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Hampton Bays school budget includes 18.5 percent tax hike

If you read carefully, the initial shock of an 18.5% tax increase is a misleading; this article doesn't clearly tell the whole story! What we need to know is that the tax increase in what we PAY will rise by 6.7%. The average home will pay roughly $300 more in taxes ($0.82/day). In our hamlet, with decreasing assessment values projected at 10%, of course an increase causes concern. However, so much is out of the school's control. Hampton Bays schools do more with less - this year's budget increase is only 2.8%, which is commendable in a tough economy. Hampton Bays Schools spends the least per pupil compared to surrounding areas, yet have doubled their Advanced Placement Programs in the last 3 years and increased the graduation rate to 90% in the same time (as good or better as all surrounding districts), and increased test scores in the middle school at a rate of 2:1 when compared to the entire state. As a taxpayer, I will SUPPORT this budget because a healthy and strong school system will be what helps protect my property value in this tough economy. " Apr 23, 10 2:36 PM

You are correct about the rate, but again you should ask for the context and not take the number for the whole story. For many of those schools, 90% of students got a Regents diploma but the school's graduation rate was much lower. I wouldn't say the rate increased because of social promotion. Students earning a local, Regents, or Advanced Designation diploma all meet rigorous, state-approved standards. In the last three years, Hampton Bays has legitimately graduated more students with special needs, at-risk kids, and English language learners. They should be commended for that as they now work to make sure those kids who now see the potential to graduate reach the highest standards possible. " Apr 23, 10 3:12 PM

Actually, it is the smallest increase in spending (2.8%) in at least the last 10 years." Apr 23, 10 4:10 PM

Passing this budget will make my taxes go up $300. Without the five sports, they'll go up $281. For $19, I'll support new opportunities for kids-especially ones that offer scholarships: cheerleading, wrestling, lacrosse. I'm incensed too - that factors out of the school's control are hurting us. But I'm not taking it out on my kids, my neighbors kids, or our community. " Apr 25, 10 10:44 PM

Town reassessment complicates Hampton Bays school tax scenario

And HB didn't score in the 77 on Regents exams. The number represents the number of students earning a Regents diplomas. That number is temporarily down because the number of kids GRADUATING with ANY diploma increased (2006 - 73%; 2009 - 90%). The first step is to get would-be drop outs to meet minimum graduation requirements before achieving the more advanced diploma. Walk before you run, Kelly. But, go ahead vote no and send the district spiraling backward. Then see what our HB kids are capable of. " May 11, 10 3:04 PM

Sorry, Kelly. I meant to type 77 "percent," not number. The point I was trying to make is that yes, HB fell below the average but I have heard the presentations and understand that it is because more kids than ever have graduated from HB-that's a step in the right direction. When the regents-diploma rate was 91% 3 years ago, the district graduated less than 75%. That's up to 90% now and, in my opinion, I'd rather have more kids in my town graduating with a NYS recognized diploma than not. But yes, I also agree with you that I'd love to see HB get that Regents-diploma rate up. So let's support them to get there and recognize how far they've come." May 11, 10 10:51 PM

At the past several board meetings, it was mentioned that the teachers union and district negotiated a one-year extension to the current contract, so it will end now on June 30, 2011 instead of 2010. This negotiation includes freezes in stipends, decreased raises, and increased health contributions. When I asked the same question, I was told negotiations must begin in the 2010-2011 school year for the June 2011 expiration." May 12, 10 11:50 AM