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Crowd storms out of meeting at synagogue

Unfortunately though, the Eruv actually runs on PRIVATE property. Telephone poles & power lines are owned & operated by Verizon & LIPA respectively. Last time I checked they were private companies & they have consented long ago. They don't have any anti semetic agenda thankfully." Aug 26, 08 10:14 AM

Religious gathering garners attention in village

your taxes at work. Like my uncle (who lives on dune road) says: The ambulance & fire dept are both voluntary. The garbage is handled by a private company which he has to pay for. So basically his taxes go towards Police giving him speeding tickets & generally harassing him.
Could you imagine the fury that would be raised if this same anti semite was complaining about a few muslims praying in someone's house on a friday?" Aug 27, 08 6:19 PM

Meeting on religious boundary leads to shouting match

I saw a quote about this meeting that was in the NY Post that said something to the effect of the problem that these non observant jews have with the eruv is that they don't want to create an enclave for the orthodox. What is amazing is that these useful idiots think that just because they are jewish they are inherently shielded from being anti semetic.
Of course nothing could be further from the truth. As pointed out earlier, some of the worst anti semites current & past have been & are jews. They are saying what the non jews feel is not politically correct to say at this time. Could you imagine if someone said we don't want orthodox muslims to move into an area. These same jews would be first in line (with the rest of us jews I should note) to rightfully condemn that behavior. These jews would also be first in line to educate everyone else on the need to respect every religion, (except judiasm & Christianity) for example if Muslims would want part of a street closed on fridays in front of their mosque. It is as transparent as the media campaigning for Obama. Since there is no other reason to be opposed to the eruv it is even more transparent. Everyone (politicians included) sees through this nonsense.
Best of luck raising money for a nonsensical cause, they are going to need it. It is going to be quite expensive to engage in endless legal battles only to have to use that money & in the end reimburse the synagogue for their court costs like in Tenafly once the eruv goes up.
When all is said & done, all jews, those "sophisticated" & my humble lineage all ended up in the same gas chambers. " Sep 8, 08 9:18 PM