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Local Tea Party movement holds two rallies on Tax Day

Do you really believe that people making under $250,000 will not see their tax burden increase? There aren't enough wealthy people to cover the enormous increase in federal spending, even if the top tax rate was 95%. The middle class is the only group large enough to generate the amounts of taxation necessary to fund our behemoth federal government.

Whether through a direct increase in income tax rates (unlikely), or through the backdoor of increased "hidden" taxes like cap and trade, employer side payroll taxes, or the proposed VAT, their will be a huge increase in REGRESSIVE taxation.

" Apr 21, 10 12:14 PM

Do you have a source for this, because frankly, I don't belive it's the case for the 50% who actually pay income taxes." Apr 21, 10 12:15 PM

Is it really necessary for you to use that juvenile sexual reference, or is it just easier to toss slurs and repeat easily disprovable propoganda than making a coherant argument? You must have a friend at the SHP, because most of your posts are ad hominem attacks that add little to the debate." Apr 21, 10 12:17 PM

So white=bad, nonwhite=good, old=bad, young=good in your mind?" Apr 21, 10 12:18 PM

I see. In what way is race relevant then? Why did you feel the need to point that out? The negative connotation you are making is obvious.

You demonstrate yet more intellectual dishonesty by lumping in "elderly folks who are on social security and medicare but don't want others to enjoy the same." with the results of a poll. Which poll shows that they don't want others to enjoy the same? These people paid huge sums into Social Security and Medicare, which the government appropriated for other uses. Now you want them to pay yet more, suffer reduced benefits, and just shut up about it?

" Apr 21, 10 3:29 PM

"are afraid of a world that is changing before their eyes.".

In what way?" Apr 21, 10 3:31 PM

Southampton Post Office's au naturel lawn turns heads

Given your hypersensitivity, it would seem you're the one for whom everything is "about race".

By the way, what race is "Tijuana"?" Jun 8, 10 8:40 PM

Schmidt's Market celebrates 30 years in business

peoplefirst said:

"Just asking" You mean, "just taking the opportunity to do some irrelevant immigrant bashing"

Is your persistant failure to distinguish between legal immigrants and criminal aliens an attempt to smear those who want our immigration laws enforced, or do you need some assistance in understanding the difference?" Jun 8, 10 8:54 PM

Fallen soldier's remains arrive on the East End

liblover said:

"The Afghan war is now the longest in American history with no end in sight. Bring our brave boys and girls home."

Please have the decency to keep your politics out of this thread." Jun 9, 10 3:31 PM

Shinnecocks expect final word on recognition Tuesday

Peoplefirst is the exceptionally noxious type of liberal who wraps their own bigotry in the cloak of simple minded political correctness. There are some nuances to the rules below (i.e. If you are on the far left your 'whiteness' may be forgiven...if your wealth arises from an overpaid civil service position your success may be forgiven, etc.).

White = BAD
Brown and Black = GOOD
South = BAD
Northeast = GOOD
Successful = BAD
United States = BAD
Everyone else = GOOD

" Jun 15, 10 8:50 PM

Let's see how this list applies to your posts:

intelligence = None to be found. When anyone challenges your assertions with facts and reason, your responses are devoid of intellect. Ad hominem attacks and name calling are all you can muster.

humanity = Your "concern" for humanity goes no further than defining who is a victim, and who is an oppressor. By extension, you want to decide who is rewarded and who is punished. Again, this goes to your simple minded, feel-good politically correct view of the world.

science = Science is only of use to you if it reinforces your beliefs.

sanity = This one is rich. Your "sanity" includes, among other things, an expressed position that unless you want to throw open the borders and allow the "oppressed" people of the world to come into this country without any controls, you are a racist. Cost to the community is not relevant, since America is evil, and needs to be punished, in your view.

corporate greed = A phrase that strikes all the right notes with you leftists. It's fewer than 5 words, it's emotive, and is vague enough to be applied to whatever business related "evil" is in fashion.

It's all about you and your feelings peoplefirst. Nothing reminds you of how enlightened, tolerant, and intelligent you are than to label others evil, intolerant, and stupid those who don't buy into your worldview are." Jun 16, 10 9:41 AM

East Hampton Town Board approves wind turbine on Long Lane farm

"Enough is enough - it is time for America to follow the rest of the world and transition to alternate power."

