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Ocean rescue succeeds despite snowstorm

Like aircraft, does the captain file a plan as to which and what and where they are going? Should not a maritime watchdog agency, similar to the FAA, approve or disapprove the plan?
Also, is their some kind of penalty for unsafe travel as there is for automobiles and aircraft?
We have wasted and over extended enough of our fine Service people in this country.
Need I be anymore explicit?

" Dec 31, 08 8:42 PM

GOP may not back Schneiderman

I met Jay at a recent civic meeting. I like his flexability and the way he demonstrated that no posture is invincible. I will support him if he is looking for help" Mar 28, 09 8:29 PM

Southampton Town joins Riverhead in lawsuit over sex offender trailers

You should never know the pain of consoling your child or a loved one after a sex offender attack, that is if the are still alive

You must be the dumbest person in Westhampton, or real close to it." Apr 6, 09 12:30 AM

Kabot: Loss of Conservative Party line a 'betrayal'

Nuzzi is his own man, a "quality of life" advocate and votes his conscience. Do not put him in that other "crowd".
Linda is a "tough lady", and has the "crust" to give these "small fry" high school, politico's a lesson in humility. She should appeal directly to the people", be their spokesperson. Campaign on every street corner, a genuine "people's candidate, a populist. Get out the first time voter, an untapped "bundle" in this town Flanders, Riverside, Northampton, Hampton Bays, etc, are begging for a "messiah". The voters she cultivates now, and her " Davida vs Goliath" persona will raise her to Albany and further. The crony system is not the way America will reinvent itself. Disassociate from the "hacks". They exist by default because no one else is interested. Show the voters what small, insignificant, inflated bores they are. Condemn these night-crawlers. They are tiresome. tedious, and minuscular in refinement.
Linda, my check is in the mail.
" Jul 27, 09 12:13 PM

Southampton Town supervisor candidates verbally spar over youth programs, affordable housing in Flanders

Linda was not privy to Heaney’s money manipulations. Why would he share his “slum fund" machinations with his competitor for the Super Seat?

I still remember that fat check showing Hamton Bays voters , no fault of their own, receiving Hundreds of Thousands of misappropriated CPF money that belonged to Flanders, et al.

The only problem Ms Kabot has is that she’s a bit too ethical. But, I’ll deal with that conundrum anyday, and so should you all.

Anna is a lightweight in more ways then body type, Linda has got that “steel trap” mind.

Stick with her she’ll make you proud.

And when she wears her hair up, what a looker. Linda, take note, you are getting cuter.

No time for Southampto to hire "beginners".

By the way, how many employees did Anna supervise in her Bridgehampton “coloring book”, non-profit, nonsense job?

What was the annual budget?

My guess is 9 and $500,000, respectively.

No track record to get the "job"." Nov 1, 09 11:01 PM

Southampton Town Board closes out old capital projects

Bull "tru".

The "watch" is everyone's responsibility.

" Jan 3, 10 12:45 AM

Lt. William Hughes named Republican nominee for vacant Southampton Town Board seat

As a disenchanted Democrat, I say give a real working man a chance to state his views.

And, it appears, we will get the opportunity" Jan 14, 10 9:42 PM

Southampton Town Board candidates face off in final debate

Ms. Fleming,

With-such-a-close association with, Democrats Steve Levy, Deputy Executive, Ben Zwirn, and Supervisor Throne-Holst, the latter, Ms. Throne-Holst, Democrat, doing absolutely nothing towards the solution of the Sex Offender Trailer problem, and not once speaking out against Mr. Levy’s anti Southampton policies. Mr. Levy, and Benny Zwirn, both Democrats, a party supporting you, while being the boss architects for the permanent installation of the Homeless Sex Offender Trailers in the North West neighborhoods of Southampton Town,

How will you be able to be part of the solution to rid us of this dangerous threat to our children, the sex offender trailers, in Riverside, having such strong ties with the same people who are the nascent cause of our sex offender problem?

How many Sex Offender Trailers do you have located within 10 miles of your home?

" Mar 5, 10 11:42 PM

Yes, that BF is a party hack and Bill Hughs is all for the suffering tax payer." Mar 5, 10 11:56 PM

Levy switches parties, announces run for governor

Levy is smart, but not in anyway a public servant.

Few are.

He’s not looking to do anybody any good.

Most are the same.

His sort is referred to as slimy.

The formal salutation is Mr. Executive Slime Ball.

After all, should we not be solicitous?
" Mar 27, 10 12:15 AM

Press News Group has strong showing in New York Press Association contest

Dodsen is number one as I see it.

