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New Affordable Homes In Southampton Village Near Completion

Homes are being sold for $306,000 with a $50,000 grant from the Town.
$256,000 for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in the Village is very affordable.
Please feel free to go to the Town of Southampton Housing Authority Facebook page. The homes are beautiful.
" Aug 4, 15 2:20 PM

Just the beginning. More will be built. Unfortunately, the community needs to see an example to be sold on the theory that it's possible. " Aug 4, 15 2:33 PM

Suffolk County Average Medium Income, he would still be labeled low income at $71,000.
If he has a family, it's even more within his favor.

" Aug 5, 15 10:55 AM

Sorry Average Median Income. AMI." Aug 5, 15 10:58 AM

First, it's not subsidized housing, nor were tax payers funds used in any way. The down payment grants were from the affordable housing opportunity bank, which consist of funds used from construction of subdivisions within Southampton Town. State code requires that these subdivisions developers allocate a percentage towards to workforce housing.
Second, these three candidates are far from lazy. Each have a career and represent the core of our community, the blue collar workings that are forced out of our communities because of the rising cost of home prices. " Aug 18, 15 10:17 AM

Sorry, but you are misinformed. The Town is not buying these homes. The Housing Authority is building them for home ownership. Creating an opportunity for our community and the feel of pride of home ownership to hard working young individuals.

" Aug 18, 15 10:20 AM

Southampton Town Steps Up Efforts On Workforce Housing

FYI. The Sandy Hollow Project is not a HCV (Section 8) housing program. The rent levels are above the maximum payment standards for Section 8, and the minimum income requirements are above the maximum income guidelines for Section 8. Therefore, even if it were a plan to "bait & switch", by the program guidelines, you can't.
" Oct 8, 15 10:28 AM

I totally agree!!!" Oct 9, 15 11:02 AM

Campaign 'Speed Dating' A Success In Southampton

This non-partisan event was open to the public to allow all 4 candidates for Southampton Town Council and the two candidates for Supervisor to be heard and questioned.

Pretty successful event." Oct 23, 15 12:31 PM

Southampton Town Steps Up Efforts On Workforce Housing

Who said anything about 60 + units?
This project will not be 60 units. " Oct 29, 15 2:38 PM

68 Units was a prior plan in 2012 by another developer. There will be an informational gathering soon to discuss the project. If any are interested in attending, email the Housing Authority to add your name to the invitation list. Too much misinformation being shared.
info@southamptonHA.org" Oct 30, 15 11:22 AM

Southampton Town Board Split On Future Of Planned Development Districts

That is a little disingenuous. As a matter of fact, The Housing Authority postponed it's work session with the Town to gather more information and engage the community in discussion, which has led to our Dec. 2 meeting. No one is rushing anything, there's no Town Resolution to elect to consider, the project hasn't even been heard by the town board. Please do not promote a conspiracy where it doesn't exist. " Nov 19, 15 4:43 PM

As stated prior, the Speonk project is not a PDD. The Housing Authority has been responsive to community discussion, and continues to be. It's not a large project, and I just ask that no conclusions be made until our meeting." Nov 20, 15 1:40 PM

Southampton Town Housing Authority Seeking Purchase Of Riverside Property

actually 4.4 acres and this article is not about Sandy Hollow or Speonk.
It's about using CDBG Funds (appropriately) for acquiring blighted sites in Riverside. It's about building much needed single family affordable homes. Are you against this too?" Apr 25, 16 4:44 PM

I Absolutely agree!" Apr 25, 16 4:55 PM

Don't forget the County has to approve too.
Town and County approval, I would say that is oversight.
" Apr 26, 16 12:30 PM

"Appropriate" in that the CDBG program allows for land acquisitions for affordable housing, and encourages it in cases of blight redemption.
" Apr 26, 16 2:01 PM

Former Southampton Village Trustee Still Owes Money For Health Benefits

An administrative oversight by the Village of Southampton in no way effects Ms. Cannon's ability to Chair an organization. The Mayor admits the oversight and seems to be compassionate about coming up with a common solution, which I'm sure they will.
Due to erroneous complaints and malicious accusations in attempts to stop development, the Housing Authority has been vetted, inspected, audited, reviewed from every level of government agency oversight, and NO MATIERAL FINDINGS or ADMINISTRATIVE DEFICIENCIES.