Agreed! However, "the rest of the world" sees modern nuclear power as the primary source of "alternate" energy. The megawatts being brought online with nuclear dwarf solar and wind. Wind and solar have a place, but no serious scientist sees them as a replacement for fossil fuels. " Jul 19, 10 1:15 PM

Without a coherent argument, it's no surprise you resort to childish (and vulgar) name calling." Jul 19, 10 8:09 PM

Congressional candidate Cox joins anti-abortion activists in protest at Bishop's office

As a hardcore leftist along the lines of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro I understand that the truth is simply disregarded when it doesn't align with your agenda, but tell me, if a majority of Americans support gay marriage, why has it been defeated EVERY single time the question has been put to the voters?" Sep 5, 10 12:12 PM

When the American people tell you exactly what they think of your leftist views in the next couple of election cycles, remember to tell them, loudly, just what you think of them. Once the people of this nation understand that the left hates the vast majority of them, believes their country is the root of all evil and the world would be better off without it, you and your twisted views be consigned to the dustbin of history." Sep 5, 10 12:17 PM

Why aren't you removing comments that use the term "teabaggers", since you're well aware that this vulgar reference to a sexual act is being used as a pejorative ? Also, is using the term "anti-abortion" instead of "pro-life" a result of your organizations style guide or the authors personal bias?" Sep 5, 10 12:22 PM

A double standard coming from the left??? Hard to believe.

Hey lefties, how's that Black Democrat Congressional Caucus working out for you? Where's your outrage now?" Sep 5, 10 12:24 PM

Why should it be an "excrutiating decision"? It's just a bunch of cells, right? No different than having a wort removed." Sep 5, 10 12:28 PM

Three Republican candidates will battle on Tuesday for right to challenge Bishop in November

Coming from someone using the term "teabagger" with all it's vulgararity intended, your hypocrisy is really galling.

" Sep 8, 10 9:16 PM

Stop being so amusing...progressnow spent decades developing that pinched, bitter liberal face and anything more than a sarcastic smirk might make her skin crack." Sep 8, 10 9:21 PM

Occupants evicted from former Guldi home in Westhampton

Another corrupt Democrat, what a surpirse. Oh, I forgot, party affiliation is only an issue when it's a Republican according the the Southampton Press style guide." Sep 10, 10 9:00 PM

So in the same way the Press only sees party affiliation when the corrupt politician is a Republican, you only have a list of corrupt Republicans? Do you believe that only Republicans are corrupt or do you simply not care how crooked Democrats are because you agree with their agenda?
" Sep 11, 10 9:29 PM

The issue is that the policy of this news organization is to only identify party affiliation in relation to wrongdoing when it's a Republican. Regardless of your own political leanings, are you ok with that kind of conscious manipulation of public opinion?" Sep 11, 10 9:33 PM

Excuse me? I don't go to Fox, Rush, of Beck for my news. Low brow ad hominem attacks are always the first resort of those with nothing substantive to say." Sep 12, 10 5:55 PM

Republican and Conservative primaries underway

While I have no doubt that having one of the two houses of congress controlled by the party not in the White House will lead to more effective, responsive government, nothing I've seen in terms of organization and messaging gives me confidence that the GOP won't completely blow this opportunity once they take control of the House.

It won't be the "once in a lifetime" opportunity lost as the Dems have somehow managed to do despite Obama's coattails, but without some coherent long term policy strategy that can be clearly explained, GOP enthusiasm will evaporate even more quickly than it has for Obama.

The two party system is not working for us." Sep 14, 10 2:55 PM

At least credit the AFL-CIO if you are going to copy and paste directly from their propoganda. I don't like US jobs going overseas, but one could easily argue that the AFL-CIO has done more to drive jobs out of this country than any company has." Sep 14, 10 3:47 PM

Altschuler will face Bishop in November

The Press News Group is really showing their true colors here. A post filled with vile, race specific slurs, thinly guised "ironic" vulgarities, and ad hominem attacks is kept in the comments section, but a post pointing out that this is inappropriate "name calling" is deleted.

Print ads have been getting my company fewer and fewer responses anyway. I think it's time for my company to stop bothering with the SHP all together." Sep 15, 10 10:12 AM

"Dick's Army,"


"The teaparty has officially swallowed the Republican party!"

All sophmoric liberal name calling, and as I can use a laugh this morning, please continue pretend you didn't actually mean to infer anything vulgar.

As to the rest of your post, thanks for reminding me that Hugo Chavez's brand of free speech and opposition crushing socialism is precisely what you'd like to emulate here. " Sep 15, 10 11:48 AM

Stop your deceptive and emotive use of the term "immigrants", when it's ILLEGAL aliens that are the issue.

How about the roofers, masons, and carpenters who were formerlly paid middle class wages and now on the unemployment lines becuase cash only illegals can undercut their wages primarily by tax avoidance?

You're so teary eyed over the wondrous "browning" of America that you've become a shill for those who would drive down the living standards to something more akin to our friends south of the border. " Sep 15, 10 11:58 AM

So long as there is someone who has less than you, regardless of the reason why, "social justice" dictates that you have no right to the money in your pocket." Sep 15, 10 6:11 PM

So how much is enough? 50%? 90%? How much should government confiscate?" Sep 15, 10 6:15 PM

"Please explain to me what is the difference between outsourcing jobs to non-American citizens in India because they earn pennies on the dollar and hiring undocumented workers here is the U.S.? There is no difference. None and it is beyond hypocritical to assert otherwise."

