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East Hampton puts assets on the chopping block but new Town Hall will stay

The East hampton Conservators wasted $3 grand on an ad to advance a lie.
Have any of them driven by the new town hall lately? No one has stopped working on that place since Wilkinson took office. Doesn't look like stores are being built. Either the conn--servators can't take a little joke, are the dumbest group of people around, or they just like to mislead the public. Unfortunately the McGintee memorial town hall boondoggle is too far along to do anything but finish it and use it. It will be a living tribute to the waste, mismanagement and disaster of the East Hampton Dems and their favorite son and leader for almost six years . The East Hampton Republicans will have the perfect subject for the cover of campaign literature for many years to come." Apr 14, 10 9:26 PM

East Hampton plans to eliminate leaf pickup, sell assets

A half million dollars is 5% of the $10 million in cuts Wilkinson said is his goal. That is a large chunk of the plan. How many non-essential programs are there that can account for 5% of the $10 million cost cutting goal? Besides, leaves fall once a year and they actually self desinergrate. In northwest woods, in areas where there are no houses there are plenty of leaves and no one rakes them and they are not in the street and they break down. Former Highway Super Russo always said the leaf program was the biggest waste of resources in the town but no one had the political will to discontinue the program. Wilkinson seems to have the political will and leadership qualities that are needed to deal with the financial disaster he was elected to fix. You have to start somewhere." Apr 14, 10 9:38 PM

East Hampton to state comptroller: No kidding. We're cutting the budget

facts man sounds like a Conservator. Wilkie has been there 4 months give him a chance to deal with the $30 million audited deficit he inherited. From my reading of the article and the related articles listed above I count $3 million a year in salay cuts, $500,000 reduction in leaf pick up, $300,000 a year in one day a week dump closing, like $100,000 savings from cutsin part time jobs and whatever they call the extra someone gets like the Dep. Supervisor, another $200,000 for not backfilling positions this year alreadt. That's over $4 million already. Also, even if the town gets an average of $500,000 per property that's $5 million to cut the deficit. I find something interesting facts man in you comment...I have not read anything about insurance going up $1 million. Where did you hear that? Are you an employee whose job may be cut?" May 9, 10 1:32 PM

Facts "man" is definitely a Conservator. You have five board members who all have the stomach to cut staff and reduce costs. The three new members ran on it and got almost 70% of the vote and the two returning board members were ready to read off the staff cuts they believed could be made until Mansir and Lowen got up a walked out of the meeting last November. if this board can't cut then no one can. By the way civil service does not translate into protection. Cuts can be made.

One last point. You say no lower taxes, no "real" firings (whatever that means) and no hand out from the State (the Town is not looking for a hand out from the State -- the State gives the Town nothing according the article above, just the opportunity to fill the gap and pay it back over time which it has already done to the tune of $15 million). You say just fewer services. I guess time will tell. Democrat Lt. Gov Ravitch (who should be gov. right now) has proposed the same plan for the State that Wilkie is proposing for the Town. Ravitch has a long and positive record of fixing problems. Time will tell." May 10, 10 8:11 PM

Foster claims lack of transparency in East Hampton Town financial plan

Another Conservator, or at leaat conservator wannabe -- shows her true colors. Deb Foster was a big part of creating the problem with her Conservator friends, now they grasp at any straw to divert attention away from how they ruined our town. Does Foster and her buddies have no shame?" May 12, 10 5:46 PM

Just watched some of the Planning Board meeting tonight and watched another Conservator (a Planning Board member) tell the Supervisor to leave the meeting because the Supervisor was there hoping to get the Board to try and process applications in 14 months rather than the 28 month average he said it takes now. TWENTY EIGHT MONTHS to process an application for a site plan or structure or whatever????Are you kidding me!!!! Is that what we pay taxes for? It's taken less time in other areas to process applications for nuclear power plants. Wilkie is right on the mark here -- 14 months should be more than enough time to process a request from a taxpaying resident. Fair is fair.

It's nice to see Wilkie is trying to fix everything in this Town that the Conservators, their supporters and their elected puppets have broken and continue to break . Another Conservator's self serving, anti-fair, anti-taxpayer actions exposed!!!!