" Aug 26, 16 1:22 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Takes To Facebook In Affordable Housing Search

Let's stick to the fact:
Sandy Hollow nor Speonk are Section 8 Housing. The TSHA has developed, build, and sold 7 single family homes in Flanders, 3 in Southampton Village, 2 in East Quogue, and 1 in Hampton Bays all for first time affordable home ownership. It owns and operates an affordable senior complex, purchasing blight sites to develop for home ownership, and renovated a single family rental home. Now, the TSHA can potentially bring 78 units of affordable rental apartments into Southampton Township east and west of the canal. Sorry, but the TSHA represents the single most successful agent for the creation of affordable housing in Southamptons history. Initiatives like this should be supported not blocked, faught, or sabotaged. " Aug 27, 16 10:00 AM

Sorry Bird... Please support your response. How are you paying for any Affordable units built to date? The Town of Southampton has funded no development or project, and has not been asked to fund any proposed development. Each home was built from private funding that the TSHA (who is not a department of the Town of Southampton) received on its own. Homeowners pay taxes on each parcel. The subsidy you speak of is the equity not realized because the homes are sold below market value or grants received by the county for first time homebuyers.
The developments proposed involve tax credit funding (a program created under President Ronald Reagans administration) made up of mostly banks which allow the private section to invest in community growth without burdening local tax payers.

Chief1.. There is a Law called Fair Housing. Focusing all affordable housing in one geographical location is called redlining. Municipalities that do not spread its affordable housing throughout its villages and hamlets are in violation of not supporting the furtherance of affordable housing and can be sanctioned and fined. Some advocate agencies have made it their mission to even sue municipalities that have chronically violated the furtherance of fair housing, successfully winning millions. Wouldn't that be more of a tax burden?
90% of the community do not understand the process or programs, but more and more are coming around.
I Encourage all that seek facts or more information, feel free to email questions to: info@southamptonha.org" Aug 27, 16 12:15 PM

The issue is not enforcement, the issue is that there is a provision in the 10% affordable requirement that allows developers an exemption from the rule by simply reducing the number of units. Therefore, its obvious for a developer to ask for the max, and budget the appropriate reduction in their proposal in order to not require building affordable units or payment in lieu.
Second, all the examples for alternatives lack a very important tool. How is it funded and keeping it affordable while being sensitive to the environment, energy efficiency, and community appeal? How do you ensure proper oversight? The accessory apartment plan, which I support, has not even been determined where the funding will come from.
Tax Credit financing is not "profit margin" financing, its actually a sustainable funding model designed to keep rents low, not developers rich. Any profit from the development is actually limited and regulated by the program oversight, therefore, the developer does not make its own margin. This explains why more developers are not doing it.
FYI, the TSHA is the only agency that's suggested and has executed the alternative use of CDBG grants to fund the acquisition of blighted, abandoned parcels. The model began with Riverside in the hopes that it is a successful solution that can be mirrored in other townships.
" Aug 28, 16 10:23 AM

Chief1... Curtis background in Mortgage and finance. 10 years chair of the ARB for Southampton Village. Prior commissioner of the TSHA. Ordained Deacon and man of God in the Baptist Faith. Last two years working on a masters in community develepment and Non-profit leaderships.
Bonnie, commissioner of the Housing Authority since its creation. Former trustee for the village of Southampton. As for the medical benefits, village administrative oversight.
Both community advocacies are well documented and a combined 20+ years of municipal volunteerism. " Aug 28, 16 12:29 PM

