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Celestino Gambino, founder of La Parmigiana, dies at 73

Wonderful man with a wonderful family. Mr. Gambino will be greatly missed." Jul 2, 10 12:28 PM

Possible Reprieve For East Hampton Village Pharmacy

This is indeed a very big loss for the community. Frank and his staff provided the very best service with warmth and compassion...something you will never get at chain drugstores. " Nov 5, 10 9:55 AM

Craig M. Robinson Dies At 53

Craig was one of the kindest men I have had ever had the pleasure meet. He will be greatly missed." Feb 3, 11 11:13 AM

Southampton Town Board Appoints Wilson As Police Chief

This is another example of outrageous behavior by our elected officials who put their own selfish and petty politcall interests above doing what is right and fair. Voters will hopefully remember this at the polls. I know I will." Apr 29, 11 2:46 PM

Absolutely correct, it will cost the taxpayers a lot of money. Yes, big kudos to the Captain. he deserved better than this. " Apr 29, 11 3:07 PM

Well said, Angela!" May 5, 11 11:29 AM

Montauk Senior Voluntarily Cleans 100-Plus Benches In Hamlet

A wonderful story about a wonderful man!" Oct 18, 13 11:45 AM