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Flood waters finally receding: Saga of unstable water table in East Quogue


Shinnecocks casino team visits Brookhaven airport at invitation of town and county officials

Gabreski is perfect, dont even know wtf they are doing in Brookhaven" May 17, 10 9:24 PM

Hamptons Online sues former publisher, seeking millions in damages

1/2 of these comments read like they were written by Rob Florio under 15 fake names but hey, who am I?" May 17, 10 9:29 PM

Levy says he will veto sex offender legislation

$90 a day for being a homeless rapist, thats like 2 times minimum wage. For...being...a...homeless...rapist...

Suffolk County Legislature passed this 14-4? WOW. I have a better place for homeless sex offenders, its called JAIL. Why even bother to vote when you put people in office that think s%^t like this even comes close to making sense.

/boggle " May 17, 10 9:43 PM

Barbituates ruled out in dog poisoning

I know people that get less medical attention than this dog got. No really, a low income family has medical issues and we dont hear about it, a dog slips into a coma and there are 10 paragraphs about it." May 17, 10 9:55 PM

Westhampton Beach Village tables disciplinary hearings again; former police officer blasts mayor, police chief

Local officials and/or local police charged with inappropriate behavior. This is both new and exciting." May 17, 10 10:30 PM

Candidates throw their hats in the ring in Sagaponack Village

I for one had no idea that there was a Sagaponack village" May 17, 10 10:32 PM

Coopers Beach named best in United States; Main Beach ranked fifth

BWAHAHAHAHA! "Idiot youkles out in the poor section of the Hamptons." Those darn poor people ruin EVERYTHING! LOL! CopterBoy, I hope your chopper explodes one day and sends it's prop directly up your a#$.

Poor People-1
CopterBoy- 0" Jun 1, 10 4:09 PM

Vice President Biden visits Southampton over holiday weekend

Bush added $5 trillion dollars to the national debt during his administration, almost doubling it, moron." Jun 1, 10 4:48 PM

New Westhampton Free Library to open June 26

I understand the flood plain arguement, there are some good points in there. As far as it being too big or empty in the winter, they sound like garbage points to me. The benefits of a good library to its surrounding community shouldn't be underestimated." Jun 1, 10 5:05 PM

Vice President Biden visits Southampton over holiday weekend

Bush raised the national debt more than Obama has. FFS how does that not compute? lol" Jun 1, 10 5:18 PM

Forum on proposed Tuckahoe shopping complex planned for June 1

Worst idea ever, it will be an abandoned strip mall within 10 years. That or it will be Key Food in Hampton Bays 2.0. Better yet, does anyone remember when the King Kullen in that Riverhead strip mall looked like a nice place to shop? Yeah, me neither.

You MAYBE could get away with a JC Penny or a Bloomingdales in that location but I doubt there is any more need for a supermarket in the SH Village area. With that being said, a superstore kind of takes away from the quaintness that so many people pay so much for in SH and god only knows how it would affect the already dangerous traffic conditions in that area.

Anyway, it seems like a mixed bag to me with a supermarket being the worst of all choices." Jun 2, 10 2:07 PM

Vice President Biden visits Southampton over holiday weekend

Razza, I dont think anyone is denying that Obama has the pedal to the metal on govenrment spending and if they did argue that fact, they would be foolish. In this thread on 2 seperate occassions (1 deleted post) SJD claimed that Bush hadn't raised the national debt by trillions which is false.

I like a good discussion but either SJD is totally misinformed, he's got his hard right blinders on and cant see anything else or hes a moron. IDK the answer, I'll go with a combination of all 3" Jun 2, 10 4:12 PM

Forum on proposed Tuckahoe shopping complex planned for June 1

You obviously never went to Key Food..." Jun 2, 10 6:46 PM

Shinnecock Nation explores opening tribal college at Stony Brook Southampton site

The amount of bigotry that pops up in the comment section of this paper is staggering. I'd be nice if the SH Press did a story on bigotry in the Hamptons, they wouldn't even have to look far, just look in the comment section of their own website and scroll through any story that has anything to do with any minority group.
" Jun 26, 10 7:29 AM

Connecticut casino employees file 11th-hour challenge to Shinnecock recognition

Great sweeping, generalized or stereotypical about American Indians or any other group, ethnic group or not, usually make you look like a moron. Have a nice day" Jul 17, 10 10:25 AM

comments*" Jul 17, 10 10:26 AM

Vice President Joe Biden vacations in Southampton

lol Birthers" Aug 6, 10 11:06 PM

Meh, I never liked any of the Birther arguements, for the most part they didnt seem to hold water.

