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Mill Pond fish kill not caused by runoff; coincidence and longer term problems blamed

How were any of them dumb questions?" Aug 26, 10 9:04 AM

Community activist from Northampton announces plan to run for Southampton Town Board

Your evidence for him being Indonesian is....?" Aug 26, 10 9:14 AM

Hampton Bays civic leaders make their own redevelopment pitch

The only viable proposal is the condos + CPI restoration + preserving hampton bays land but ONLY if the land were preserved through purchasing Pine Barrens Credits for Pine Barrens parcels in Hampton Bays and at roughly $90,000/credit for essentially 40 credits (1 for each condo) that = $3,600,000 a stiff fee to build condos but not completely absurd.

What the Town needs to do is call their bluff and let them do what they want with CPI. Their only commercial as-of-right that does NOT require a change of zone or a special use permit or special exemption is restraurant and take-out restruant. Neither of those are likely to be financially viable at that site which means they'll end up selling.

Don't give them their 40 condos - or 20 condos - or 10 condos or whatever it is. Hampton Bays does not need increased density along their water ways and it is in direct contravention with multiple sections of Town Code." Aug 26, 10 11:30 AM

They are proposing a Sewage Treatment Plant in conjunction with the condos. " Aug 26, 10 8:44 PM

Yes, I'm sure. Check for yourself here:


They bought the property hoping they could get a PDD, or a Special Exemption which is where the big money lies. Both of those options would allow for condos and those types of things are granted frequently. However, the Town Board want's to preserve CPI because that's what the residents want (apparently) so if they are so concerned about saving it, then don't give them special exemptions or PDDs. Both can be denied without reason and the Town cannot be sued - so they would be left with the club which isn't profitable, or a restaurant and they already have two of those on the Tide Runner's site that apparently aren't bringing in the income they want.

" Aug 26, 10 8:53 PM

Based on what facts? Yes, if the Town grants them a Change of Zone, or a Special Exemption, they have a lot of possible uses. The table above clearly indicates what commercial uses are Permitted in RWB - and the only two true commercial uses are Restaurant and Restaurant Take-out. If you disagree, please give me some facts." Aug 26, 10 9:37 PM

Any STP would have to be approved by the Suffolk County Dept. of Health Services and would be subject to monthly inspections to ensure the facility is operating within the safe guidelines for sewage treatment. " Aug 26, 10 9:39 PM

You can SEE the water from it.... that's really that hard to comprehend?" Aug 26, 10 11:22 PM

Denisty is irrelevant? Tell that to the overcrowded schools, understaffed police/EMT/Fire, unblanaced tax inputs/outputs, environmental stresses placed on our bays, increased draw on our freshwater aquifers, decrease in air quality, increase in traffic congestion, etc. etc.

What a completely asanine statement. " Aug 27, 10 9:12 AM

Sorry - should have been more clear. You can SEE the water from ACROSS the street.

The purpose of RWB zoning is to have a zoning district that allows uses that are associated with the water. Marinas, Restaurants, Musuems, Yacht Clubs, Hotels and Resorts. These uses bring in tourists dollars and are much better uses of waterfront and very near waterfront properties than private homes." Aug 27, 10 9:16 AM

'Affordable' has a new look

Where does it say they can sell for a huge profit? Since the homes are leased from the land, the value of the home doesn't go up a whole lot.

"If they choose to sell the house in the future, they can recoup the cost of the construction and that of any additions or improvements plus appreciation equal to the rate of inflation"

" Aug 27, 10 9:25 AM

Hampton Bays civic leaders make their own redevelopment pitch

"They can not build condos then ignore the Inn. Also, these restraints would pass on to any subsequent owners."

Just to back up that claim - it's a requirement of the PDD under the avenue of "Public Benefits" so they would be legally obligated to do it and the Town, theoretically, could get a bond to ensure it is done." Aug 27, 10 11:09 AM

Beach erosion study delayed again

I don't dispute that pumping freshwater for human consumption can result in salt water intrusion - but that has nothing to do with erosion of our ocean shorelines. Sand moves from east to west via littoral drift. Man-made structures such as groins, jetties and inlets disrupt this flow (and to a smaller extent, dredging activities and sand renourishment projects). You offer no explination as to how "salt water intrusion" is stripping away sand from the ocean beaches." Aug 27, 10 2:27 PM

Controversial Montauk 7-Eleven to open on Wednesday

retail use --> retail use = no site plan review. The gas station had a CO for a convenience store and 7-11 is a convenience store.

The Town, I'm sure, has no regulations on hours of operation for convenience stores, because by their nature, they are convenient (especially to fisherman at 3 AM)" Aug 27, 10 10:34 PM

Beach erosion study delayed again

For the last few decades (at least) no one has been allowed to build forward or ontop of the primary dune. There is a law in Southampton Town and NYS that states you can't build within a certain # of feet from the crest of the duneline.