I have this feeling that as the Conservators and their small circle of supporters frantically fight to "preserve" their dimishing power and thirst for control of the town that they will all expose themselves for what they really stand for -- themselves." May 12, 10 9:59 PM

Another Conservator surfaces!!!!!!!!!Another conservator who hopes the Wilkie administration fails, because for the Conservators its all about them -- not the public." May 13, 10 6:18 PM

Wilkinson concedes that dock sale is off the table

ehboardwatcher2010 is another EH Consevator...just one more identified by the disdain in their comments. I watched the meetig last night on TV and the Conservator types appluaded loudly during the dark skies hearing in support of legislation that would cost local business people $30,000 and $40,000 to comply with. Then the Conservator types supported the businesses (commercial fishermen) who were attacking the board despite the fact those businesses are subsidized by the town at taxpayer expense and in the past have been attacked by the Conservator types for polluting the harbor with the discharge from their boats. Conservators are just about supporting anyone who does not support Republicans." May 21, 10 5:13 PM

Conservators out there should ask why when the Supervisor asked a senior Planner in the Planning Department to provide a list of properties that were owned by the town and were completely unencumbered and could be sold, as the Supervisor said he did in the various media accounts and at the meeting Thursday, he received a list from that Senior planner that contained two properties that were restricted from sale. You would think that a Senior Planner in the Planning Department would know if a town-owned property was prohibited from sale by some revitlization plan that I would assume the Planning Department help formulate. If the Supervisor cannot rely on senior Planning Department staff to know about properties then who can he rely on. There should probably be a review of the Planning Department to make sure we have people who know what they are doing -- our elected and appointed officials depend on them to provide accurate information.

I would agree that there may be some airport property to sell. Maybe even privitize it." May 22, 10 2:34 PM

Pride...the information was not provided by the Planning Board or any of its appointed members, it was provided by a full time Senior Plannier making $50,000 per year to analyze and provide planning information, information on land, analysis of applications., etc. The 7 Planning Board members are not the Plannig Department, the two are separate things." May 22, 10 4:16 PM

I feel like I have become more an interpretor than a Consevator watcher and identifier......but I think if you ask many of the charter captains if their businesses are "commercial" -- especially those who have an allotment of bass tags and who go out on "off" days when no charter trips are scheduled and catch and pack out fish -- they will tell you they are as commercial as anyone and depend on the "commercial" aspect of their businesses to get by. Those charter boat captains are paying big bucks to dock their boats they use to make a living and operate a commercial enterprise. I believe what the Supervisor "knows" is the difference or similarity between what is and is not a commercial operation. For most reasonable people there is no difference between a dragger docked at the Town dock and a charter boat docked at Star Island. Both depends on the Montauk fishing industry for their livlihood. The charter guys and baymen are businessmen just like the big boat guys -- they are business men and commercial fishermen like the big boat draggers and long liners. I believe Supervisor Wilkinson has spent many hours walking the docks and the marinas (and still does), and he meets with all fishermen from all aspects of the industry who have boats at "commercial docks" and marinas, and views those who depend on fishing for their livlihood as commercial enterprises. If you are saying that charter capitains, marina owners, and baymen are not part of the commercial fishing industry in Montauk then TM, I would say you are a fishing industry elitist -- I would that is hope not true, because if you are an elitist, them you may qualify to join the Conservators." May 23, 10 10:31 AM

State Legislature passes financing bill for East Hampton

P.A.B a Conservator? Sounds like it. In previous articles from when the previous administartion went to the comptroller to ask for the first $15 million I remember reading that the town can only borrow an amount equal to a deficit certified by the State Comptroller. So how do you borrow more than you need? A complicit State Comptroller? I don't think so.
How can you borrow to create a surplus? If you borrow don'r you have to pay it back? If I have no money in my checking account and I borrow $5,000 from the bank and now have $5,000 in my checking accoun, do I have a surplus of $5,000? No. I think I have $5,000 I need now to pay some bills and a liability to the bank to pay back the $5,000 over a period of time that is affordable to me and is in line with my cash flow. Kind of what the town needs to do.
A one time tax according to Councilman Stanzione during the campaign would add on average $1,700 to your tax billin one year. No problem for a Conservator, but a real problem for someone who lives from check to check.
Plus, how does the town get its money to pay the bills that are owed right now. A one time tax could not be fully collected for another year. " May 25, 10 10:09 PM

