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Officials want to use Southampton Town's Community Preservation Fund to save Stony Brook Southampton

Seeing as I have not read into what the actual fund entails, I believe as a student I can give you insight about what the campus offers that appears to be on this list.
A. There is a vast amount of space on this campus with 4 tennis courts, a baseball field and a rec center.
B. This campus has it's own organic garden and greenhouse. At events on campus the community can often be involved with these "agricultural lands"
C. The rolling hills on this campus provide vast scenic views of the Shinnecock Bay and Atlantic Ocean. There is also a "wild meadow" that now exists
D-F. The mission of this campus is sustainability and within the majors there are classes that focus on preserving things such as what is listed in those 3 categories
G. On this campus internships are offered with Quogue Wildlife Refuge as well as other organizations. With out this campus it could be possible that the interest in protecting these types of things may die down
H. There is a class here dedicated to the Pine Barrens alone which also ties into category E. since the aquifer is located underneath the Pine Barrens
I. The shorelines by the marine station are preserved areas and within the plans for the new marine station, these areas would remain protected
J. Again, this ties into the coastal oceanography classes, etc. that are offered here so that students can learn about what they can do to maintain waterways
K. The Pine Barrens class again plays into this. Another part is that in the back surrounding the school there is plenty of growth of trees as well as on the campus
L. This campus would remain an open campus so people can continue to bring their dogs, walk around and enjoy this beautiful open space
M. The Windmill as well as several other buildings prove to be historic landmarks which would qualify under this category as well
N. Clearly, all of the above fall into this category

Now, again this is only how I see the CPF as a way to maintain this beautiful institution and I am not saying that that is how the legislators see it but, maybe this will be helpful to you." Apr 23, 10 9:54 PM

Thiele: Stony Brook rejects idea of maintaining residential campus at Southampton

How can you say if a State can't afford the college, let it go? We are students here, preparing for the future where green jobs and the environment will be some of the most prominent things affecting our economy and daily lives. Keeping this college on Long Island helps to prevent the "Brain Drain" that is destined to happen at the current rate of housing and taxes. We need to be here for the future of Long Island and the world. If you ever take a look at the coastal resiliency website and observe the map which shows how almost everything south of 27 will be underwater in any kind of storm event, you can see that we are needed to help find ways to resolve what's happening. To take care of our beaches, the ecosystems and the environment. We are here, and we hope to stay. We are the future. Education is Non-negotiable. If not SBS, who? If not now, when?" May 9, 10 6:46 PM

I have taken economics, several classes. If you've actually researched the topic you would know that this decision is NOT based on money. There are other, deeper reasons to closing this campus that involve politics. It involves the privatization of SUNY and the research that President Stanley is so insistent on doing. Why do you think SoMAS is staying on campus, because they are world renowned for research and why are they keeping the writing program? Because it's famous and world renowned as well. Us? We didn't have the chance. I could have been the person who has created the solution to the oil spill in the gulf, but now I don't have that opportunity for any future disasters. What good will my degree at the West Campus be if by the time I graduate my major will be phased out? What good is my major if my adviser is only provided an additional year, ONE YEAR of work at the west campus. How will I and everyone else ever be there to solve the problems that are occurring in this world, that you and everyone else, even sometimes myself are causing. Before you take a stab at me and my school and my the family I have here, do your research. It is not all about money. This is MY education and MY future. I will not get the same education at the west campus. This will be the beginning to a terrible end for Stony Brook as President Stanley makes his way to cutting funding for ANYTHING not research related. Some may say who cares, the future is in research and technology but people can't grow unless there are arts and philosophy and anything else that adds to culture. You begin to cut one thing and you have a domino effect. I know that this is not about money because while lobbying Assemblywoman Glick TOLD us that is was political. I hope you'll take all of this into consideration. Maybe google Stony Brook Southampton and read all of the news articles, check out the Facebook group and look at the pictures of what we're trying to accomplish, see that we are practicing what we preach here. Your ignorance to the fact that most of the Island will be gone is ridiculous. I feel like you would agree with the panelist who was on Hannity who said if the animals land in the oil then they deserve to die. I don't know why I even bothered to retaliate. I just think you should become more educated on the topic of the school and the environment altogether. S.O.S. SBS" May 10, 10 9:13 PM

I'm not looking to start a fight and you're taking everything I'm saying to close to how I say it. I am stating things that we at this campus are working on, a future where we are working to maintain, preserve and conserve what we as humans have established on planet earth. Stony Brook University has no desire to keep us. As I said, even the professors here are being offered different jobs then what they currently maintain. Professors are being offered positions they carried on years ago when they first started. How is that fair for them? Just imagine, you go to a university where you believe all of your dreams will come true, where you FINALLY find a home where you can stay and flourish and become the person you have always wanted to be and it is pulled from underneath you. I am not giving up, my first job is as a student but this school was on its way. They new that it would take at LEAST 5 years to get off the ground, just like any business plan and yet it has only been three. And for it only being 3 years, we were right on track. So how is Stony Brook saving money when all of the amenities in the dorm will remain on while there are no residents, what about the BRAND NEW LEED certified library? Why not give us a years notice instead of 1 month before the end of the semester, after all we heard on April 6th of the closing and finals end next week. They didn't even consider us. They didn't ask us what we would like to do. I live in a double but by myself, if they tried, they could consolidate us to 2 or 3 buildings instead of 6. We had a small library in a classroom before the new one was finished, we were fine with that small library for now. Why did Stony Brook kick out SEA TV and WLIU? They were renting space on campus. And now the cell tower contract is almost up as well. One day this campus will turn into something it was never meant to be and the East End will be up in arms, but of course about education, it's not a big deal. I am not saying it is because of what 1 assemblywoman said, she was just an additional person. President Stanley was offered the money to keep open the college but he said no. Why? Why not let us fundraise like we offered? What about when we went to Old Westbury and spoke to the Chancellor, she didn't even wanna talk to us until we started to make a fuss. She had nothing to say, she is one of the rudest people I have ever met. We are being uprooted and she can't even give us the time of day. We are people, not a pawn in this game they are playing." May 10, 10 11:21 PM

University Council supports cuts made to Stony Brook Southampton

Casinos built by the Indian nations have NO zoning rules. The government has no infuluence on what they do because they are their own nation. Let's all go to Foxwoods/Mohegan Sun in the Hamptons!!! WOO! Just sayin'." Oct 7, 10 8:08 PM