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East Hampton Village Mayor slams town board for increase in property taxes in budget

For the edification of letterwriter 'we could run this town,' Mr. Bernard and Ms. Weir have been gainfully employed since leaving public office almost five years ago. Mr. Bernard works in Sag Harbor Schools and Ms. Weir at the Long Island Housing Partnership. Both jobs not in public office or government. Mr. Bernard worked in DC for the Office of Management and Budget and was an entrepeneur with his own retail business in the Village of East Hampton. Ms. Weir had a 'REAL' job for over 25 years as senior vice president in a commercial bank and held a stockbroker's license. I believe these all count as working for a living.

The people of the Town have the government they wanted and voted for. They voted out people with financial expertise and voted in the current board, which obviously has NO FINANCIAL EXPERIENCE! The voters made their decision and we will all pay the consequences in our tax bills. I anticipate the voters will make a more informed decision next November as to who will be able to run the Town in the future. Who did 'we could run this town' vote for in the last election? Or does the uninformed letterwriter vote at all?" Nov 26, 08 12:21 PM

East Hampton will ask business owners to help with budgets

The committee must be bi-partisan to have any validity or credibility. We will all wait and see how it turns out." Dec 10, 08 10:57 AM

Cry foul on CPF purchases

There is nothing vague about the CPF law and its intended uses! Just read it or have Assemblyman Thiele give the board a primer! Maybe the DA will explain as well." May 20, 09 11:43 AM

East Hampton budget officer to be arraigned Thursday

Who is paying for McGintee's high priced law firm? Why isn't he using a Democrat law firm? All will be unveiled soon. How terribly sad for everyone!" Jun 10, 09 2:56 PM

Hospital makes a profit for first time in eight years

Congratulations to Bob Chaloner and his crack team for outstanding administration and financial management!
Finally. Good work." Jul 1, 09 5:47 PM

East Hampton Town Building Inspector, Don Sharkey, found dead at 47

An amazing up-beat guy, who was dedicated to his job. We will sorely miss him and his wonderful smile. I will lift one for you Donny!" Jul 7, 09 9:28 AM

Housing director claims discrimination by Southampton Town

Last time I checked, whites are still the majority in this counrty and the majority elected a black man. Martin Luther King said not to judge by the color of one's skin, but the content of one's character! What happened to that?
We should all be judged by the work we do. That should be the final guideline in every case, black or white!" Jul 8, 09 12:14 PM

McGintee resigns as East Hampton supervisor

This is why decent, qualified people cannot be recruited to run for elected office. Too many crooks, too many scandals and too many critics on both sides. We are in a sorry state of affairs. We really need to clean house and start all over again! And that goes for both parties." Oct 5, 09 2:42 PM

McGintee and his wife have had safe, union protected, tax-payer funded jobs all their lives; he as a mailman and a police officer, she as a school teacher. They have never had to meet a payroll or worry about job security in financially challenging times. McGintee moonlighted as security for Hamptons celebrities making big bucks. He has been making a grand salary as supervisor AND collecting a taxpayer funded police pension at the same time. They cannot commiserate with the plight of local residents who now face years of inflated property taxes because of his mismanagement and lies. He has no one to blame but himself for the disgrace he has caused his children. They are not to blame but now share his humililation.

The local democrat machine and its local mouthpiece, The East Hampton Star, do share some of the blame for letting this fiasco continue unabated and uninvestigated. Their complicity in covering up and diverting blame is criminal and hurt all the people of East Hampton. They chose politics over people and disgraced themselves and their reputations as well.

McGintee will be remembered as the worst and most abhored supervisor in the history of East Hampton.

" Oct 6, 09 11:09 AM

McGintee remained defiant on use of CPF in comments to auditors

No interest has been repaid into the CPF fund. They have not been able to unravel the mess and it may NEVER be unraveled. This is McGintee's HUMPTY DUMPTY moment - not all the king''s horse nor all the king's men can fix this horror show. We'll be paying for many many years to come!" Oct 15, 09 3:47 PM

East Hampton Town Board discusses staff cuts in closed session

How about the accounting priniciple of LIFO - Last In First Out? I believe McGintee hired over 50 new non-essential employees, beyond replacing retirees. Except for new police hires that replace retirees - everyone else that was hired by him should go. How did the Town manage before he started his spending binge? Answer: Very well indeed thank you!" Oct 15, 09 4:13 PM