Taylor resigns, Frankl to be new East Hampton Democratic chair

Another Conservator. Job well done. Just kidding. This guy is almost as responsible for the financial mess in Easrt Hampton as McGintee and Hultz. He and his fellow Conservators stood by and supported McGintee as he was bankrupting the Town. All the while Taylor was paid about $70,000 a year for a do nothing Town job. " May 26, 10 7:40 PM

Wilkinson concedes that dock sale is off the table

No doubt there are no fisherman who are Conservators. But Old School makes it sound like some have the means to be Conservators. If Old School is correct, then some of those who cried poverty at the public meeting should be ashamed of themselves. Is it true that some of those who complained actually OWN dock space that could accomodate their own boats and their partners but use public owned docks for less money so they can lease there space for more money and line their pockets? If that is true, then that is a big problem. Why don't they use thier own docks (like the ones at Inlets Seafood) and free space up for less fornunate fishermen who could use a break? If you want to expand the industry then any commercial fishermen that owns their own docks should tie their boats there and make available the public, less expensive space, to those who need some help. I could not afford private high school for my kids and I don't have a second home, let alone one in an exotic location. If those who complained indeed are well off then I se great hypocracy here. Is there any reporter out there who can do some investigative journalism on Old School's claims? Maybe we don't sell the public docks, but let's at least make them available to those who don't own there own docks that they rent out to others for top dollar. Let's really help the fishermen who really need the help!" May 26, 10 10:57 PM

East Hampton to solicit bids to sell Fort Pond House

BODOC must be a Conservator. The new Board members stated clearly and often during the campaign that sale of assets was one way they were going to deal with the $30 million hole dug by the previous administration and their Conservator supporters. Even Henry Haney acknowledged that on Thursday during his LTV show when he interviewed Supervisor Wilkinson and . congratulated the Supervisor on following through on what Mr. Wilkinson said he was going to do during the campaign -- including selling property. Montaukman hits it right on the nose. The $30 million problem is not going to disappear on its own. " Jun 12, 10 2:11 PM

No jail time, fine for Hults after guilty plea; grand jury does not indict McGintee

Spingsgirl is a Conservator... or maybe one of the ex-supervisor's daughters. Trail Mix is also probably a Conn or a McGintee relative if you read some of his comments from back when McGint resigned. According to other newspaper stories, the Cpf report says Cpf was never misused by any previous administration. There is one guy out their who has been totally dismissed by independent auditors who is trying to stir a pot that is ice cold -- but wasn;t he asked to resign from the BAC by the BAC? l read on another wensite that there will be a Grand Jury report issued tomorrow that will lay out the entire matter in detail -- which I would assime includes the detailed information from the beginning of Cpf-- which actually predates Schniederman/Bernard. Let's see what that report says. Then lets read what Springsgirl and Trail Mix have to say. These Conservators just can't admit that their guy destroyed the reputation of the Cpf program. And it is only fair that Teddy did not get worse than probation because it was not him calling the shots. Always be on the connwatch!!!" Jun 21, 10 10:58 PM

ehboardwatcher2010 is mostly definitely a Conservator. Click on the number 18 and look at her (his?) comments: "This board...are an evil of the worst kind"..."This board has no intention of listening to anyone"..."Re-election for Wilkie will be a big No in my book"..."No one is qualified to be a congressman...(god forbid) Schneiderman." The words of a disgruntled Conn who is still blaming the previous administration for counts in in an indictment that happened in 2007 and 2008 -- three years after schneiderman left office. It is pretty sick.

Here is the press release from the DA website:
"Former East Hampton Town Budget Director Ted Hults pleaded guilty this afternoon to official
misconduct and securities fraud following his arraignment before State Supreme Court Justice
William Condon in Riverhead.
In his allocution before the court, Hults admitted that the town’s Official
Statements of its financial condition issued to Wall Street investors considering
the purchase of East Hampton’s Bond Anticipation Notes (BANs) contained
misrepresentations about the town’s financial status in 2007. Hults admitted
that he provided information in 2007 for the preparation of Official Statements
for Bond Anticipation Notes totaling over 24 million dollars despite not having
knowledge of the town’s fiscal condition. He also admitted during his plea that
he illegally transferred approximately 8 million dollars from the town’s
Community Preservation Fund to other town operating funds to meet day-today
expenses unrelated to land preservation.
Hults, 43, of Sag Harbor, was the town Budget Director from 2004 until 2009.
Justice William Condon told the defendant that he is not the type of person that
usually stands before the court, and that although his incompetence (as Budget
Director) was “nothing short of stunning”, Justice Condon added, “I don’t
believe you are a bad person.”
Government Corruption Bureau Chief Christopher McPartland cited Hults’ lack
of a criminal record and the fact that the defendant did not profit personally
from his criminal behavior as reasons to accept the guilty plea in exchange for a
conditional discharge. McPartland cited Hults lack of familiarity with his role
as town Budget Director and his incompetence in the job as contributing
Justice Condon announced that he has reviewed the special grand jury report
about East Hampton’s deteriorating financial condition, its 30-to-40-million
dollar deficit and the events and decisions that resulted in the fiscal crisis. He
announced that the report has been filed and that the document contains
“credible, admissible evidence" to support the grand jury’s conclusions."

