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Hampton Bays school budget includes 18.5 percent tax hike

Funny that everyone's jumping on teachers' salaries. No one cared back in the 80s and 90s when those in private business were consistently making six figures (bankers, business, contractors, etc) and scoffing the teachers who made much less. As someone in private business, I understand the economic cycle. Do I hate taking a hit in this economy? Yes. But it's a cycle and will rebound. In the meantime, I'm not willing to have my kids' schools slip backwards because the cost of catching back up will be painful and set THEM at a disadvantage when competing in the world." Apr 24, 10 5:32 PM

New sports programs are not even a percent of the increase (less than $10,000). The majority of the increase is state pension and health insurance rates-both out of Hampton Bays' control. I'm sorry, but I'm not taking my anger at that out on the backs of my children. I read the budget summary on www.hbschools.us. Have you? It's responsible and provides our students with what they NEED. No more, no less." Apr 24, 10 5:36 PM

I agree 100%. This article was written to insight fear, panic, and hatred in the community. The tax rate increase is based on our decreasing property values. What will I PAY? 6.7% more in taxes to fund a school that is on a rapid trajectory upward, NOT 18.5%. School budgets are complicated- seek out the facts and understand this article only gives you PART of the story. The WHOLE story is much more interesting, more balanced, and fair to the taxpayer. Seek out a school official and ask them to explain. I did and I think you'll be as comfortable with the whole picture as I was." Apr 25, 10 10:52 PM

Town reassessment complicates Hampton Bays school tax scenario

Have you been involved in HB education or do you just sit on the sidelines and shoot at those trying to balance respecting the taxpayer while giving kids opportunities in the 21st century? Hampton Bays runs their programs at the LEAST cost per pupil in all of Eastern Long Island. Because the hamlet's taxable property yields less in dollars, each of us homeowners bear a higher burden. Go east across the canal, where enrollment is 200 students less and the budget is $11 million more. While there is a pricetag, Hampton Bays is giving us more bang for the buck, whether you (or Thomas Jefferson) like it or not." May 10, 10 8:41 PM

Are you saying that because the property value yields less money in taxes in Hampton Bays, that we should spend less money on the education of our children? I disagree with that-we'd be setting our kids up at a competitive disadvantage to their peers when they enter the real world. Unfortunately, because the property value yields less money than elsewhere, our tax rate must be higher and we shoulder some more burden there. I don't like it, but that's life. " May 11, 10 12:09 PM

My data comes from the NYS 2010 Property Tax Report Card. Of 125 LI districts, we score #40 in lowest per pupil spending ($21,907). Of the 39 districts that spend less, the easternmost is Eastport South Manor ($19,911). Look up the report card and see for yourself. " May 11, 10 3:02 PM