A courageous Western Editorial staff and then some.
" Mar 30, 10 6:51 PM

Fallen soldier's remains arrive on the East End

Yes, a patriot, but too young, so little time .We must find a better way. We must find another way.
God preserve you in paradise, sweet soldier. I pray, America, and all, be worthy of your overwhelming sacrafice.
Fellow citizens, we must be worthy. Least not forget this young man or his grieving family.
We must vow to find another way. Amen." Jun 9, 10 1:06 PM

Kabot DWI hearing kicks off, will resume Tuesday

A lawyer that has a client with some staying power, that can stand the pressure and rigors of a DD stop, mainly the intimidation and has the finances to get a real defense, will never take a test by an officer that has an interest in the outcome of that test because that roadside examination is known to be tamper prone.
Remember at that time Ms Kabot was putting the screws on the PBA's Contract negotiations with the town.

If you have the resources to challenge the DWI stop, you should.
It's your right, but very, very, expensive.

True justice is and will always be expensive.

Anyone disagree? " Jul 9, 10 1:54 AM

Please, let's get one thing straight.
It is not against the law to refuse the breath test.
Simply, it's an "administrative" penalty for doing so, and not an admittance of guilt. Far from it. It is similar to taking the Fifth Amendment, which is also not an admittance of guilt.
Left and Right, Middle and Sideways thinkers should understand that. Scratch that last statement. Freedom loving Americans must understand that.

The reason that one can refuse a breath test is because it is partaking in the prosecution of one self. Now that is specified, as a protection, in the "Bill of Rights" Yet, it stigmatizes the doer. Again, nothing perfect.

There is the rub! But, it does offer choice, which makes it all palatable, to the freedom loving American.

It's a bad piece of written governance, as all administrative governance will be. I.E., Vets Admin., NASA, HUD, and an inadequate "check" for "balance sake".

To administrate in a democracy is not easy. Ask any administrator.

Remember, driving a car is a privilege and not a right. Therefore the act of driving is not guaranteed by the Constitution. Ergo, the usual manifestations of problems with "administrating". So, the problem with "the administration of this particular privilege".

Again, it is an "adequate way" to deal with the issue. Just that, it is not a neat and tidy process.

We as a people are truly blessed, yet spoiled by our wonderful document of individual civil rights. But all the same, nothing is perfect. And that includes, police, legislators, news reporters, and this forum's commenting contributors, with yours truly, at the head of the list. No exaggeration here.

Yet we try, and that in-it-self is true to the cause, and uniquely American.

Keep it going, neighbors. It doesn't matter if it is not perfect. What is perfect is that we all continue to try and make it so. " Jul 12, 10 12:40 PM

Greg Giraldo, comedian and part-time Hampton Bays resident, dies at 44


Too much life and talent, left undone.

My sincere regrets to the Giraldo family" Oct 2, 10 12:01 AM

Clashing ideas about jobs dominate congressional race

The Rothenberg Political Report: Toss-up/Tilt Democrat, NY 1st District, doesn’t say much for Bishop and his 4th term incumbency." Oct 15, 10 12:05 AM

View The Kabot DWI Police Tape

Going over the yellow lines occurred in a place where the road was swaying to the left making it easy to do, regardless if one is intoxicated or not. Upon viewing the tape, rolling through a stop sign is not obvious to me. As well, it appears Ms. Kabot was avoiding pedestrians that were too far out into the road. What is the need for two officers to have a pow-wow with the sound portion of the tape diminished? Most importantly, the officer needed to be sure what was recorded on the tape because they were arresting the supervisor? I guess the rest of us do not need such unduly deliberation if we were suspected of a misdemeanor. No evidence of Ms. Kabot slurring; no belligerence on her part whatsoever. How many could hold their balance 15 plus seconds, or close to it, on an alternated foot, while reciting the count in thousands, waiving both arms, with a brilliant spot light in your eyes from an intimidating police cruiser, and with so much at stake, a political life? She did. Her walking backward and forward without any real balance failure wasn't conclusive enough? How long was she to count, was her query to the officer. He responded by stopping the test. He required her reminder that she had successfully completed the test? No East End jury will convict this lady." Feb 2, 11 2:38 PM