East Hampton Town Board members walk out on budget talks

Both Hammerle and Mansir have each been on the Town Board for OVER 12 YEARS! Now they finally decided to pay attention? I watched the video on the Town website. Everyone should watch to see how dysfunctional and stupid these people are. Always playing to the cameras. They have been collecting a taxpayer-funded pay check for all these years and obviously never did a lick of work. At least not any work that did the taxpayers any good, like watching out for our tax dollars.
KICK THE BUMS OUT!! Too bad we can't get them to refund their pay to help reduce the deficit they helped create by their incompetence.
PS - not sure what the new CPA comptroller is doing, besides talking and mumbling during the work sessions. Very distracting on the video. All I read about is how bad it is and how much help she needs, like hiring more consultants to post entries, etc. The jury is out on her effectiveness. Time will tell." Oct 26, 09 2:16 PM

Edwin 'Buzz' Schwenk dies

Long Island has lost a great man and a good friend. Buzz never shrank from a good political tussle and he will be sorely missed. Those of us who had the good fortune to call him 'friend' will remember his generous spirit and invaluable advice. How I will miss my friend Buzz. My prayers and thoughts go out to his family and close friends during this difficult time." Dec 18, 09 3:06 PM

Blizzard snarls life on the East End

Does Kenya Native ever post anything that isn't bleeped? This is a about snow - for crying out loud.

I think it was a great job in both towns. 26 to 27 inches people, breaking records and you all got out in two days, one of those days was a Sunday. Everybody take a chill pill !!!!

Merry Christmas to all - and Bah Humbug to all you cranky ones." Dec 23, 09 4:20 PM

East Hampton Town councilwoman could face charges for interfering in arrest

Too much ink on this already! Very tabloid. East Hampton's deep financial problems will not be solved by all the blatherers on this page. Give these people some privacy and give the police some respect. None of you were there - period." Mar 10, 10 2:02 PM

New budget officer unveils plans to right East Hampton's financial woes

It is reassuring to have a budget officer who is fully aware of the problems and working toward solid resolutions to the massive mismanagement. Not only is he experienced, he has a wealth of historical information that is hard to find.

Supervisor Wilkinson, and the new Board members are to be committed for tackling this unfathomable morass created by the Democrats and their cronies." Apr 1, 10 5:35 PM

Reshuffling the deck at East Hampton Republican headquarters

We can never repay John Behan for his leadership and committment. He gave above and beyond in his service to our country. He served proudly representing us in the State of New York and now he has saved our 'bacon' in East Hampton by helping to oust the out-of-control, fiscally irresponsible democrat regime.

THANK YOU JOHN! We will miss your leadership. We can never repay what you have done for us and I salute you. Semper Fi.

Good luck to Ms. Duryea, we wish her well." Apr 1, 10 5:41 PM

East Hampton puts assets on the chopping block but new Town Hall will stay

fsmcmann lives in Hampton Bays and did not experience the 35% tax increase over the last two because of the Democrat's mismanagement. Sorry to say, we have not seen the last of it either. Republicans are left to clean up the mess - as usual. So please butt out!" Apr 16, 10 7:04 PM

Montauk residents considering recall for Wilkinson, Quigley

Board Watcher must not have been watching the prior board AT ALL! Where was she for those six years? This board has not disregarded voters. Maybe these 'board watchers' who seem to have nothing else to do, are the ones who feel disregarded because the board is not in 'lock step' with their wishes, like the prior board was.
It's all about the dems losing power and major sour grapes. If they rant about stuff enough, they think they can get power back and sully this board. Fat chance! The REAL people of East Hampton are WITH THIS TOWN BOARD ALL THE WAY!!!! The residents that are working and not retired living on annuities and pensions, with time to attend every baord meeting and constantly criticize the board.
This board has had more open meetings with incessant dialogue with the 'naysayers' and paid interest groups, at more varied times of the day and different days of the week than any board in East Hampton's history. Did these retired pensioners and democrat committe mambers think that correcting the horrors of the past administration's disgraceful governance of the Town was going to be accomplished with a wave of a wand?
Please give me that wand and just make them go away!" Jul 22, 10 4:10 PM

Stony Brook Southampton committee discusses expanding arts, marine sciences programs

FYI - SUNY Southampton was not purchased to serve ONLY SOUTHAMPTON RESIDENTS! It is a State University and anyone from the state, the country and the world can attend. The closing impacts all the surrounding communities on the East End. So how about being a little inclusive to those residents who live to the east and God Forbid - even Riverhead, Shelter Island and Southold who might have children who want to attend. Narrow minded and provicial comes to mind.

" Jul 29, 10 3:34 PM

Thank you Mrs. Sea. East End ressidents or anyone else from outside the Town of Southampton should be involved in helping to keep the campus a provider of educational programs that will help sustain the campus until the horrible state budget mess is resolved. Nobody is talking about selling the prioperty! Why keep bringing that up? Let's support all ideas that might result in a great solution to make the campus more vibrant and diversified. We all want it to be an integral part of our area. If we all keep fabricating scenarios and spewing uninformed opinions, we are just causing more angst in the community. Let's all be part of the solution and not part of the problem!" Jul 29, 10 5:00 PM

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