyed, they will sue the Village and the school. It seems foolish of the Vilage to think otherwise. The Trustees should be very wary of approving this. Hampton Bays is not very far to go since the PD always issues evacuation orders a long time before any storm is expected to hit. " Aug 29, 12 11:35 AM

New Details Emerge On Westhampton Beach Police Officer Settlement

Great job Mayor, you spent over $300,00 on legal costs and two officers were fully paid without working for several years. To this day, no one realy knows what happened. Nothing got cleared up, but the Village funds certainly got cleaned out over this debacle. A true leader woud have got the matter settled in two weeks. Shameful!" Aug 30, 12 6:47 AM

Accounting Errors Prompt Westhampton Beach Village To Hire Attorney To Review Finances

Congratulation to the Trustees for calling for an independent investigation of certain financial discrepancies. Already, Mayor Teller has disclosed that the Village employees have been overpaid $22,000 in the past 15 months. Didn’t the Village lay-off 3 employees to reduce expenses by $30,000 inorder for the budget to comply with the state mandated 2% tax levy limit. Now, he expects us to swallow that a misallocation of $22,000.00 of taxpayer’s $$$ is a “simple accounting error” and no further review is necessary. I thought that the Trustees just appointed the Clerk Treasurer in July. Does any really believe they would take such an action a few months later without there being some other serious financial concerns? I recommend that the taxpayers ignore the self- serving comments of the Mayor and his political cohorts who chose to attack the Trustees and ignore the mishandling of the Village funds. What can you expect from a Mayor who also gave his blessing to lifetime free health benefits worth millions to ex-Trustee Toni Birk and her family as a reward for her 6 years of dubious service! " Oct 13, 12 9:50 AM

East Hampton Village To Appoint Rebecca Molinaro New Administrator

Good thing the Village of East Hampton has such deep pockets. Hiring a Chief Fiscal Officer who has overpaid 40 public employees a total of $22,000, gave a $10,000 paid medical leave to an employee without Board approval, and paying the Police Chief $6,600 for 10 vacation days he was not entitled to does not bode well. Caveat emptor. On the other hand, such overspending practices will have very little effect on East Hampton's fiscal condition! It seems like a win win for both Villages. " Feb 16, 13 12:19 PM

Westhampton Beach Trustees Want To Clarify Code Pertaining To Village Spending

Mayor Teller has turned Village government into a real life version of the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Just like the Emperor who kept insisting that he was wearing new clothes, although he was naked, Mayor Teller keeps insisting that “we never had a problem in this Village”, completely ignoring the findings of the Special Audit. Mayor Teller also insisted that there were no employee salary overpayments, but as soon as the Trustees hired a Special Attorney, he announced that the employees had been overpaid $22,000! Mayor Teller needs to acknowledge that he does not have the authority to spend Village funds without prior authorization by the Board of Trustees and work with the Trustees to clean up the financial mess he created. He should start by reimbursing the Village for those unauthorized payments he made to employees without the Board’s knowledge. " May 8, 13 3:41 PM