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Officials want to use Southampton Town's Community Preservation Fund to save Stony Brook Southampton

Geez Pressguy,
looking over the comments you make all over this site you are one negative, complaining dude.
Lighten up. What a downer. " May 4, 10 3:52 PM

Uh, mixing topics? " May 4, 10 3:56 PM

Gordian." May 4, 10 3:57 PM

(EQme that is)" May 4, 10 4:00 PM

Katy Stewart Of Sag Harbor Dies At 12

I held Katy when she was just a few months old and thought she was the most beautiful child-- I never could have imagined her life would be so short. Heartbreaking- but she is wiser than all of us here now--
May all her family and friends find comfort and may we all live better lives because of what Katy has taught us. " Dec 30, 10 7:59 PM

At Home With Kate Mueth

Wow, msmarple, not sure what I've done to you to garner your angst, but my my you've an ax to grind. But I doubt it has anything to do with me." Jan 26, 11 3:05 PM

Of course it's me- I said it was me, Karen. Louise, my middle name, is always my screen name. You make a very fine character study for misplaced rage. Carry on. " Jan 26, 11 3:34 PM

And I'm pretty damn proud of performing at Lincoln Center as well as the work that we make, wherever we are. " Jan 26, 11 4:11 PM

Thank you Marytango... I do so much appreciate your kind support. " Jan 26, 11 8:12 PM

Westhampton Beach Lifeguard Quits After Being Denied Permission To Respond To Fire Alarm

Of course they leave- everything- to go to a fire- how do you think emergencies get taken care of? It's the post event behavior towards Mr. Raynor that really bugs me. Sounds like dirty pool where mere clarifying communication would have been enough. Pretty bad treatment in my opinion. " Aug 24, 11 10:17 AM

Contractor Claims Southampton Councilman Locked Him In Office After Worker Broke Into Home

Where are you getting an accusation of "shoddy "work? " Jan 11, 12 11:06 AM

Woman Charged With DWI After Crashing Into Tree In Water Mill

Put them ALL on the front page I say. And this IS a local, not national news website. " Jun 24, 12 5:33 AM

East Hampton Arts Council Asks For Logo Design

Yes, as we are here to engage, help and be a liasion to the EH Town Board for local artists, we are very excited about opening up this opportunity (because opportunity matters, yes?) to our huge artistic community. What's not to like about that? It's called community engagement and we'll be offering more of it as we grow.
" May 27, 14 12:50 PM