Any mention of anyone else from any other administration in the press release? If Ted and Bill inherited problems from the previous administration then why didn't they fix them? And what happened to the very large surplus they inherited -- that was still there AT THE END OF 2004, their first year? That comes right from the EH Independent." Jun 22, 10 6:01 PM

No spin is definately a Conservator...and a real all spinner to boot. Billbonac is right on. The Star article about CPF last week ends with a quote from the independent auditor that looked at CPF for 1999 through 2009 that says everything accusatory in the article about the previous administration is wrong and those making the allegations are not capable of connecting the dots. The DA now says all the CPF abuse was in 2006, 2007 and 2008 after an extensive review of the program from start to the present time. Now that is the truth and for people like Billbonac the truth has set him free -- free to see and speak the real truth." Jun 22, 10 8:00 PM

no spin.....billbonac read the report correctly and you are all spin. What your quote shows is that schniederman's original budgets and the town board's adopted budgets were essentially the same. The years always ended with big surpluses. In the subsequent years under McGintee there were big differences between the tentative budgets and adopted budgets. That was the point.

The report says:
"Throughout the following years, specifically, 2006, 2007 and 2008, the
changes in the tax rate in the Tentative Budgets were significantly lower
than the tax rate changes in the Adopted Budgets by the Board."

This means McGintee was low balling taxes. If it wasn't for the rest of the Board the problems would be worse.

The problems were really created when make believe surpluses were used to balance the budgets.

The report says:
"The effect of appropriating non-existent fund balance and poor budget
estimates was a significant decline in the general fund balance
(unappropriated fund balance) from a surplus of about $4.5 million at
December 31, 2003, to a deficit of $3 million at December 31, 2007 - a
decline of $7.5 million over this four year period."

And oh yea that $4.5 million surplus was at the end of schneiderman's tenure. I think the Independent reported the surplus in the general fund was still over $4 million at the end of 2004. Which means all the problems began with the 2005 budget -- McGintee's first.

And on CPF the DA wrote:
"The bulk of this newly discovered improper use of CPF Funds comes from a
series of transactions that occurred in 2006. Specifically, in 2006 the
Town of East Hampton received $10,000,000 from bonds obtained for the
repayment of Bond Anticipation Notes sold to fund land preservation. The
auditors found that $8,230,915.49 of those funds never made it to CPF
accounts, but were improperly used for other purposes unrelated to CPF."

I believe this is the CPF problem reported on the front page of the Independent that Wilkinson and Bernard brought to the DA a couple of months ago.The CPF abuse was all 2006,2007 and 2008 according to the DA.

I think billbonac got it right and no spin is truly a Conservator.

Always look for the Conns!

" Jun 22, 10 8:46 PM

Finny's mom and no spin...one in the same? Rick, Len...maybe Sullivan, or no maybe Reg, or maybe Nancy or Tom, or better yet Jayo......??? You are very confused. Typical for a Conservator -- always looking to point fingers while drinking the Kool-Aid." Jun 22, 10 9:55 PM

billbonac...right on point. There are not too many "Finny's Mom's" out there. One happens to be someone who has been at the forefront of exposing the McGintee scandal and I know for a fact she did write the comment above, which just goes to show you how dispicable this has become. When you intentionally make yourself out to be someone you are not to try to hurt that person professionally you have stepped over the line...but it is to be expected from the Conservators...even the ones who are all members of the same McFamily." Jun 22, 10 10:37 PM

A typo correction... I know for a fact she DID NOT write the comment above...sorry." Jun 22, 10 10:38 PM

