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East Hampton teenager wants to walk with high school class

To the tin men running the East Hampton schools: get a heart." Apr 25, 10 7:42 AM

Officials want to use Southampton Town's Community Preservation Fund to save Stony Brook Southampton

The Town of Southampton should focus on running the town and not take on matters it was never meant to handle. There is enough work to be done at the town level and in budget than to take on this project. I find that this latest attempt to subvert the CPF for purposes other than its original intent to be unacceptable. I will vote against its renewal in the future and against those who would use for short sighted political reasons.
Many alternative uses for the college have been proposed in these comments. Everyone should take a step back and brainstorm possibilities. The property, as far as I know, belongs to Stony Brook to do with what they will. So perhaps Dr. Stanley should be the first to back down and work with this community as opposed to against it. His stance is indefensible. It would seem more intelligent to come up with county, state and federal funds to sustain the school and even expand its curriculum than lose the money that has recently been invested and allow the property to fester. I liked the community college idea, maybe SCC could 'lease' some time from SB for such purposes. At the federal level, with an administration so intent on alternative this or that and stimulus spending, I find it hard to believe that no money can be had to help fund the school. Look at private sector possibilities too in marine sciences, sustainable development, and the arts. If all the government parties and university make a commitment to make the college work, then the private sector might be willing to invest as well.
" Apr 25, 10 9:51 AM

Publisher of Dan's Papers files for Chapter 11

Yea we can use the CPF for a couple of years until Dan's becomes independent again or unless Stony Brook acquires it for their journalism program...I'll miss the picture section of those events most of us can't afford to buy into." May 3, 10 8:50 PM

Stony Brook University officials to meet with lawmakers but offer no comment on initiative to save Southampton campus

and don't forget a ski mountain too...." May 6, 10 7:24 AM

as an expanded use opportunity...there is a nice little slope there.." May 6, 10 7:27 AM

Developer made campaign donations as project came before board

Money can't buy you love...Right?...Please say I'm right...please..." Jun 17, 10 8:59 AM

Yea the "quid pro quo"" Jun 17, 10 9:12 AM

Four rescued after seaplane accident in Little Peconic Bay

Kind of desperate to use an accident for cheap advertising plug. Oh but then your a real estate broker. " Jun 17, 10 9:58 PM

Celestino Gambino, founder of La Parmigiana, dies at 73

A good and calm man and we will all remember him well. " Jul 3, 10 9:06 AM

Southampton Town supervisor floats cop consolidation plan

I support consolidating as many departments as possible. For police we have five different levels of police at times: State, County, Sheriff, Town, and Village(s). So there's room for savings there. Giuliani did the same in NYC, consolidating police departments, and it worked well there. I suppose there will be savings in the Judicial system as well having full time salaried judges as opposed to the current system.

Once this is done, people have mentioned consolidating other services, I would like to change this beach permit situation. There as to be a more uniform beach access policy for town residents without having to buy a permit from each village. Some of the fees requested are prohibitive for non-vilage residents. Maybe have non-formal beaches( non-lifeguard, end ot road,) accessible to all that have "a" permit. Allow town reisdents to buy beach permits at the same cost as village. Thinkboutit." Aug 5, 10 9:40 AM

I don't count them because there are so few and they are looking for different types of infractions. Although police could be doing similar type of code inspection work I suppose. " Aug 5, 10 10:57 AM

Radio station gets brief reprieve

Where's the CPF money politicians? They're going to let our radio station die. Where's the love folks.Call the politicians tell them you will support them if the y support 88.3. Tell your friends." Aug 31, 10 6:01 PM

State to examine LIPA bill for Earl response

Screw the critics!!!!" Sep 15, 10 12:40 PM

No smooth sailing for Mecox Bay sailing group

Thanks for the visual. Its not like they would be slashing down a major section of the marsh there. As long as the club is open to all, that lessons offered are just not for club members, that a fair rent is paid to the town, and that the road to the bay is open to all.... Why not. Of course future use and expansion should be up to town review.
If I'm not mistaken this is the same road that the apple picking farm is on? Would the sailing club be more disturbing than that place when all the day trippers come out. Hey in for a penny in for a pound. " Sep 18, 10 11:13 AM

Thanks for clarifying for me. Why not give it a try for a summer or two and if it doesn't workout then close it again. If its town property, the town should receive some revenue, I feel, since it seems as semi private use of the property. Good luck all." Sep 19, 10 10:52 AM

Montauk train service cut takes effect; shuttle service could be on horizon

Maybe i don't know enough about this, but here goes anyway. Since there does not seem to be much of a service for the East end of LI and understanding of the low demand and costs of this service, except maybe for summertime, why not abandon the service altogether. Give it back to the MTA tell them we don't want the service.