If there is no difference, then why do you and your fellow leftists support illegal aliens working in our communities but are outraged at jobs being outsourced? As you said "There is no difference. None and it is beyond hypocritical to assert otherwise.".

" Sep 15, 10 8:38 PM

Southampton Town bracing for stingy 2011 budget

Peoplefirst is right!

Though we are paying more than double per public school student, per year, than the next highest spending nation in the world (Switzerland, btw), Long Island schools are putting out the best educated students in the world. Oh, uhm, forget that. Anyway, ignore that union thug in the corner and stop crying about your taxes, after all, it's for the children." Sep 23, 10 10:26 PM

Hampton Bays leads town in code enforcement calls

What services? Mastic Beach was abandoned by the Town and County." Sep 23, 10 10:34 PM

Southampton Town bracing for stingy 2011 budget

Looking in the mirror? What the hell are you talking about? Yes, I object to having the highest paid teachers in the nation, and probobly in the world, who aren't delivering world class results.

I suppose for you, schools will never have enough money as long as any taxpayer has $1 left in their pocket." Sep 24, 10 12:33 PM

Saks Fifth Avenue closes Southampton store this past weekend; Water Mill's Citarella also closed

This coming from someone so far to left Hugo Chavez looks like a moderate." Oct 6, 10 11:57 AM

Of course I dispute your unfounded assertions.

You do believe in the principles of socialism, do you not?

Confiscation of what one group earns for the benefit of others who did not is at the heart of your "social justice" philosophy is it not?
" Oct 6, 10 1:47 PM

Actually, the destroyer of currencies George Soros and his billions funding a myriad of leftist front groups is the leader of the "progressive" movement." Oct 6, 10 1:51 PM


"96% of ALL monies spent by democrats comes from individual donors under $200".

This is a lie, and since you're repeating it...well, what does that make you exactly?

" Oct 7, 10 2:13 PM


Small donors favor Republicans, and large donors favor Democrats by a huge proportion.

Which party got the most money from BP? Democrats

Which politician recieved the most from BP in the last few elections cycles? Senator Obama.

The Dems were also, by far, the largest recipient of Wall Street political contributions as well.

" Oct 7, 10 2:23 PM

Altschuler balks; debate with Bishop canceled

Of course progressnow is treasonous. In her mind, America is the primary source of evil in the world, and the fastest path to social justice will be to displace the "dying breed" by taxing away everything they've worked for, and then displacing them with a more pliable populace from the third world (note the intentional referencing of illegal aliens as "immigrants", to make those who the law followed seem like bigots).

peoplefirst, what do you say to all the local craftsmen who lost their livelihoods to illegal aliens who's only advantage is their willingness to accept lower wages, which is more than offset by not paying taxes?

Where is your compassion?" Oct 12, 10 10:48 AM

" that is the future terrified white-American's want"
"dying breed"

There is really something ominous in the way you are so comfortable in lumping people together by race, either as oppressors, or as the oppressed.

Leftist genocides were made possible by people conditioned to see the world the way you do. The Khmer Rouge cerainly thought they were doing the right thing for "social justice"." Oct 12, 10 11:04 AM

Keep laughing. You are a fool who understands nothing of history.

" Oct 12, 10 12:45 PM

Bishop Appears To Win In Photo Finish; LaValle, Thiele Cruise To Victories


You couldn't push through your leftist agenda with a fillibuster proof majority, and we're supposed to believe you're happy that the democrats lost the house and have an even smaller majority in the Senate?

Since you seem to be on the edge of cognitive breakdown, I would advise some standard liberal catharsis as therapy...start by name calling (oh, wait, you got that with "baggers", burn an American flag, embrace Al Queda and whisper in thier ear "I understand, I hate America too", and if you see any real American in a uniform around Zabreski, be sure to call them baby killers, just like Harry Reid did." Nov 4, 10 8:58 AM

Ballot Count Begins; Altschuler Travels To Washington

I work in an industry that brings me into contact with many extremely intelligent people who have mastered a broad range of complex fields.

None of them ever seem to have a need to constantly assert how smart and well informed they are.

Those who bleat on about how intellectually superior they are, aren't. " Nov 7, 10 10:09 AM

Whoever moderates for the Press seems to think it's ok for them to bring their personal bias to the task.

I've documented a number of glaringly obvious examples of this and will be submitting it to the publisher. " Nov 7, 10 10:12 AM

It's likely the editorial staff is simply unaware of what's going on with the moderation of these forums.

The job is usually given to an intern or low perfoming flunkie, since productive staff is too valuable to waste on such a trivial job." Nov 7, 10 10:19 AM


What do you think motivates George Soros to being the major individual financial backer of left wing groups?

