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Officials want to use Southampton Town's Community Preservation Fund to save Stony Brook Southampton

As a student of Stony Brook Southampton I obviously have a Bias on this issue. I want us to be saved at any cost and this fund which I am told is over a half a billion dollars could more then save our school. That is enough money to buy and sustain the school for at least the 2 years before it becomes its own independent SUNY without even reducing the fund by much. Plus consider the historical significance of the property which contains a 100+ year old windmill. Our campus fits several of the criteria designed to designate this money not to mention the financial implications to local businesses that rely on student income for the winter months. But put all that aside and consider that our school is dedicated to solving the climate problems we face as a planet not as a town. With that in mind id say the money is morally tax deductible since its being used for the betterment of all people." Apr 26, 10 9:28 AM