Proposed Sale Of Montauk Park Spurs A Second Lawsuit

Good point Mr. Z. These people in essence devalued the property and created safety violations according to the Fire Marshal. Just think if someone was hurt because of the disregard the people suing showed for the town property they leased for near nothing -- you want to talk about lawsuits! I just hope the town gets reimbursed for the cost of defending the bogus suit and I hope some of the people accused of being pawns of the town board counter sue this Johan guy and anyone else who is responsible for filing the suit. I would think they have a good defamation case seeing they are prtivate citizens who acted on their own in a responsible manner. One other thing -- isn't this guy Henry who is the lawyer filing the suit a former Democrat candidate for Southampton town supervisor? Enough said." Dec 31, 10 7:46 PM

Capt----The property is not a "park" -- never was, never will be. Read about this land purchase from 2003. The property was bought when Schneiderman was sup for "land bankig". From what I heard even Schneiderman says today one of the potential uses for the property was to sell at a later date if the town needed the funds -- and we all know thanks to the Capt and people like him the town needs funds.

To add insult to injury the Capt and his cronies destroyed the house on the property and created a public health hazard. And what is meant by trying to sell it with a walk on resolution. The property was one of the 20+ indentified by the planning dept with no strings and "Wilky" made it very clear during the campaign and during the first couple of months in office that assets would be sold. Read the papers, the sale of assets and property was reported everywhere.

And who is protesting? The dems and the people who destroyed the house. The polls taken leading up to this past election indicate "wilky" would get re-elected with 70% today against all the "top" people the Dems could put up. Capt and his buddies aren't fooling anyone." Dec 31, 10 9:17 PM

Bilge and Capt just need to look at the 2003 town adopted capital budget which is a matter of record 7 years ago. There is a line item in the adopted capital budget that clearly says "Land Banking -- Non Environmental". And there were other purchases -- including the French property and part of the Whelan property that was bought as part of this program.

So to set Bilge and Capt straight:

Yes itthere was a Land Bank program fetted and adopted by the Town Board in 2003 (with a documentable record) and yes there were properties other than the Fort Pond property purchased as a result of the program. So there go two more of the bogus arguments being nade by those who destroyed the Fort Pond property and created a public health hazard on it." Jan 1, 11 12:05 PM

And Mr. Z... you are correct....we have this kabal of self righteous people who take no responsibility for anything and expect to bully by filing bogus and politically motiovated law suits. The Fort Pond suit will actually flesh out this pattern you allude to as egotistical and ignorant and expose these people for what they are. And by the way, the town spent $6 million on a community center at the Playhouse that the groups who used the Fort Pond house could use, assuming they agree not to destroy that public asset also." Jan 1, 11 12:11 PM

East Hampton Town Whittles Away At Debt

Great job by Mr. Wilkinson. Everything will be made hole , i.e. CPF, as soon as the Comptroller certifies the McGintee deficit based on my reading of the story.

Mr. Wilkinson will probably go down as one of the most effective supervisors in the history of the town. He has prefessionally dealt with arguably the most pressing crisis in the town's history. He also has stood up to all the crying and moaning from the supporters of those who plunged the town into financial collapse." Jan 1, 11 9:14 PM

Springs Residents Sound Off About Illegal Multi-Family Housing

Good points Montaukman. I'll go one step further -- McCormack used to work at Springs School, Deb Foster used to work at Springs School, McGintee'swife worked at Springs School. No problem with growing student population then, when more students helped justify more jobs and higher pay. The current problem did not happen over night. " Jan 13, 11 5:16 PM

I get what Montaukman is saying. You have all these people that say just throw code enforcers after the problem and it will just go away. Well, it won't, but why not have a group of Springs residents come up with a plan to deal with the overcrowding, including writing some laws they think will work, laying out how to enforce their laws, and costing out the effort. Rather than throw rocks at Councilwoman Quigley who have bravely addressed the issue, lets give these prople in Springs the opportunity to develop an plan. Good idea Montaukman." Jan 13, 11 7:43 PM

No Simple Solution For Illegal Housing Issues In Springs

Is Kathy McCormack serious? She worked for six years for a Town Supervisor who said he would elimninate the Springs over crowding situation and NEVER DIID ANYTHING! Rather than sit at her desk for six years in town hall and say nothing as the situation got worse why didn't she complain to her boss? Her current indignation is political, ridiculous and phoney. These people have no answers themselves so they attack the people who are at least trying to develop some kind of ideas. If the list they plan to hand to the town contains houses that are not breaking the law are they ready to absorb the law suits from the property owners falsely accused or do they expect the town to absorb the legal actions and costs?" Jan 19, 11 10:01 PM

