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Stony Brook University will announce drastic cuts to Stony Brook Southampton

Dr. Pearl should not be included on any list of traitors. She has worked tirelessly and inventively to make this campus work. She is as shocked as everyone else--the faculty, who gave her a standing ovation and the students, who gave her several. These outpourings of recognition are no consolation for the demise of the college, but they are mightily deserved." Apr 7, 10 4:16 PM

What Happens To Our Recycling, Part Three: The Way Forward

Thank you for this excellent series. Where would we be without journalism?" Dec 15, 18 6:20 PM

Hampton Bays Downtown Overlay District Comes Under Fire At Public Hearing On Tuesday

I'm confused by these comments. It sounds like most of you want people strolling along Main and supporting cute coffee shops, but not "density," i.e., people living above the cute shops. But don't the two go hand in hand? It seems to me that an apartment dweller living right in downtown is highly likely to be one of those pedestrian shoppers. Or is the idea to attract people from other towns who drive there in cars? Would love to better understand the vision for Hampton Bays." Jul 4, 19 10:54 AM

Thanks for the reply!" Jul 5, 19 11:14 AM

Hampton Bays Nun Arrested In Washington, D.C. While Protesting Treatment Of Children At The Border

CBP is a rogue agency. " Jul 26, 19 11:31 AM

My ancestors just showed up at the border in a boat. No application, no waiting, no authorization whatsoever. They were illiterate and had no particular job skills. But they were white, so I guess it was okay to let them cross the border." Jul 26, 19 11:34 AM

How odd. We haven't had "liberal" immigration policies for at least 2 1/2 years, and the previous president, Obama, was knicknamed the Deporter in Chief. Plus would you uproot your family and move to another country because they have better policies? It takes something a little more urgent than policy before people flee their homelands." Jul 26, 19 11:45 AM

Zeldin Votes Against Massive Budget Deal, Along With Most House Republicans

If Zeldin is so worried about deficits, he should have fought against the tax cuts for rich people and corporations that his party pushed through Congress the minute they took power. It scraped through, because even some Republicans felt guilty about how it would cause a deficit explosion. Now we have a roughly trillion-dollar deficit while Amazon.com pays $0 in taxes. Literally, not one red cent given back to the country that made it great. Chevron made $4.5Billion in profits last year and got a REFUND. That's right--you paid Chevron money. Where is Zeldin? He's too busy blaming old people for their pensions or sick people for their doctor's bills to notice the real thieves in our country. " Aug 1, 19 9:49 AM

Southampton Village Mayor Says Courtyard Owner Deliberately Destroyed Property

“He said he could do whatever he wants, because he’s rich." Wow, Is this the value system we want in our country? Rich people calling all the shots and the rest of us just making do the best we can? This Vigna guy, by ripping up his own courtyard in order to create an eyesore for everyone else, seems spiteful, mean, and selfish. He's the last person who should be doing whatever he wants." Sep 1, 19 10:13 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Approves East Quogue Incorporation Petition, Advancing It To Public Vote

This village idea makes me nervous. East Quogue is tiny, around 3,000 or so residents, and governing is harder than it looks. Do we really have enough capable, committed, civic-minded volunteers to fill a new layer of bureaucracy? Hampton Bays, much larger, can't get clean water out of its water agency or corruption out of its fire department. Who's going to keep an eye on these people to make sure they're not just puppets for some giant developer?" Sep 1, 19 10:35 AM

UPDATE: Town Planning Board Approves Lewis Road PRD Preliminary Subdivision Application And Findings Statement In Split Votes

I second your "Hooray for Robin Long, Jacqui Lofaro and Glorian Berk."" Oct 26, 19 12:59 PM