Use the money that is "saved" instead for more bus service that is locally focused. You could have buses that shuttle to the end of LIRR for the commuters that require it during those peak hours. More Intra-town buses with transfers to other towns as opposed to the Orient to Montauk type service that I believe exists today. Also have more local runs around village and commercial hubs.

I'm not a big believer in the light "scoot" type service. Will it be that useful except maybe during the work related rush hours. Will it be more efficient and less costly than a bus a service. I don't see most local people abandoning their cars for that, or " waiting-for-a-shuttle-to- take-them-to-the-station" to go do something in another village(except maybe to see a good movie in East Hampton from Southampton and not have to drive).

With the train track network that is left over, I think the railroad owns them, if they could be acquired, somehow, develop a hiking/cycling/horseback riding/cross- country skiing (as opposed to that mountain they want to build in Calverton) system from Montauk to Orient Point that would also be linked with existing parks along the way, especially the Pine Barrens. Those track paths would get so much more use than they do now, it would be beneficial to the local people,and add to the areas attractiveness to people from all over. Ironically, train service to the area might even pick up for people coming out to enjoy rail network park. Maybe the State or Feds might be willing to contribute to develop such a park system. User fees might be collected for its upkeep and jobs could be created. Dare I mention, in this limited space, that the Stony Brook sustainable development program, at Southampton, might also be a contributor and beneficiary in such an experiment...

Just a thought..." Sep 20, 10 12:48 PM

Local radio group secures funding for 88.3 FM purchase

Thank you to the lenders and guarantors and the others that made this possible." Sep 21, 10 2:10 PM

Rechlers pick up demolition permit applications for Canoe Place Inn

Seems to me, as far as I know, these PDD projects that are suppose to bring with them public benefits have brought more public adverse reactions than praise. They feel like they are more of a means for a developer to get six cents from a nickel than provide a public benefit. So I think its a good idea to take a second look and fine tune the concept.

I'm not fully aware of the projects, but someone mentioned that with the PDD access to the waterfront would be preserved to the public at the Canal. To some preserving the CPI facade/building is important. I'm indifferent to the CPI issue but I encourage the town to preserve open access to the waterfront by reasonable concessions if necessary.

For the Tuckahoe project, anything that replaces what is there now would be an improvement. I especially favor a supermarket alternative that avoids going into the village and brings alternative shopping choices. I like what this developer did in Hampton Bays. I think it gave that village a good face lift. I don't know that handful of affordable housing units there are going to make that much of a dent to the housing problem in this part of the town. Maybe they could be built somewhere else, a location swap, so that the developer can continue with the commercial aspect of the project. Also maybe rather than building many smaller stores, larger surfaces could be planned that could attract larger retailers to the area: Bed Bath and Beyond, Borders, Best Buy, Sports Authority.

I think that all the vacancies along the highway that people complain about suffer from the recession and the fact that they are on the highway itself and maybe because the locations are older and unattractive. As for the vacancies in the village, high rents have always been a issue. I've seen too many businesses there fall under the weight of start up costs, short season, and crushing rents. The recession of course has hurt too.

oops I'm off topic?" Oct 4, 10 11:07 AM

Good point, but I would disagree. I think Riverhead and SHV are very different places. Socially and economically they are worlds apart and probaly have always been.

For myself there are only a handfull of stores in the village that make sense for me to frequent. I would rather go to Kmart and buy 3 bathing suits for $21.00 than $200.00 for one in the village. The stores I envision i believe would not displace the ones in the village although some might feel their margins pinched a bit. What they would do is allow me to avoid going to Riverhead, rt. 58, for certain items and give me shopping alternatives locally.

As we know the cost of living out here is high for certain items and as
consumers we should be offered more competitive pricing and opportunities. We should not have to pay more in order to protect someone's business or real estate investment that don't necessarily cater, or care to cater, to our needs.

I believe that on balance the rt. 58 development has more than likely been a boon to the Town Riverhead and ,yes, probably hurt the downtown. But the mass of the rt. 58 business have been a success not because of the local buyer but because of their attraction to consumers up and down the island.
Not a development model that I would advocate for the SHV area, but I think there is room for better options here. " Oct 4, 10 1:41 PM

I like the indoor pool idea, with sauna hopefully, and open to the public would be great. The closest indoor pool out here is all the way in East Hampton. This would be a positive PDD benefit. Arthritis sufferers used to be able to have classes at the "omni" before the new gym club took out the pools. So this would be a good benefit for the town residents. I would vote for town board members that would support this type of PDD either at this location or elsewhere. Hint." Oct 4, 10 5:54 PM

Saks Fifth Avenue closes Southampton store this past weekend; Water Mill's Citarella also closed

