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Town loses appeal against former animal shelter volunteer

hmmmm. how many salaries for shelter workers would a $322,000 donation cover?" Dec 3, 08 7:17 AM

East Hampton man arrested, charged with fleeing scene of fatal accident

Being able to express one's true feelings while remaining anonymous is both a blessing to those of us who are not ready to speak out loud whether out of cowardice or from fear of retribution, and horrifying revealing when reading some of the more hateful comments.
There is no question that the man involved in the accident is very aware of the bigotry and hate-filled sentiment behind many of the remarks i am reading here. Checkout - http://www.splcenter.org/news/item.jsp?aid=366
If I found myself in such a state of panic after such an unfortunate event, I'd likely run for the hills too. " Mar 31, 09 10:57 AM

Vice President Joe Biden vacations in Southampton

please - more visits by government officials! it's the only way residents west of the airport can get a little break from the roar of low flying planes/jets/helicopters." Aug 8, 10 6:49 AM

Helicopter foe girds for battle

~ the LIPA line route directs helicopter traffic directly through the most ecologically sensitive area / nature preserve in NYS - the Long Pond Greenbelt

~ call 631-537-LOUD (5683) to log noise complaints" Aug 24, 10 7:46 AM

Lawsuit Targets One Of Region's Oldest Farm Families

Thank you for publishing the photo of the petrellos I'll be at the post office later anyway so it won't be any inconvenience to post it on the wall. " Oct 26, 10 8:50 AM

Boy Scout Troop 62 Returns After 30-Year Absence

A great goal for all young scouts will be to move the organization forward into one of inclusion. Now THAT would make a great new merit badge! http://www.bsa-discrimination.org/" Feb 16, 11 7:52 AM

$43 Million Tear-Down Approved In Sagaponack

Photo used in story reveals how over time the dune somehow developed a dip which opened up view from house. Village inspector and Town Trustees may want to keep an eye on that....a closer eye than when the owner of estate east of there was allowed to raize it's dune a few years ago" Apr 27, 11 7:34 AM

Correction: raze" Apr 27, 11 7:36 AM

In early '90s. And under a giant blue bubble so as not to be slowed down by weather!" Apr 27, 11 7:12 PM

East End Couples Eagerly Follow Same-Sex Marriage Legislation

As hideous as George Wallace was, and bigotry in general is, that event was, ironically enough, about states' rights-- same as this issue.
" Jun 24, 11 9:22 PM

New Parrish Art Museum Expected To Open Next Fall

" .....spoke of how “aggressive cars” will be obscured from the view of passing motorists on Montauk Highway"...if only the view of one of the last beautiful fields near Montauk Highway could have been saved from that "aggressive" structure. " Oct 17, 11 7:17 AM

Elevator Motor Burns At Hospital, Prompting Response By Fire Department

I've told the guard last weekend the elevator was broken and wouldn't move and he just stared at me as I walked to the stairway. Not the first time. " Dec 29, 11 5:58 AM

Tuckahoe Teen Builds Eagle Project At Alma Mater

Evan is a great guy and deserves to be as proud of his organization as we are all for his hard work in this accomplishment. Perhaps some day the scouts themselves will bring about the change to Boy Scouts of America from within to make it an inclusive organization and end its policies of discrimination against gay kids and the kids who have gay parents as well as non-Christians. " Jan 30, 12 7:51 AM

Police Say 30-Year-Old Hispanic Man Is Being Sought In Fatal Hit-And-Run; Name Still Not Released

When i saw the direction the comments on this article were taking, i suggested a great article called its more complicated than legal v illegal at new america media's website. Perhaps it was that I provided a link that got me censored? It's a really enlightening read.
" Jul 17, 12 8:41 AM

Beach Markers Going Up, And Coming Down, Throughout Southampton Town

Their appearance came unannounced. Their similarity to survey markers make it seem as something is 'going on'. Especially with them being installed at the same time conversations about bringing in sand were happening. It's a bit late but some kind of alert / education needs to happen. And, they are bright and ugly. Brown flex stakes would have worked. On the other hand, dogs really like them.
" Oct 19, 12 7:37 AM

Josiah Foster House, Home To Clerks And Klan Members, Made A Landmark

Mr Wright,
An interesting topic for a follow up article would be the history of the KKK in this area. I've always been told Suffolk County had the largest membership in the country.
Thank you. " Jan 10, 13 7:03 AM

SPCA Searches For Woman Accused Of Abandoning Rabbit Inside King Kullen

It would be helpful to list all the other options for people who may not be aware of the choices. " Feb 4, 13 8:03 AM

Shinnecocks Protest New Development At Sugar Loaf

Thank you Bridget Fleming for having the guts to speak up and the smarts to use the comparison to the landmark rules. " Apr 12, 13 7:33 AM

Police Chase In Southampton Village Ends In Crash; One Arrested

My cousin was killed by the target vehicle in a police chase. This practice must stop. " May 24, 13 6:59 AM

Beach Nourishment Project Could Impact Home Values

Poor sea creatures" Oct 22, 13 9:13 PM

Sagaponack Bridge Repairs Could End Beloved Fishing Spot

Removing a safe sidewalk for bicycles, pedestrians, baby carriages, horseback riders is insane and backward. " Dec 18, 13 5:31 AM

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