It's called the 72H program. County of Suffolk parcels that were repossessed by the county to unpaid taxes and allocated to municipalities for developing affordable housing. The TSHA received 17, developed and sold 13, and presently completing the remaining 3 (of the 7 you reference) all in Riverside. The remaining outstanding 4 held by the Town are part of the Riverside Redevelopment. " Aug 29, 16 12:02 PM

I am familiar with the program. Homeowners under 80% AMI, or communities located within a documented low to moderate census tract. Mostly for purchase of a owner occupied home with assessor apartment. Does allow limited cash out on refinance, but requires to be the subordinate lien. 75-85% Loan to Value on refy's for 2 units or greater. 620 minimum FICO and a minimum loan amount of $50-$60 thousand.
This example requires that people refinance their homes, take on a bigger mortgage, for boarder income. Reasonable for young couples just getting established and if the Town allows a relaxed, streamlined permit process. Also requires proposed landlord to retrofit the rental unit under code. " Aug 29, 16 12:54 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Takes To Facebook In Affordable Housing Search

The Town of Southampton's Housing Choice Voucher program is far from a mess. This is not substantiated by opinion, but by audits, reports, reviews, and inspections. It is the most misunderstood program because of a handful of units violating the program standards that are mostly being administered by other agencies. Calling it a mess, garbage, junk (just to name a few adjectives I able to say and not be deleted) is defining the people participate on the program these things. The fact is that there are a number of people throughout Southampton that you would never realize are recipients of Section 8 vouchers and live in clean, safe, sanitary units throughout Southampton.
With that said, there are simply not a mass number of reserved fundable Section 8 vouchers laying around waiting to be unload anywhere. There's no conspiracy to use 41 N. Phillips and to pull the wool over everyone's eyes to unload vouchered applicants.
Someone driving around town or surfing the web looking for a handful of what they would define as "affordable units" is not a reasonable representation of Southampton's affordable housing inventory. Most are either homeownership, seasonal rentals, or places where the condition is not the best portrayal for safe, clean, sustainable living. IF there were such a surplus, why the desperate need demonstrated by the number of residence throughout Southampton, and notably from Westhampton to Eastport, on the waiting list and calling the Housing Authority in need.
It's just this simple, mass reduction in the 41 N Phillips model means it doesn't get built, which is why it has not been built. Trying to hair cut affordable housing results in a substitute for quality, style, energy efficiency, and open green vistas. You end up substandard unattractive structures that are unsustainable. There have been many unsuccessful attempts to recreate the wheel. Similar communities have really invested in creating affordable housing and have had to go through some form of change of zoning. East Hamptons Town demonstrated its support in action, not just words. Their municipality in the face of severe opposition not only approved its affordable housing development's zoning change, but funded the acquisition of the land without asking for a reduction in the number of units. That's commitment to the need and I pray our Town officials follow their footsteps. It's not reasonable (or legal) to say that absolutely no zoning changes ever be allowed. As long as there has been zoning, there's been the right to change it.
FYI.. the 41 N Phillips MF-44 request is only on the rear of the lot, no visual impact from North Phillips, and requires no reliefs, variances, or exceptions, including parking. The front is already zoned Village Business and will remain village business. That means the bulk or the residential units are not seen. MF-44 exist in the current Town code and just so happens to be the zoning on the Hamptons Villa, so its not foreign to Speonk. (which is 4.4 acres, 12 buildings, waster water treatment plant, 2 story)
If 41 North Phillips were vacant, I could better understand the argument in exposing the lot and community to unrealized "density." The fact is that there exist a pre-existing, non-conforming, multi-family footprint on 41 North Phillips with a history of multi-family rental. I know people would like to forget it, but it is the history. ITs this very history that demonstrates the argument for the need of onsite oversight and a management outline. (with screening, background & credit checks, references checked, etc.)
I know my comments will not change the minds and hearts of those that have already come to some conclusion (even before a plan was actually presented), but to those that have heard only one version of the plan, email your questions to info@southamptonha.org.
A website for Speonk Commons will be up and running soon. " Aug 31, 16 6:54 AM