Civic Association Members Call For President's Resignation

Mr. Bender,
The way you conducted yourself at the most recent BVPCTA Candidate Night, while sitting at a table inhabited by political big wigs of a singular political party, of which you have been wooing for months to aquire their nomination nod for our town board: and to virtually attack (and that is what it was) a candidate for Congressional One, Randy Altschuler, Republican; and you being an officer, the President, and no less, of a 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Corp, IMO is nothing else but corrupt, and possibly criminal, and certainly without question, self serving.
Merely the fact that you head a tax exempt corp. makes your behavior appear to me, absolutely illegal.
It’s my understanding according to IRS standards, that you who are in fact seeking political office at the same time puts you way over the top as far as impropriety at the very least.
And, any other non 501(c)3 T.E. has a right to complain why FRNCA gets the “ free money” and they don’t. As for that, any tax paying citizen has a right to complain.
This is not the first time you have gone down this path of political-self-servicing.
Your apparent unannounced, most certainly (not- timely announced) pow-wow- meeting with Supervisor, Throne-Holst, regarding the now failed, River Cat Walk Project in Riverside, and not reporting to the membership the result thereof in a timely responsible fashion is cause for a harsh admonishment at the least.
The North West Community has been praying for the RCW project to come to volition for more than six years . You have hardly been a member of this community for that length of time; and now you not only seek a town council seat, but behave detrimentally, ergo, negatively affecting the community’s chances to receive sorely needed tax revenues that would have been provided if the project had been implemented.
On this, so vital a community matter, a matter requiring the most avid monitoring by the FRNCA Organization, yet; you have chosen to be remiss in your duties by irresponsibly not reporting to the membership, all developments, as they have occured.
The FRNCA Membership had to learn for itself, of your talks with a high ranking official who may or may not, have had an interest in an outcome that may not be in the interest of the FRANCA Community, of which you are the President?
Now, much too late to prepare a reasonable plan of action, even if the organization thought-it-was-fit, to do so; and for that reason alone, IMO, you should step down and leave the leadership to someone who is not conflicted with official responsibilities.
Also, you have recently said that if you step down, no one else will step up to run for FRNCA President.
That dismissive approach didn’t work for Mr. Mubarak and Egypt, most recently; and it now doesn’t work for you, Mr. Bender, and the comparatively diminutive FRNCA.
Rich Naso for one, Chris Shelton for another, Chrissy Prete and many others would be more than qualified for any job at FRNCA.
Mr. Bender, do what is best for the FRNCA Community.
Step down now!

Michael Sacco, Supporters of Survivors of Sexual Offenders, Executive Director
Formerly, FRNCA VP, Government Chair, Education Chair, Rep. to Southampton Town Coalition, Rep. to The Northwest Alliance of Southampton Town.
Current and long time member, FRNCA
Member: Bay View Pines Civic and Taxpayers Association.
" Feb 20, 11 4:52 PM

Heaney Seeks Nomination To Run Against Schneiderman

Linda Kabot for Southampton Town Supervisor

Linda K. (and) all-the-way; smart and gutsy she tells “it” as it is.
No hack this lady.
All should REMEMBER; isn’t that so, Ms. Grabowski?
Linda afforded all voices a fair and open forum.
Mine was a particularly disquieting voice advocating an “unpopular conviction”, semimonthly, every month, for more than three years at the Town Podium.
Ms. Kabot never disrespected the right to express a provocative point of view, many times granting farther than “the strictly allotted three minutes at the Town Microphone” regardless the unpopularity of the contention being made; many more times than not, she allowed “the clock” to run way, way, longer than she was by any measure required to do so.
A rare quality to find on any political forum or ingrained in any political personage; it’s called “integrity”, and Linda Kabot has it!
Good luck Linda, you have my full support.
Michael Sacco
Executive Director,
Supporters of Survivors of Sexual Offenders (S.O.S.)

" Mar 17, 11 1:30 AM

Candidates Jockey For Levy's Position Amidst Investigation

So shall all despots perish." Mar 25, 11 12:52 AM

Kabot Says She Wants To Run For Southampton Town Supervisor Again

I don't know what you are trying to forget, firecat, but the actual voters almost seated Linda Kabot last time on a write-in campaign. Imagine how well Linda will do when she actually runs against ATH. Ms. Kabot's accomplishments speak for themselves, with a proven history.. what has ATH really done? I will enjoy seeing that debate! Linda is like a walking encyclopedia, with a mind sharp as they come.. " Mar 21, 13 9:05 AM

Delay In Application Approval Process Angers Dozens In Flanders

The way the Annual Meeting where the elections were to be held coincided with the forum FRNCA board set up for the community to hear from the Town regarding the garbage issue was telling in itself. The domestic partner/husband? (I'm not sure if they are married) of SH Town Councilman Brad Bender sits on the board of FRNCA. The conflict of interest in FRNCA pushing back so hard the people of the community who opposed this issue could not have been made any clearer than the disgusting display of the board members at this meeting. The question is, how is it the concern of the president to "vet" the new members to see if their interests were long lasting? The real question is why is FRNCA, with a 501c3 status getting involved in politics? Their status makes it illegal for them to participate in political issues particularly to the extent that they have blatantly immersed themselves. So, if Mr. Ron Fisher came from Mars, and was able to rally so many people to see the misrepresentation and further, the disservice of FRNCA to my community, I would still applaud him. But to claim that he has a hidden agenda because of his brother's business interests just solidifies the depths to which this current president of FRNCA will sink to save his kingdom. He is a disgrace to the community. He has to go, and take his minions with him. They do not represent but the 8-10 of their special interest friends and "processed members"
Nikki Sacco
Bay View Pines" Apr 15, 15 10:44 PM