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University Council supports cuts made to Stony Brook Southampton

And it couldn't possibly be the fault of Shirley Strum Kenney, who pushed this all through without any foresight as to how it would be paid for? And who literally pilfered Flower Fields which is now going to cost the state an EXTRA $100,000,000 PLUS 5 years interest... right?" Oct 4, 10 10:14 PM

Throne-Holst: No layoffs in 2011 tentative budget

This is meant to be informative - not argumentative. The state issued a new retirement incentive plan, which many municipalities picked up (Southampton Town being one of them) without getting into the minutia, it lets many people retire before they would normally be eligible without any penalties. So if someone only has 25 years in (but they are 55) they can retire as if they had 30 years in... this isn't a situation where people are really being forced, an incentive was created to get them to leave. " Oct 4, 10 10:17 PM

University Council supports cuts made to Stony Brook Southampton


Where is the endowment money coming from for it to be it's own institution? You need an endowment to run a college - especially a state university with such low tuition rates. " Oct 4, 10 11:44 PM

Throne-Holst: No layoffs in 2011 tentative budget

What are you basing that on? ....facts?" Oct 5, 10 12:18 PM

While your point is well taken - please understand that there are reasons for some of these raises and new positions. For example, a Grants Coordinator (something every town should have) will pay for itself many many times over with all of the money they bring in for Town projects. " Oct 7, 10 9:21 AM

University Council supports cuts made to Stony Brook Southampton

Get your facts straight - the monies for SBS were obtained under Shirley Strum Kenney. Stanley simply took it over, was told by the Guv to cut $55 million, then was slapped with a $100+ million bill for the Flowerfields property that Shirley stole." Oct 7, 10 9:46 PM

It sure is. And I stand by it - but that was BEFORE I was aware of the extra $100 million that SUNY now has to pony up. I'm with the students and against the administration and would prefer for the college to stay (it's a great asset), BUT Shirley Strum Kenney was the architect of this disaster. The current Prez just happened to be the one forced to make the decision. I don't understand how that quote is in conflict with what I am saying." Oct 8, 10 11:37 AM

Note that I sid before I was *aware* of it - not before it happend. I also did not state that SBS was a disaster - I stated that the current situation has been a disaster. By your logic, Obama is to blame for the recession and the war in Iraq? He certainly has a responsibility to clean up those situations, and every decision he makes is important and sould be scrutinized, but it was not his creation and the same goes for SBS. Shirley Strum wanted to take over New York with Stony Brook and leave her legacy as far and wide as possible - regardless of how practicle her decisions were. While the campus was growing, SBU had to cut $$$ from somewhere and SBS was a sound choice to those who were in charge of making the cut." Oct 12, 10 11:11 AM

Rechlers still have not made decision on whether to demolish Canoe Place Inn

I want it demolished. Does that balance things out?" Oct 12, 10 11:13 AM

Throne-Holst: No layoffs in 2011 tentative budget

Would he step down if he wasn't given the raise? Not likely (and if he did, it would benefit the town for a variety of reasons). In hard economic times, those at the top need to make a sacrifice. He is not in a union and has no guarentees - he is an appointed official. Sure, the raise doesn't amount to much, but multiply it by the other dept. heads that are getting raises and year after year it adds up. The Town could dump him and hire someone new for whatever amount they want (but even $85,000 would be a big savings)" Oct 12, 10 11:16 AM

The Fate of the Canoe Place Inn still hangs in the balance

If they want to cut their losses they'll sell.. not bulldoze and build more restaurants.

I'm with Jeffscan, call their bluff. Without a PDD, it makes no economical sense as they only as-of-right is a restaurant (any condos would need special exception from Town Board which is not guarenteed).

" Oct 21, 10 2:30 PM

Code Enforcement Closes Rumba's Overflow Parking Lot

Residentially zoned parcels cannot be used for commercial purposes unless there is a pre-existing, non-conforming use on the books. It's pretty black and white. People that live on that road should not be subjected to seeing 20 cars parked on their neighbors lawn.

Additionally, there is a code for keeping your front yard well kept - all of that parking certainly would be a violation of that. " Oct 29, 10 9:33 AM

Riverside Man Dies Hours After Being Shot Outside Hampton Bays Nightclub

I thought it was the SH Presses policy to not allow comments on crimes unless they involve celebs or politicians??

Also, please fix: The 1995 movie “Dead Presidents” tells is about group of Vietnam veterans who dress in all black clothing with white face makeup while robbing banks." Oct 29, 10 2:16 PM

Code Enforcement Closes Rumba's Overflow Parking Lot

The owners of Rumba knew how much parking was available and what your capacity was - if they needed more parking they should have started using a valet service from the start or gotten permission from another commercial site (unfortunately there aren't any too close to choose from).

The Town is not inhibiting them from running a successful business, they're enforcing basic laws. If I lived next to Rumba it certainly would affect my quality of life to look outside and see 20 cars on my neighbors lawn every night. If the Town makes an exception for Rumba it opens the door for every restaurant/bar/nightclub etc. in the Town to do the same - is that what you want? Front yards strewn with cars? Maybe if the Rechlers get their condos @ the Tide Runners site they won't even need on-site parking, there are a bunch of houses whose lawns can be utilized." Oct 29, 10 2:53 PM

A little confused as to why you are calling a fellow man Dear on a comment board, but that's beside the point.

Chapter 330-77:
A. Accessory off-street parking areas shall not be located in a required front yard or side yard and shall be not less than 10 feet from any property line in a required rear yard.