That's the difference, it's not a game. The is a serious concern, and a growing support more and more everyday now that the misinformation is being corrected.
" Aug 31, 16 2:07 PM

Your school data is based on what report? A reputable community planner and consultant reports that 41 North Phillips as proposed, estimates 6 children to Speonk/Remsenburg School.
" Sep 1, 16 7:02 AM

It truly is a shame that East Hampton, a wealthier Town than Southampton, has far more Affordable Complexes, and we have to battle to get the first one built. Even with East Hamptons number of affordable units, it continues developing more, with a supportive municipality in the eye of opposition. No fear of re-election, there was a need, they met it, job well done. Southampton Town board approved Sandy Hollow unanimously (5-0) and each member after being threaten to not be re-elected held their post by far margins.
It's sad that anyone making efforts to change our anemic housing shortage are made into villains by the opposition and extra effort is made to either bully their silence, or attack their character. I was taken back at how people turned against Ms. Carol Konnor's and her Gateway Project in Bridgehampton, finally forcing her to withdraw to avoid the emotion strain. Why is this article newsworthy, because its relevance is immediate. We need to keep speaking about it, reading about it, hearing about it until the silent majority consolidates and let their voices be heard. This is not Queens, and building 5 quality, beautifully designed buildings, surrounded by open manicured green space will never be mistaken for Queens. " Sep 1, 16 7:46 AM

Southampton High School Student To Present Cancer Research In Miami

So very proud of CC, the future Dr. Highsmith!
" Feb 16, 17 4:07 PM

After 95 Years, Silver's Restaurant May Be Changing Out Of Family Hands

Garrett is a good man.

Will be missed.

" Sep 10, 18 10:22 AM

Affordable Housing Lottery Opens For Speonk, Tuckahoe Apartments; Deadline Is July 5

No application can be turned away, that is the law. This does not mean they meet the requirements or qualify. An applicant has to be legally in the US. Screening includes credit and background check, along with references.
THIS IS NOT A SECTION 8 PROJECT, no matter how many times people try to insinuate that it is.
" Jun 19, 19 2:14 PM

I am responding to the individuals who keep saying that the complex is a Section 8 development, which is incorrectly classified. That would make it a HUD subsidized Project Base community. What you are referencing is denying or turning away a person because they have been issued a section 8 voucher, which is illegal and discrimination. I was merely clarifying the difference.
FYI, there are a number of individuals who work at Town Hall, the various schools, and local businesses who have participated on the Housing Housing Choice Voucher Program, and in fact are “working people. “. They may live near you, and you would never know.
$36,000 to $99,000 represents a large portion of our working class.
Again, all applications must be accepted, not all qualify. " Jun 19, 19 9:03 PM

Affordable Housing Lottery Held For Speonk Commons, Sandy Hollow Cove

There is a long term management company who takes care of all maintenance, garbage, lawn, waste water treatment plant, lease, recertifications of tenants annually, and collection rents. 268 applicants in lottery, a number received after deadline which will be added to the waiting list following the 268 applicants.
Most affordable housing developments pay a Payment in Lieu of Tax because they are usually owned under a non-profit, which by nature is tax exempt. Therefore, paying anything is a blessing. " Jul 31, 19 11:05 AM

There is a long term management company who takes care of all maintenance, garbage, lawn, waste water treatment plant, lease, recertifications of tenants annually, and collection rents. 268 applicants in lottery, a number received after deadline which will be added to the waiting list following the 268 applicants.
Most affordable housing developments pay a Payment in Lieu of Tax because they are usually owned under a non-profit, which by nature is tax exempt. Therefore, paying anything is a blessing. " Jul 31, 19 11:05 AM

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