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President signs historic health care legislation into law with Bishop's support

Personally, I was more proud than I have ever been of my representative this weekend. Congressman Bishop's courage to stand up and act for what he believed was best for his constituents is truly admirable.

As ever, he has earned my full support and will most definitely be receiving my vote come November. " Mar 23, 10 8:35 PM

Health care reform bill gets mixed reviews on East End

curious you are, young padawan" Mar 31, 10 8:12 PM

Southampton School Board suspends high school principal and assistant principal, who are then hired by East Hampton

Believe me, goldenrod. Mr. Fine as a principal only showed interest in himself and his own aspirations within his career, as a former student I can say this with experience of being in his presence." May 19, 10 5:58 PM

The fact of the matter is that these are people that were well trusted by the entire Southampton community - Students, Parents, and families who are looking to eventually enter into SHS. The statement that there is nothing "wrong" with what they did is completely false. When you have the responsibility of overseeing an entire school of 500+ students, and serve as a role model, better form should be executed. I completely agree with the board's decision. I have questioned their decision to hire Fine from the start, his performance over the past eighteen months sucked, for lack of a better word. I say this as an alumnus of the class of '09. Thank god we have someone like Dr. Dyno (Who was the principal for THREE years, not two) to come and pick up the pieces of this awful showcase of disloyalty." May 19, 10 6:07 PM

I'm pretty sure the needs of the students will be met in a far more efficient and caring manner under the watch of Dr. Dyno and Mr. Barker. To abandon an entire school of trusting students and faculty - not to mention a trusting community - is wrong. As I've said before, in a position like principal or assistant principal of a public school, where the PUBLIC is depending on these people (who are paid with the public's dollar), actions such as these cannot be justified. Superintendent Boyes and the board made the right decision in doing away with these two. Good riddance. " May 22, 10 12:03 AM

Southampton Post Office's au naturel lawn turns heads

who cares about the lawn?? what a waste of time and money. How about discussing the terrible planning of the parking lot? it's a nightmare just to get in and get out of the post office, let alone to look at the unsightly lawn. Fix the traffic problem first, then work on making everything pretty. " Jun 5, 10 6:20 PM

Counter Protest By Immigrant Laborers Held At Southampton 7-Eleven

So proud of these men and women, who had the courage to speak up against the hate that these two men promote here in our beautiful village. " May 7, 12 4:24 PM

Pre-Dawn Raids In Hampton Bays Prompt Complaints

The nature of the views seen here in this forum is the true "Un-American" tragedy today. Where is your empathy? The majority of the occupants found - and most likely terrified - by these raids were children. Whether they were documented or not, these children remain innocent. Law enforcement should continue to perform these inspections for their safety, however raiding these residences before 7 am is unfair." Jun 10, 12 12:32 PM

Shinnecocks Protest New Development At Sugar Loaf

not really" Apr 18, 13 10:38 PM

It is heartbreaking to see cultural heritage completely ignored in favor of further development. If this is a historic burial ground, it should be considered a treasure for our community as a whole. The historic value of these lands, once destroyed, will be lost forever. The east end should not be valued simply for its beautiful scenery, but also for the abundance of history that is rooted within our lands. Native or not, these sites should be important to us all. Until people begin to realize the irreplaceable nature of cultural heritage sites in Southampton, they will continue to be destroyed, making way for non-locals to develop the land..." Apr 18, 13 10:47 PM

Remembering Vivian Walsh, The Original Merry Maker

Heartbreaking news...Rest in Peace to a man who brought so much joy to this world. " Mar 28, 14 10:45 AM

UPDATE: Neil S. Fyfe Had Just Finished First Day As Caddie At Sebonack Golf Club When Killed

really living up to the name there, Crankypants" May 3, 14 9:20 AM

Chris Pike Of Water Mill Drafted By Tampa Bay Rays

Congrats, Chris! We all knew you would make it someday!" Jun 8, 14 11:17 PM

Prom Helps Push Southampton Center Closer To Community Hub Goal

Such a wonderful idea. Great job, girls!" May 1, 15 8:59 AM

Peter Marino Announces Purchase Of Former Rogers Memorial Library Building And Intent To Open Museum There

Thank you, Mr. Marino! This will be wonderful for our community. " Jul 28, 18 6:11 PM