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Southampton Town residents express opinions on leaf pick-up program

You say that Gregor's ideas will bring illegal dumping, look around it can't get much worse then it is now. You also say pick up the leaves, fill the pot holes, which one is it if they're picking up the leaves they're not filling pot holes vice versa. Do away with the leaf program and the highway dept can do there job maintaining roads not lawns." Apr 5, 10 7:20 PM

Hazmat team conducts drill at Hampton Bays Elementary after minor incident

When this article was originally posted last week it said southampton town fire marshals ran a haz-mat drill, then on tuesday it was changed to hampton bays fire dept, who doesn't even operate a haz-mat team. Why is. It that after reader criticism blame was diverted to the FD only to be retracted today? Why was the article changed in the first place. " Sep 2, 10 10:30 PM