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Beached humpback whale draws a crowd in East Hampton

A very sickening sight. With all the fleets of boats out here the fact that no one is trying to get this whale back out into open water is pathetic. Nor would Mr Bowman allow it. AND no one bothered to call the Coast Guard! It was news to them when I called to alert them at 330 p.m.
Mr. Bowman is right, people just want to help push it back into the water because it's the right thing to try to do - not just stand around "for hours" waiting for it to die. If they aren't going to try to help it, why don't they help it die by euthanizing it. There is another whale out in the ocean swimming back and forth along the shore. If this calf got separated from it's mother, perhaps it is she who is scanning the beach hearing her calf's distress calls. What is up with all of this? Talk about a bunch of no good nothings handing out flyers to everyone about the foundation - get a boat in the water and DO something! At 5 p.m. the whale is still alive. No sign of a boat, a helping hand. So what if they get it out and it "dies anyway" - what if it doesn't????" Apr 6, 10 5:19 PM

You don't understand what I said? My comment doesn't need explaining.
It isn't neuroscience. Common sense. " Apr 6, 10 5:46 PM

I was there for one hour and spotted the cow 5 times directly offshore from Wyborg's Beach to just before the jetty.
I realize all of what you say is true, but considering the tides today, the fact that there are so many tide pools and sandbars today, it could be very likely the whale got too close to shore and became trapped. A perfect day for a boat to come in and try, at least TRY to haul it back out. If it beached itself again, then so be it. But to sit and wait "for hours" according to Bowman while it dies is unacceptable. We are better than that." Apr 6, 10 6:20 PM

I am glad you agree. The fact that no one is acknowledging that there is an adult whale swimming within the same range for the hour (again, I spotted it 5 times) is negligent when it comes to these "experts" the welfare of this creature. Not only that, in another news12 article, these same "experts" were having trouble deciphering the species of this whale. Humpback or Minke.
" Apr 6, 10 6:40 PM

Beached whale in East Hampton put down; euthanization dart missing on Main Beach

The sight of the Riverhead Foundation and their staff at one of these events is the equivalent of a tall dark figure in a black hooded cloak with a scythe. A sure sign of death and not a glimmer of hope. This foundation should be limited to seals, turtles and perhaps a penguin or two.
Probably the best thing to do if this should happen again is to not call them and let the people who have common sense, not ruled by science, greed or fear handle the situation and at least TRY to get the whale back out into the water. That's community. And East Hampton is a centuries-old fishing town. There is a plethora of heavy equipment and fleets of boats. All signs point to the whale NOT being sick or dying. Why on earth would it be alive 80 hours later. Of course it was weak. It hadn't eaten in days and was being crushed by its own weight. It was very energetic when it first arrived. The sandbars were plenty that week due to the storms and it could have been possible that it became separated from the pod and panicked when it was shallow water and being so young and much smaller made a mistake. Yes, it might have made a mistake and went the wrong way. What was the harm of assisting it back into the water? If it drowned or washed back up, then so be it. Too many human caused casualties of marine mammals take place every day with entanglements, fishing bycatch, boat strikes. To say, "let nature take it's course" should be banned from the English language. Bowman was signing it's death certificate upon first seeing it and sharpening his knives.
Cause of death? Procrastination and inexperience" Apr 9, 10 7:53 PM

In the sixties there were less endangered species. This is an endangered species, on the E list ( endangered) and D list ( depleted.) It is a federally protected mammal. Might be why no one thought of handing it over to the Shinnecocks when they prayed over its suffering soul and why we didn't break through the police barriers and take matters into our own hands.
Charles Bowman is from the Riverhead Foundation and is basically the man in charge who screwed up what could have been an entirely better outcome.
It wasn't tried to haul the whale back because Mr. Bowman assessed the whale to be in malnourished and in sickly condition and too young to survive without it's mother. But stoicly "vowed" to stay with it until it died which could take, "hours." Well, Mr. Bowman. the whale had lots of fight left in it 80 hours later when you tried to shoot bullets into several feed of blubber to kill it.
What he doesn't note in any of his PR with the media is that there was an adult Humpback swiimming off shore Main Beach the day it got stranded. Key word here: stranded, NOT beached. Nevertheless some have said the whale was not a calf as Mr. Bowman has stated but a juvenile, which would perhaps eliminate the need for food from it's mother." Apr 9, 10 8:01 PM

Yes - I too am shocked. I am shocked that everyone was falling for the blubbering idiots story that it was sick and that's why it beached itself. The tides, the sharks, the fact that it came ashore with a dolphin and a seal ( all of which might have been stuck in the same situation) and perhaps fleeing from a predator. Too many possibilities why it stranded and not one effort to get it back out into the open ocean. It is en embarassment. What a bunch of scientific crap. Logic is logic. Instinct is instinct. My instinct tells me they dropped the ball on this one big time.
ps, also a NEK frequent visitor" Apr 9, 10 8:05 PM

