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Sag Harbor students rally for school budget

I read "Truth in Sag Harbor's" comment and had to sign up to respond by saying I have first hand knowledge of the history in the Sag Harbor School District and the former administrator that "Truth in Sag Harbor" refers to. That person was a wonderful and dedicated employee. I know this administrator did everything asked of him and more. I believe if you ask any of the other administrators in Sag Harbor or the teachers they will tell you the same thing. His history, as I have researched it, is one of accomplishment at the U.S. Accounting Department, under current County Legislator Jay Schneiderman when Jay was East Hampton Town Supervisor, former Brookhaven Supervisor LaValle, and now in East Hampton.

Jay Schneiderman said much of the success he had as Supervisor and his election to the County Legislature was due greatly to the financial leadership by the peron "Truth in Sag" is criticizing. Supervisor LaValle says the same thing. I also know the Sag Harbor administration gave the School Board everything THEY wanted in budgets (including using excess funds to keep tax rates down which of course automatically creates budgets with expenditures higher than revenues) for the last five years and now they are saying they were out of the loop? The Board is not being truthful and it sounds like there is another agenda being pursued here. I sure hope it is not to cut teachers or teaching assistants. That would be very unfortunate and somthing I know the former superintendent fought against for years.

You can just read the passages from Oliver Peterson's story cited above to see the Board of Education loved the 2008-2009 budget and supported it and understood it. If that is the bad budget "Truth in Sag" said the former administrator is responsible for then how could you criticize him if it is the budget the Board said they wanted? "Truth in Sag" does not sound too truthful.

I also know from past direct experience, the Board of Education received all information they asked for and needed. I also know personally the State Comptroller audited the district in 2007-2008 and found a district operating well in almost every way. "Truth in Sag" sounds like a jealous and petty person who is more interested in personal attack than quality education.

I looked at some of "pressguy's" past comments and one was, where is Len Bernard when we need him? I agree." Apr 11, 10 1:03 PM

I just received a call from someone who was able to identify me from my post. They told me who "Truth in Sag" is believed to be. You should be ashamed of yourself "Truth in Sag". Always the destructive individual who has put the knife in the back of more than a few people. Keep it up, every one is on to you. Hey, I think you know what I mean." Apr 11, 10 1:58 PM

I don't think you have any kids. And based on the person who called me earlier no letters went home to kids. Actually, I was told the reporters from the school magazine received the letter you are referring to and those reporters actually have a problem with how the students have been treated by the current school administration and Board. I am told the letter is about the surplus the BOE agreed to use to keep tax rates down and themselves in office. When surplus is used it creates budgets that have less revenues than expenditures. If i remember the surplusused totalled around $3 million, the same amount of the "deficit". The thing I know from my experience with those three budgets is that the Board wanted to use the surplus and the administartion at the time even suggested less surplus be used than the Board wanted. Many of the current Board members, like it says in the post above, loved the 2008-2009 budget and said it was exactly what they asked from the administration. These Board members cannot run away from thier own words and actions." Apr 11, 10 4:17 PM

pstevens is correct. Put the budget to a vote. I'm sure the BOE will blame everyone under the sun, including the superintendent they forced into retirement and her staff, for budgets they embraced and demanded. The only Board member to not get re-elected over the last four years was the Board member who never supported spending caps, and tax rate caps, and everything artifcial the current board members have done to keep themselves in office. Just ask the former president of the Board who is now retired from the Board what the goal was of some of the current Board members. I think he may agree that unreasonable budget objectives were demanded by these current Board members and are much to blame for the teacher negotiation mess, the underbudgeting from demanding too tight spending, and the desire to get re-elected. " Apr 12, 10 4:07 PM

Sag Harbor school unions will talk pay freezes

This entire matter has now become a real drawn out drama because of how badly the administration and Board of education have handled it. Its not sloppy accounting -- everything is accounted forand always has been going back to Ms. Madison. If big surplus was available this year then it would mean it was not used last year and tax rates would have gone up my more last year and the year before. The use of the surplus did help keep board members in office by lower tax rates. The problem is the Board knew this day was coming. For years we have heard the state retirement system was in trouble and the cost would be past on to the disricts. Health insurance is going up. The tax base is not growing. We could save some money if the teaches take a little less than what they are asking for, but if the Board knew how to negotiate this issue would be behind us and perhaps...just perhaps... the entire drama of the last three weeks would not have happened. " Apr 17, 10 4:41 PM

sorry for the typos...passed and teachers" Apr 17, 10 4:43 PM

The Board of Education made a decision to force out a lifelong educator as superintendent and go in a different direction. Breaking the union may have been part of the hidden strategy. Reducing staff may have also been part of the hidden agenda. The board is elected, and elected officials live and die by their decisions on policy and direction. There is little doubt that their agenda was not that of the former superintendent. The question for the community now is whether or not this Boards apparent agenda is the one the Sag Harbor community wants pursued in the future." Apr 19, 10 7:59 PM

Sag Harbor adopts budget, hopes for community support

This budget will pass because if you take a look around us you will see the other districts are having a difficult year due to cuts in aid and inscreases in costs. Montauk up 14%, Hampton Bays up 18%, East Hampton will be investigated to see if they were overcharging spending districts to keep taxes artificially down, etc. It's a bad year. In Sag Harboronce the changes in aid and costs are absorbed things will stabilize in the future. Plus the District will have new School Board members with different philosophies and skills and that will be looked at as a positive. " Apr 26, 10 8:20 AM

Wainscott finalizes budget, may take students from other districts

Dr. Annacone is to be commended for his honesty. One more year of using surplus to keep the tax rate down -- which is fine. But as he admits next year will be different and the total cost will come to bear on the tax levy. Eventually it will happen in all the local districts. Montauk, Sag Harbor and Hampton Bays are seeing it now. Next year it will be East Hampton, Springs and Southampton." Apr 29, 10 9:19 PM