Chapter 330-97:
C. A dwelling unit shall not have more than one vehicle for each conventional bedroom, plus one additional vehicle parked on the property at night, nor shall vehicles be parked on the street in violation of applicable parking regulations. The exemption provided for in § 330-100A of this chapter shall not apply to this provision.

Additionally, consult Chapter 330-99 which indicates that Site Plan approval from the Planning Board would be needed for new parking areas

" Oct 29, 10 3:24 PM

Possible Reprieve For East Hampton Village Pharmacy

You're right, we should just let people building things that aren't up to code... I mean, they codes only exist for safety reasons....

And further, you know for a fact that "construction delays" = code enforcement and harassment by the Town? Perhaps there just wasn't enough business" Nov 4, 10 7:58 PM

Anyone who has the power to write a ticket for a code violation can get a badge.

As for the gun..." Nov 5, 10 3:17 PM

It's sad that people will lose their jobs - but it's a free market which of course makes America great. The "chain" companies that have moved in and 'ruined' our villages are not to blame. They play by the same free market rules and there are enough people to support them and their businesses, but they are not immune. Starbucks in Southampton closed because it didn't make any money - if there were no market for Tiffany and Ralph Lauren then they would go out of business. Yes, most of their support comes from summer-time residents but they make our economy go, how many of your jobs depend on summer visitors in one way or another? You can't have your cake and eat it too." Nov 5, 10 3:23 PM

Highway Dept. Floats Ideas To Fix Troublesome Water Mill Intersection


"A real roundabout would cost 4X signals" - can you back that up? Or is it an assumption pulled from the air?

The roundabout would have mountable curbs ala the one on Scuttle Hole Rd. which allows for larger vehicles to easily traverse it

Emininet Domain is the absolute last resort - based on the depictions, no land would need to be taken as the proposals don't encroach on the tax lots. However, if land needed to be acquired, the first step is the Town approaching the property owner and offering them $$ for the area of land they need. If the property owner refuses to sell, or wants more $$, the eminent domain process takes place. The Town doesn't just go and take people's land by stiffarming them with the law" Nov 10, 10 9:29 AM

Southampton Town Department Heads Raise Issues With Preliminary 2011 Budget

What "duplication of services" do they have in Land Management? I'd love to know" Nov 13, 10 5:10 PM

That's not a duplication of service... that's a service you feel could be done by the private sector. While that may be true, civil service law prevents the town from laying off their electrical inspectors and farming it out to private consultants due to past practice. A duplication of service (in my opinion) means two people are doing the same job (or two departments are doing the same duties)" Nov 15, 10 9:40 AM

The reason is because they would be sued by Civil Service" Nov 15, 10 3:47 PM

Southampton Town Board's Majority Remains Mum On Budget Changes


Do you voice this opinion to ATH in letters? Do you go to Town Board Meetings and state your case? Have you written other elected officials in the Town, County and State to express your concern over the "overpaid" STPD? I'm not suggesting you aren't, I'm asking a legitimate question.

Your rhetoric is getting unbelievably tiring and I would imagine if you have such a good case, and you are voicing your opinion through every possibly channel - that something would change. " Nov 18, 10 1:09 PM

Kabot Says District Attorney Should Be Ashamed

I thought the same thing. And it's not a small difference - if the defendant is saying the DA should be ashamed of themselves she's really hurting her case. If her attorney is doing it, well, he is just being an attorney. Furthermore, the quote is that her lawyer was reffering to the Assistant District Attorney, not the District Attorney. Thanks for misleading me 27east!" Nov 18, 10 3:49 PM

Southampton Town Board's Majority Remains Mum On Budget Changes

HH, if Terry knows who you are, you're doing an awful job of remaining annonymous to those evil police who are out to get the residents of the town, being as Terry is retired STPD" Nov 18, 10 3:51 PM

STPD. Former Convservation Board Member and his family works in other capacities for the Town." Nov 19, 10 9:12 AM

"taxing at these difficult times is unconscionable"

Taxes are proposed to increase by 2.4%. That amounts to what, $50/house on average? I don't understand why the general public gets so upset when the local town raises taxes for services it provides that amount to a few hundred dollars a year, when every year residents vote in droves to approve increased spending by the schools. That is where your taxes are going - and EVERY year people vote for them. I'm not saying I enjoy paying taxes to the Town or that I agree with increases, but let's be reasonable. What hurts our wallets is not the Town tax, it's the obscene school taxes.

As for selling property - can you say what parcels you are speaking of in particular? There are very few properties that can be legally sold (because they weren't obtained through clustered subdivisions or as open space). And if the Town bought them or obtained them when the economy is humming - don't sell now when it's in the tank. Get your money's worth " Nov 19, 10 9:17 AM

New Southampton Town Leaf Cleanup Program Will Launch On Monday

What do you do with your leaves if you have a flag lot...?" Nov 19, 10 9:22 AM

Southampton Town Department Heads Raise Issues With Preliminary 2011 Budget

I believe the past practice is that the Town has utilized civil servants for electrical inspections. If they up and eliminate the department and hire outside contracts, they will be sued. Now, who will win the lawsuit is probably anyone's guess and in typical government fashion there would likely be every appeal possible. It's not in the Town's best interest to lay off the THREE (3!) people who do electrical inspections for the entire town AND the villages (through an agreement with the villages who pay the Town). " Nov 19, 10 12:00 PM

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