East Hampton Town Trustee Norman Conklin Edwards Dies At 64

He served his country and town with great distinction and dignity. He will be missed." Jan 22, 11 2:30 PM

No Simple Solution For Illegal Housing Issues In Springs

If every homeowner in Springs grieves and everyone's assessment goes down proportionately you will still be paying the same amount of school tax because only Springs school district residents pay Springs school tax. If the education cost does not go down the tax levy does not go down so everyone still pays the same amount irrecective of the valuation of property. Where you may get relief is on town and county taxes because your reduced assessment would result in you paying less of those taxes. The town and county tax burden would shift to a degree to Amagansett, Montauk and East Hampton property owners.

Based on the bobble heads from Amagansett who were at the town board meeting several weeks ago to complain about the music festival and sat there and shook their heads in agreement with the Springs people who were discussing the housing and school issue they (the Amamgansett ACAC politicos) just may be willing to take over some of the town tax burden from Springs taxpayers that is if there head bobbles were sincere and not just theatre to show disdain for the Republican Town Board." Jan 22, 11 2:51 PM

When someone gets up at a public meeting, as happened this past Thursday at the Town Board meeting, and addresses the Town Board and uses the word "Julio" to describe a group of people (to the applause of some in the audience), then there is something wrong here. I know teachers in Springs that are appalled by this language and the fanning the flames of race. The racism being spewed by former Democrat administration employees when they so freely throw out the hot button word "ghetto," and when former Democrat office holders when they send out e-mail "newsletters" that fans the flame of hate with bogus information is not going to solve the problem. And when the editors of the Press and the Star do not express outrage at this bigoted behavior and language because it is being put out by Democrats trying to score some cheap polirical points, we are in trouble!" Jan 22, 11 3:10 PM

As East Hampton Moves To Become Whole, Questions Emerge Over Accounting Of Deficit

I'll take the opinion of the professional accounting firm over the amatuer wannabe. I would also guess the Wilkinson administration would like to see debt service expenses spread out over all the funds -- thus taking away some of the stress on the general fund, but I would assume good government dictates you abide by the independent auditors who by law must perform an arms length evaluation of the town's finances. And the professional-independent-accountant states, "we're very comfortable with the presenatation of the financial statements." What does Cohen want the town to do, go to war with the independent accountants? Especially after what occured over the previous six years? " Feb 2, 11 5:53 PM

East Hampton Democrats Say Their Piece On Erosion Problem

Looks like Montaukman and I read the same stories. Brad Loewen should be the last person offering suggestions on anything. He had four years and did nothing about erosion. In fact, he basically stole four years of salary and did virtually nothing on anything. Fact." Feb 2, 11 5:58 PM

Rumors Of 7-Eleven In Amagansett Surface

Bilge..why do you post like you live outside of East Hampton? Based on your past posts you obvioulsy live in Montauk, close to the lake (proabably east side) and hate Bill Wilkinson. I can only guess why. I guess it's all about access.
The 7-11 deal in Montauk started long before Wilkinson took office. What would you have done to legally stop it from opening after the Dems let the horse out of the barn several years ago? Enlighten us all on the legal action Wilkinson should have taken.
Can't wait for the concert like many other local people who like the idea of not having to drive to Jones Beach or the city for some quality music. The Amagansett festival will have fewer people than the first four back to the ranch concerts on 9 more acres of property with five lanes for traffic rather than four. When it all works you will find something else to blame Wilkinson for -- you are a very angry person and/or jealous person.
" Feb 6, 11 5:01 PM

Bilge...you should know, you live in Montauk" Feb 7, 11 5:51 PM

Amagansett Festival Organizers Consider Moving Concert To Airport

These guys have listened. They are looking at an alternative site. They are doing a safety plan, not because they have to because it is not required, but because they want to address concerns expressed. All the so called experts commenting above are obviously people who can't think outside the box or figure out how to do an event in East Hampton. Also, don't argue that these guys can't handlle a big event on one hand then say compared to "real" festivals this is like little league. New ball players start out in little league, so I guess new promoters should start with little league size events.........makes sense if you listen to the rocket scientists posting above." Feb 13, 11 7:52 PM

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