A whale rescue organization I had corresponded with about this situation suggested after 80 hours of suffering with no attempts to move the whale out and with the other half-assed euthanization methods failed that military intervention should have been used with a high calibre weapon. They seemed to do nothing right." Apr 9, 10 8:12 PM

more like worse to absolutely absurd." Apr 9, 10 8:17 PM

Where there's a will there's a way. With all the dredging equipment and manpower available to these experts in out town, it could have been done. Much more creatively than their scientific minds would even dream of.
Dragging might have harmed the whale should it have been done, but what could be worse than the whale howling and wailing for 80 hours straight?" Apr 9, 10 8:20 PM

Whale killed with bullet; experts defend how beaching was handled

Why do I feel they will find nothing wrong physically with this whale but make up a cause of death to redeem themselves for their "proper protocol?"" Apr 9, 10 8:44 PM

I totally agree. The Riverhead Foundation should not be called on such matters. Let them stick to turtles, seals and penguins.
This was obviously out of their league. Science doesn't always have the right answer and the fact that this was a rare event ( a live baleen whale stranding) they clearly had no protocol to deal with such a thing, anywhere.
This should not have been trial and error. Or, as one spokesperson suggested, a work in progress. The bad thing? Now that the whale is done, cut up and divvied out to all that want a piece of him/her - it will wash away under the sea and be forgotten. Don't let this be forgotten because until something changes it will continue to happen, though maybe far and few between so that you don't remember the previous fiasco. But I clearly remember the dolphin fiasco in NW Harbor in January of 08. Another incompetent handling of an urgent situation." Apr 10, 10 8:13 AM

It will be a cover up. they will find nothing wrong with this mammal other than having not eaten in almost a week, battered by the tides, internal organs failing due to the pressure points of being stranded. They will make up something like it had a plastic bag in its stomach which prevented it from eating, etc.... to redeem themselves of their inaction. Even if they do find a legitimate reason for the whales' stranding, I won't believe it. Never. They are not credible now in my opinion. You don't become a fireman if you won't go into a burning house. You don't become a marine mammal "expert" if you won't go to great lengths at any cost to save what you have signed up for allegedly saving in your career." Apr 10, 10 8:49 AM

You are absolutely right and my point from the beginning of this tragedy. Whether it drowned, beached itself or swam out to join the pod offshore, there would have been an attempt. You shouldn't be a rescue foundation if you don't even try. To garner support for your organization you have to do more than observe, take notes and assume the outcome." Apr 10, 10 9:10 AM

There was no evidence it was abandoned. There was an adult swimming offshore within the range of the location for the 1.5 hours I was there the first day that could have possibly been the mother. Drowning would have been the option and would have occurred much more swiftly and effectively rather than struggling for 85 hours (or longer if they hadn't ended its life) Nature isn't always kind. But to let "nature take its course" doesn't apply. As I have commented earlier: there are enough human caused casualties for these mammals that we should at least meet them halfway and try to help." Apr 10, 10 10:45 AM

Dart used to try to kill whale in East Hampton is still missing

Charles Bowman should have made it clear from the start that they were not in charge instead of handing out pamphlets on the Riverhead Foundation when they arrived on scene. Talk about misleading the public in many ways..." Apr 11, 10 7:35 AM

This is a great example. Much smaller whale, different tides, yes ~ but camaraderie and community worked together. We would have just needed some (very accessible) machinery and/or perhaps two or three fishing vessel to help us. " Apr 11, 10 8:01 AM

What they need to do is have a press conference, admit nothing was wrong with the young whale, admit that the wrong actions were taken ( none) and redeem themselves into promising that should this rare occurrence ever happen again on our shores that they will do everything possible to have a much better outcome. This was a case of the whale stranding in the wrong neighborhood. Perhaps if it had happened off the coast of MA or ME there would be far less red tape and misinformation given to the public and people would have acted sooner and burst through the police barriers." Apr 11, 10 8:49 AM

Whale killed with bullet; experts defend how beaching was handled

The $, the manpower, the equipment was availale.
Science isn't exact. A common group of like-minded people could have come with a very creative way to right this situation.
This whale DID die, almost 84 hours later with the entire community watching.
Knowing someting about the tides and marine mammal behavior, particularly the timing ( after heavy storms and the sand bars and tidal pools were alplenty) this whale could have VERY possibly become disoriented in shallow water stuck behind sand bars and open, deep water. Why rule out the POSSIBILITY? The dophins in NW Creek could have been helped assisted as well. Like I said - nature taking it's course doesn't apply in our world any longer. We cause the demise of too many of these marine mammals to not help when we can. This was not a giant - an adult. It could have been managed. You garner support for your organizations and foundations when you TRY. There are many opinions and not all are correct." Apr 12, 10 10:24 AM

