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Oddone sentenced to 22 years in prison

Whether you're 7 ft. tall or 4 ft. tall, being unconscious would no doubt render you defenseless.

What confuses me is Marc Wolinsky and the other members of "The Bridge". Obviously, these are intelligent, well-educated people. Why are they so diligent at backing someone with such a past who did such a horrible thing? Perhaps their agenda is more poitical than personal.

" Apr 15, 10 5:00 PM

ICE - It was not a headlock, it was a chokehold. And it took merely seconds to render him unconscious. This hold used to be taught to law enforcement as it is effective in controlling violent offenders. Mr. Reister didn't have the time to react. Based on the medical testimony, had the hold been released Mr. Reister should have regained consciousness. He never had that chance because the chokehold continued. At what point does Anthony Oddone become responsible in your eyes? A responsible adult in this situation should have realized the man was unconscious and that he was putting him great risk of serious physical injury that could lead to death = Manslaughter 1." Apr 16, 10 6:03 AM

And I clarified because they are two totally different things. A chokehold can stop your heart in seconds, a headlock can not. He was defenseless within seconds - yet Mr. Oddone kept the chokehold for an additional 2 minutes. They are two very different holds. I never said you felt Anthony wasn't responsible. I asked at what point, in your eyes, does Anthony become responsible for his actions? As for the appeal, don't count on it. I was in court and heard all of the testimony. Based on what I heard, he's lucky he didn't get Murder 2. " Apr 17, 10 7:38 AM

This all could have ended if he just got down. This all could have ended if he just let go when Mr. Reister lost consciousness. As children we are taught to never put anything around someone's neck. If you're going to act like an idiot, get in an altercation and put someone in a chokehold, you better be sure to check when they stop breathing. A clear indication is if the man beneath you is no longer moving and people are screaming at you that you're killing him. No hamptons 1, he may not have been trying to kill him. But he sure as hell was trying to cause serious physical injury. When you make that choice, drunk-stoned-sober, it's Manslaughter 1. If he was so intimidated by this "much bigger" man, he would have gotten down like everyone else. Mr. Oddone should have taken his chance to explain himself. Should have at least apologized to the Reister family. Maybe had he shown some remorse for his stupid actions, his sentence would not have been so severe. " Apr 18, 10 7:15 AM

Yes they were. Do you know what happened at all? Mr. Reister first went over to the table nearest the door and asked the man and woman to get down. The man was Anthony Oddone's friend. They got down after being asked, without incident. Then went to the table Anthony was dancing on. " Apr 18, 10 5:54 PM

I don't agree with you there hamptons 1. Had he taken the stand in his defense, the prosecutor would have had afield day with him. All of his prior incindents could then have been brought into the trial. I do, however, feel that everyone knew this. Therefore, his time to speak was at sentencing. Appeal or not, telling the family how sorry he was for making a horrible mistake could not have hurt him on appeal. Sitting there for months, not being able to speak, you would think he'd jump at the opportunity if he was remorseful. " Apr 18, 10 6:02 PM

After Mr. Reister lost consciousness and they fell, Anthony did, in fact, reposition his body and adjust the chokehold. Those bones in his neck may have broken on the fall, but apparently were broken on impact from the side. This would make it seem as though they happened from the constant pressure being put on his neck. If you are conscious you can strain your neck from this pressure. When you're unconscious, you can't. Manslaughter 1 is not saying Anthony knew he was killing him. That would be murder. Manslaughter 1 is causing someone serious physical injury that could lead to death. You must know when you wrap someone in a chokehold, that serious physical injury can follow. How can you not? " Apr 18, 10 6:09 PM

He wasn't drunk on this night, just obnoxious. I sat through the countless hours of video tape of Anthony after being detained, then arrested. Thankfully, SHPD had video monitoring of the building. Officer Rodecker did not commit perjury. He filled out intoxicated because it was an assumption based on the hour of day, where the defendant was coming from, and his nervous condition. Even if he was drunk, he killed someone. There won't be an appeal granted. This trial was extremely fair. " Apr 20, 10 8:45 PM

And you really should have your facts straight on what occurred before making all of your comments. Your knowledge of the facts are wrong and yet you come on here throwing out an opinion based on false information. These are people's lives. Know what you're talking about before you make judgement. Maybe you should read all the facts before commenting anymore. And again, there will be no retrial. Watch and learn." Apr 21, 10 6:04 AM