I'm honestly interested in what someone from the far left makes of this billionalire's heavy financial backing of groups like mediamatters and moveon.

" Nov 7, 10 10:25 AM

being=be" Nov 7, 10 10:25 AM

So if my opinion is that this paper is a 'rag', that warrants censorship in your mind?" Nov 7, 10 10:27 AM

What ideas? Bring up a single subject you'd be willing to debate without resorting to personal insult, and I'll be happy to debate you. " Nov 7, 10 10:28 AM

I wasn't directing that comment to you phil.

However, what specifically would you like to debate? If you can keep it free of personal insult, then I would be happy to do the same. " Nov 7, 10 10:33 AM

OK, now I understand.

Billionaire speculator and destroyer of currencies George Soros just wants to balance the media. How enlightened.

"with intelligence,facts and courage" indeed." Nov 8, 10 2:28 PM

Notice all the cutting and pasting Phil and peoplefirst do to try and bolster their positions? Seeking out OPINION pieces that align with your preexisting views is hardly evidence of critical thinking.

By the way, I strongly suggest you start crediting the copyrighted work you are "borrowing" or you and the Press could find yourselves slapped with a DMCA violation. " Nov 8, 10 2:35 PM

Copyrighted material." Nov 8, 10 2:36 PM

Hit submit too soon.

This particular article is from the AP, but the formatting indicates both of these clowns are copying directly from the Huffington Post.

...and these idiots bleet on about the "right wing echo chamber"." Nov 8, 10 2:39 PM

No no peoplefirst, PLEASE do something rash." Nov 8, 10 2:41 PM

Multiple DMCA violations now (and not a iota of truly independant thought)

iprights@ap.org has been notified. The Press should really take note of this, as the forum is moderated, they will be held responsible." Nov 8, 10 2:44 PM

a=an" Nov 8, 10 2:48 PM

"Randy has to get to Washington to answer to his International Business backers. They will want to be able to outsource more American jobs (10,000 is just a start) and get more foreign campaign money.".

Do you have any evidence of foreign campaign money coming into Altschuler's campaign or do you just like to make libelous statements in a public forum?

As to outsourcing, what do you suppose happens when all your competitors can lower their prices below yours because they transferred jobs to lower cost labor markets?

Randy could have appealed to liberals if he helped foreign workers illegally sneak across our southern border and THEN displace the American workers by taking far less to do the same job.

Liberals are all for outsourcing as long as we bring the cheap labor to us, rather than shipping the work to them." Nov 12, 10 1:57 PM

“While I respect Randy Altschuler’s right to wait to concede until all the absentee ballots are counted, I will use every means at my disposal to vigorously protect the victory that I and my supporters worked so hard to secure last night.”

Funny, Timmy wasn't looking for a recount to make sure "every vote counted" when he declared victory." Nov 12, 10 2:21 PM

A business can't stay in business if it's costs are higher than it's competitors.

Altschuler didn't invent outsourcing, or craft the laws encouraging it.

What should he have done? Refused to outsource on principal, and put the company on track for failure, with everyone losing their jobs?

" Nov 12, 10 3:10 PM

So you think that by eliminating a few high paying management jobs 10,000 working class jobs would be saved in the face of much cheaper Indian labor available to the competition?

I suspect you have no business experience whatsoever.

" Nov 12, 10 3:24 PM

Awww, you called me a name. Why would resort to that?

Comprehension doesn't seem to be your strong point.

" Nov 12, 10 8:25 PM

Being attacked by an America hating leftist traitor like you is a badge of honor.

Are you in a bad mood because you forgot to spit on a few veterans yesterday?" Nov 12, 10 8:29 PM

New Sag Harbor Teachers Contract Pays More But Bumps Up Health Care Contribution

Lack of respect? The teachers in this region have the highest median salaries in the United States. We pay the highest amount per student, per year, for K-12, in the world, at around $23,000.

The union DEMANDS raises significantly higher than the inflation rate in the worst economy since the depression.

This money comes from real families, many of whom are struggling to survive. wither through property taxes or higher rent as a result of property taxes.

Why do you hate working people and their families so much?
" Dec 7, 10 3:20 PM

What's inaccurate about his statement?" Dec 7, 10 3:21 PM

Tax Cuts Pass Both Houses Of Congress

Do you have any intellectual integrity, or do you just enjoy making a fool of yourself on a public forum?

What percentage of the deficit is caused by the lower marginal rates on incomes over $250,000?

Despite your strident assertion, I'll bet you don't even

Stick to juvenile name calling and word play, and leave the critical thinking to others." Dec 29, 10 11:05 AM

That sentence should have read "I'll bet you don't even know."" Dec 29, 10 11:06 AM

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