Taken from the Whale Center of New England website: "Baleen whales are less social than toothed whales and are generally found by themselves or in very small groups. They are unlikely to follow or assist another animal (except in the case of a mother with her calf); therefore, they do not strand together. Most often baleen whales that beach are already seriously injured or sick and returning them to sea would only lead to re-stranding. Occasionally, healthy baleen whales, most often young, inexperienced individuals, will venture too close to shore and become beached. In these cases, quickly pushing or guiding the animal back out to sea could save it"" Apr 12, 10 10:50 AM

Beached whale in East Hampton put down; euthanization dart missing on Main Beach

If we turn our backs on things like this that you deem worthless to opine about while there are thousands of tragedies happening everywhere around the world, it would not add to a growing concern to care for everything living. It really pisses me off when people like to make others who stand for something feel badly about what they are commenting about in that you suggest that it is less important. It all adds to the greater picture. Humans suck. Especially ones that don't stand for anything." Apr 12, 10 6:07 PM

Absolutely true." Apr 12, 10 7:12 PM

Two drop out of East Hampton School Board race and one added

It says nothing about Mr. Tracey's brother being named Principal of John Marshall Elementary School.
The one that has to go is Gualtieri. He is a kid in a candy store here in EH lining his pockets with our tax dollars and hiring incompetents." May 19, 10 8:36 AM

An insider's peek at Sandcastle

This house is the culmination of too much of everything. When is the space going to run out for this company to build such exhorbitant and wasteful residences that are basically spread out skyscrapers in a sense. Just pitiful and actually laughable. All the money in the world would not motivate me to build such a thing. Shameful." May 27, 10 12:26 PM

Mattituck woman will receive six months for DWI fatality involving Hampton Bays teen

Who did this woman know to have gotten as little as a scolding for killing this boy, endangering her own childs life and those simply driving alongside her in traffic? Perhaps had she not killed the boy and hit a deer she would have gotten upwards of 6 years.
How can the law be upheld for anyone else should they God forbid kill someone while driving drunk. What deterrent is there?" Jun 8, 10 8:52 PM

Fallen soldier's remains arrive on the East End

Thank you, Lt. Theinert. Thank you for your courage, your selflessness, your dedication to freedom and sacrifice for America.
And thanks to his parents for raising such a brave young man who stood for something.
God speed." Jun 10, 10 9:13 PM

Great white shark confiscated by federal agents at Star Island Shark Tournament

Shark Tournament: a half-assed reason for a bunch of clowns to go out and waste fuel and catch fish that are crucial to our oceans.
Tag and release is a compromise but these guys aren't as tough as they'd liket to think and are probably afraid of the shark they catch so they have to kill it.
I can hear it now, "No, you take it off the hook!" No you!" "I ain't gonna take it off the hook!"
Isn't there some sort of Shark Tourney Wii game you can stay home and play that doesn't do so much damage?" Jun 25, 10 9:58 PM

Southampton School Board terminates two suspended administrators

Great idea. I think I will write to the Commissioner of Education and alert him as to how Fine and Mondini were allegedly hand-picked by East Hampton Supervisor Gualtieri who also allegedly had an interview as well for employment elsewhere! I wonder when the new EH School Board is going to vote to suspend him like SH did ( rightfully so!) ! What is going on here? Do we have STUPID written across our foreheads? Exorbitant salaries, all this clowning around. Great role models for the kids. I say fire ALL of them. Start fresh with administrators who care about the kids and community first and their pockets and rank second." Jun 25, 10 10:09 PM

Final school bells for two East Hampton principals

FYI: That's a first grade class Mrs. Tarbet is sitting with." Jun 25, 10 10:13 PM

7-Eleven quietly moving into Montauk

Really bad. There goes local business!" Jul 14, 10 10:12 AM

East Hampton Town Board approves wind turbine on Long Lane farm

On the subject of Long Lane and being " green" and bringing EH up to date: with the 90 million dollar school expansion in full swing, why on this earth isn't East Hampton High School going solar? " Jul 19, 10 8:33 AM

In drowning aftermath, residents push for better beach protection

There is nothing ridiculous about requiring a fence or alarm around a pool." Aug 28, 10 7:05 AM

Yes -The Amagansett Beach association has privatized the beachfront and should pay into their association to pay for a crew of full-time lifeguards, or at least as an association post flags at the entrance for their "Own" to determine the swimming conditions for the day." Aug 28, 10 7:19 AM

Bid To Bag Leaf Pickup

Yeah, sure. Bring back the crook McGuilty! I bet he STILL hasn't done wrong in YOUR eyes! If it weren't for him we would not be negotiating leaf pick up." Nov 11, 10 2:27 PM

You are incorrect. What do you suppose happen to the donated buildings for the new Town Hall? Scrap them and give the wood to the needy?
Some people, like you, just can't accept that McGuilty ran us into the ground. If he were to run again you'd probably vote for him. If it wasn't Wilkinson the more efficient Town Board moving into these buildings it would have been MCGuilty. But I guess you wouldn't have had a problem with the fact that CPF monies would have been used to purchase curtains and furniture." Nov 11, 10 2:30 PM

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