Yes, time will tell......." Apr 21, 10 6:29 PM

Oddone Appeal Will Be Heard By Brooklyn Judges On Friday

WOW!! Wasn't this the same juror who complained and had the others kicked off???!!! What a shame for the Reister family, to have to endure this again is very sad. And I agree, what interest does this attorney have? Obviously he has made a successful career for himself, why invest all of this money in someone not even related to him? You can't write this stuff...." Apr 30, 11 12:51 PM

Scared Juror, Medical Evidence Slanted Jury Says Oddone Attorney In Appeal

And this is all very true! This occured to her in October, and in the meanwhile she was busy getting juror after juror removed from this case. I wonder if she ever informed the judge of what was happening under her own roof. This woman is a disgrace and the county should bill her for for 3 months worth of wasted time.
" May 6, 11 11:51 AM

And while I agree wholeheartedly, this was in no way a headlock. It was a chokehold. A very clear chokehold that he repositioned after they fell and his arms were NEVER around his head but around his NECK. Just clarifying..." May 6, 11 11:53 AM

Appeals Court Denies New Trial For Oddone But Reduces Sentence

So truth only somewhat prevails sometimes. Good for you Jim. What was done here is not justice. They didn't hear the testimony, they only read it. As for these attorneys representing Oddone free of charge, I agree with honeylamb. You can bet there's more to this story than these attorney's putting forth this effort for the sake of their caddy. His "real friends" who were with him that night were nowhere to be found to help defend him. And to Anthony's friend who is defending him here, it doesn't matter how much he drank that night - he killed someone. Where were his witnesses and who were they? Were they the friends who aided him by putting him in a cab and helping him to flee the scene of a crime? And how is it defending himself by jumping on the back of a man who is clearly headed for door looking for help. Unless YOU were there, you can not discount every single witness who came forward, and there were plenty. All of them horrified and clearly disturbed by what they saw. I'm so sorry to the wife, children, and parents of Mr. Reister. " Nov 12, 11 11:16 AM

That's right. The supporters of the VICTIM need to be heard as well." Nov 12, 11 12:36 PM

Yes, you have answered respectfully and I will as well - and right again, we are never going to agree. Given the case and the circumstances - it is my opinion that there is more feuling the fire of these attorneys than passion for justice. And I'm not alone, believe me. Second, as to the statement that only you and the defense knows how much he drank - if it would have helped him, why wasn't it made known? Did you sit thru court and see the video of Oddone - the HOURS of video? I did - that man was in no way intoxicated. NO WAY. If I'm not mistaken, you claim to have some legal background. Does that honestly sound credible to you that there were no witnesses called because the defense assumed they won? Are you honestly assuming that this highly profiled attorney didn't call any credible witnesses because she assumed she had won the case , and yet time after time kept calling for a mistrial? Come on now. Did you hear the testimony of the quack ME the defense paid to appear and have you heard about what has happened to him since? Mr. Oddone didn't have his friends as witnesses because they would have to tell the truth. If Mr. Oddone was so intimidated by the much bigger bouncer, he would have gotten down - like his friend did - when asked. If he was so intimidated, he wouldn't have told Mr.Reister to go f*&^ himself instead. And if he was so intimidated, he would have tried to get away rather than jump on the back of a man who was walking to the door to get help. As for your statement about the juror wanting to see the witnesses, I'm sure they all did. Maybe you should have spoken to them ALL. It is my understanding half of those 9 days were spent trying to explain to a handful of jurors why it shouldn't be Murder. Sir, while I understand you are trying to defend your friend, it appears you are throwing up smoke and mirrors - just as the defense did - when the facts are plain and simple. Sorry." Nov 13, 11 5:41 AM

Honestly, I am exhausted from restating and we could go back and forth forever. However, I would urge you to question Mr. Garvey again. I bet he still would call it Murder, but saw he had no chance with all of the jurors. Listen, I'm sure Jeffrey Dahmer could find a few people to say what a great guy they thought he was. I doesn't mean a thing. This is all in the hands of the court now. We could write novels here, all it's doing is keeping the venom flowing. And for the record, Mr. Oddone was not driving - there was no cause to give him a blood test. Peace to you." Nov 13, 11 7:42 PM