A Patagonia store would be nice there. Outdoorsy type of clothing and surfing too.Otherwise, there is always the break glass and call Hooters option. My thoughts are with the employees." Oct 5, 10 7:42 PM

Slots on Main???" Oct 6, 10 11:59 AM

Hamptons International Film Festival opens October 7

Better to call it the East Hampton Film Festival..." Oct 7, 10 12:11 PM

East Hampton Town considers eliminating leaf pick-up

..or a tree cutting business. People wont just complain about leaf blowers anymore. That buzzing sound will be the chain saws as people thin out the trees in the area. I feel sorry for the squirrels and the birds. Seems to me that this tax increase falls hardest on the residents that live in the wooded area of the town. By the way, what is the per capita cost to the town of the leaf pick up? If residents cart their own can they get a rebate check to offset their costs? I also fear there will be an increase in traffic accidents as leaves blow about and roads get wet. The other risk, in summer, is fires from piles of dry leaves from those residents that decide to store the leaves in a corner of the yard. This policy might be penny wise but pound foolish." Oct 8, 10 11:44 AM

Saks Fifth Avenue closes Southampton store this past weekend; Water Mill's Citarella also closed

Citarella's management claimed the store was closing because of the competition from their new store in Bridgehampton according to the notice they placed in the store. Apparently the Watermill or Water Mill, store was on a month to month lease and the landlord found a long term tenant. So that must have accelerated their decision to consolidate. " Oct 8, 10 12:27 PM

Altschuler balks; debate with Bishop canceled

With all due respect to the retired firefighters, he could have easily rescheduled that meeting in order to present himself at a debate for the benefit of the voters of the district. " Oct 11, 10 8:43 AM

East Hampton Town considers eliminating leaf pick-up

Leaf pick up is only part of the services offered by this department. You would still need them for these other services and consequently this tax would continue. Having them do leaf pick up is complementary to their snow plowing activities and clean-up after storms for example. So it allows for a more effective allocation and use of that tax dollars. More bang for the buck. You cannot expect the administrative staff at town hall to jump into the plows in the middle of a storm. Different skill sets.

The sub-prime loan quagmire is a very good example about the lack of merit of private sector efficient resource allocation. Banks outsourced their mortgage analysis departments to the mortgage brokerage industry allowing them to downsize their staffs. Since the mortgages were securitized they were satisfied collecting fees and selling the loans off their books. The brokers also were paid on a fee basis, so the credit analysis was scant. Bad credit no problem: no doc float rate loan for you. The real estate brokers were happy collecting their commissions as well, and on down the line. The regulators, head in the sand like Greenspan, trust the private sector. Bush, moral hazard not my problem. So excuse me for being skeptical about the magnificence of the private sector.

Without doubt there are frivolous programs and staff bloating. My favorite frivolity by the town is the waste management facility in North Sea. There is nothing significantly better about it than what was there before in practical terms. Prettier? Yes. But at $3.5 Million and the concrete crumbling less than 5 years after its completion. Ya its not good either.

There are many services offered by the town that different tax payers have different levels of utility or regards for. Unfortunately we don't get to pay our taxes a la carte. Its a pris fixe menu. You don't want to pay for someone's stinkin' leaf removal, I don't want to pay for burying electric lines, the next guy doesn't want to pay school taxes because he has no kids, and most may not want to pay so much for police and would rather pay more for fire and ambulance services. We have different priorities and we don't get to pick individually for better of for worse.

People don't buy houses based on pays for leaf pick up.The decision to buy in the woods is or the plains or the waterfront is affected by other considerations such as: where can I afford to buy, what is available on the market that suits my needs and limitations, what is the school district, what is the crime rate, can I get insurance here, what are flooding risks, etc. . Also you have to remember there is a predominance of leaves in the woods but there are a lot in the villages and other areas as well. Also, as this was predominantly a farming community until recently, land availability in the plains was scarce for home building. What was available was expensive for the majority of the local community. The majority of them had to settle in homes built in the woods. To this day for many this continues to be where the affordable housing options are and more than likely, I believe, where the voter base is located and may I add the service providers and town employees for the services you desire for your self more than likely live. So God forbid you have an emergency and the volunteer first responder you rely on isn't available because their shuttling leaves to the dump.

" Oct 11, 10 8:06 PM

What kind of abuse is there in leaf pickup? How are you going to sort who deserves leaf pick up and who doesn't. The rich can't have it because they can afford to have their landscaper take it to the dump? Their taxes are subsidizing dozens of services for you and I. Leaves are leaves, just like roads are roads. Pick up is a service for all you can't parse out merit for. " Oct 11, 10 8:22 PM

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