I always wondered why more was made of Obama's citizenship than McCain's in 08'. If you read enough about Obama's birth it forms a pretty clear trail to him being a legit citizen. McCain was clearly born in PANAMA.

Dont get it twisted, I was a big fan of McCain in 2000, when he was still maverick-ish. The Birther issue seems like it's more about blindly sticking to party lines than trying to right a wrong. Basically I'm saying that it's nonsense.

Also, lawl Birthers." Aug 10, 10 12:33 AM

Panama is Panama. The U.S. is the U.S. It doesnt say anywhere in the Constitution that "people born in U.S. occupied zones are citizens".

Asfar as polls about how many people believe what, I'd imagine that a large number of people believe that aliens actually crashed in Rozwell, that Global Warming is a myth and that the Theory of Evolution is basically the rantings of a madman. People can believe any wild thoughts that they want to and that doesnt mean that I'm swayed by it, lol.

So lets get back to facts. "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States ". The fact that McCain was born in Panama and not in the U.S. and was ALMOST the President is a much more interesting discussion than the one about Obama's birth cert not to mention that McCain, as per the Constitution, isn't a U.S. citizen by birth. " Aug 11, 10 11:03 AM

U.S. Code =/= Constitution

Legislation, Regualtions and Codes come and go. The Constitution stays. Is Title 8 of the U.S. Code in contradiction to the Constitution in regards to eligibility to the presidency? I don't know.

What I can tell you that it's a far more interesting conversation than "show me your birth certificate or you're an illegal!" The Supreme Court had the option to hear the case about Obama's birth and threw it out. In other words, it had no legal grounds and was a waste of their time.

But dont left the facts detract you from what you were saying. Where were you again? Oh yes, you were defending Birthers (lol) and the rest of the intelligent, non-Birther, rational section of the readers of this column (that's 99% of us) were watching you, laughing.

Carry on!" Aug 11, 10 5:39 PM

I feel dirty and somehow dumber for discussing the rights and wrongs of the Birther points of view ~shudders~" Aug 11, 10 5:40 PM

Tea Party Meet the Candidates Night

I miss the old school Republicans. The Ronald Reagan President, Bob Dole Senate Majority/Minority Leader Republicans.

I'd classify myself as a moderate independent voter. I lean liberal on some issues and conservative on others.I care less about party lines than I do about "which party is best fit to solve the problems at hand".

Here's the problem with the Tea Party, the Birthers, the Rush Limbaugh's and the Glenn Beck's of the GOP/conservative faction. They scare me away. Add Michael Steele to that also.

Do I like small government? Hell yes. Do I like conservative government spending? You betcha. What's the big problem with the GOP right now, in my eyes? They are off message.

Until the Tea Party is willing to come more towards the center, there is no reason for me not to be fearful of them as an independant voter. Far left is no better than far right in my eyes. Since both the Dems and GOP have their respective base 40% or so of the voting percent of the population sewn up an given year, the remaining 20% or so independant voting populace becomes more critical.

The Tea Party seems more like a gesture to solidify the base than a gesture to reach out to the moderate voters, like myself. Solidifying the base only gets you 40% of the votes, what happens next?" Aug 13, 10 3:27 AM

Air Force Two damages another plane while departing Gabreski


get it?

=(" Aug 13, 10 3:31 AM

Debate over Jewish religious boundary begins to heat up

"Rabbi Schneier ... who is Jewish" lol" Sep 30, 10 11:35 PM

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