There is one notable exception to this: those two big ugly derlict houses just West of Tiana, where the primary dune was bulldozed to construct the houses (somehow the courts sided in their favor). A storm before construction was finished and promptly eroded any and all remaining sands away and the houses have never been occupied - which is why houses aren't allowed to be built in those places. " Aug 30, 10 9:45 AM

Again, not arguing that point. I'm arguing that the water doesn't have an effect on erosion. You have yet to explain how these dynamics would effect littoral drift. " Aug 30, 10 9:47 AM

"The beaches do belong to everyone, except where they have been sold to private individuals. Such as the beach in front of the Atlantic Bathing Corporation in Southampton"

ICE, virtually all of the beaches in the Town of Southampton are privately owned (except for explicit public beaches of course). Every mansion you see owns the sand going down to the water. The Dongan Patent allows for the public to use this beach via an easement that the Trustees hold. In Southampton Town no one can kick you off the beach seaward of the primary dune." Aug 30, 10 9:50 AM

Dongan Patent grants the right for the residents of the Town of Southampton to access all waterways, the ocean being one of them. Ipso Facto, it allows for the Trustees to obtain and hold the easement in the interest of the residents of SH Town.

And where is your proof that an easement does not apply in front of the Atlantic Beach Club? I'm sure a lot of land was in private possession before the patent, but it doesn't forbid the residents of the town from accessing the water. " Aug 30, 10 4:19 PM

If what you were saying is true, every vehicle that traverses this stretch would be tresspassing and there would be signs warning of such. " Aug 30, 10 4:20 PM

Judge rules that cuts to Stony Brook Southampton violate state law

Well I'll be d*mned. Congrats to the students and those who fought - I'm the first to admit I was wrong. Now I'm really glad they didn't use CPF money to buy the campus!" Aug 30, 10 9:29 PM

Beach erosion study delayed again

I know them both well. The Trustees have an easement over every single parcel in the Town of Southampton (villages included) between the foot of the primary dune and the mean high water mark. This easement is what allows people to drive from along the beach from Town Line Rd. to Cupsogue Beach.

The Dongan Patent provides legal access to the water for all residences, which enabled the creation of the easement the Trustees hold over the beach. As I previously stated, anyone can drive across the beach at the Atlantic Beach Club (during the appropriate hours with a Village and Trustees pass). You can also go swimming or setup a towel at this beach and cannot be removed from it.

As a former employee of the Southampton Town Trustees, I know what I am talking about. Almost every single parcel that is not owned by the Town includes the ocean frontage (look at a tax map), but the owner of that property cannot prevent you from traversing it or from setting up a towel on it because of the easement held by the Trustees.

I'm not stating that the Dongan Patent says there is an easement, but it is the legal precedent that allowed the Trustees to create the easement so the residents of the Town can access every inch of the Ocean. " Aug 30, 10 9:37 PM

Hampton Bays civic leaders make their own redevelopment pitch

You forgot about Riverside... pretty sure that's worse than Hampton Bays.

And you obviously haven't spent a lot of time in Hampton Bays if you are calling it a "dump". It has two of the largest homes in the Town of Southampton (villages excluded) which are both new constructions. These people wouldn't spend their time/money on a home in HB if it were such a dump. " Aug 31, 10 9:19 AM

I'm not seeing how that relates to my point? Town's change zoning on parcels (especially specific zoning like RWB) so that when the property is re-developed it has to be developed in a certain way. So if you sell your house and someone comes and knocks it down - they would have to get a change of zone to put a house back there. " Aug 31, 10 9:21 AM

Where did you get that information?

Any and all Sewage Treatment Plants would need to be approved by the Suffolk County Dept. of Health Services and any and all systems would need to be reviewed under SEQRA (State Environmental Quality Review Act). The Rechler's don't get to put in whatever system they want and any STP that is put into service will have to file monthly reports with the County to insure compliance. " Aug 31, 10 11:07 AM

That's not true at all... the Town Board has to grant the Rechlers the right to build condos through either a zone change (Multi-Family or PDD) or through a Special Exemption.

Open your ears and eyes and don't let the Rechlers and ATH fool you. " Aug 31, 10 10:42 PM

Your figures for school aged children are wrong - using a model that is considered an industry standard created by Rutgers University, attached units generate approximately .20 school aged children/unit (maybe your 1/20th was derived from .20?). So that means there would be approximately 7 school-aged children. Not a huge issue, but not negligible (especially when you consider how many condo conversions there have been in recent years in HB. There was a moratorium on condo conversions for a reason). And even if it is tax positive, it doesn't prevent overcrowding (especially when looked at in conjunction with the rest of the condo projects in HB)

Environmental concerns extend far beyond sewage treatment. There are fertilizers, pollution from vehicles, a likely increase in boat traffic in the canal due to the inevitable slips that will come with these units and it must be considered that this would be a year-round use whereas the Tide Runners is seasonal.

Attached homes CAN generate less traffic, when implemented properly through "TODs" (Transit Oriented Development). When constructed in downtowns or next to mass transit hubs, there is less traffic. This will not be the case for this project as nothing is within (safe) walking distance and frankly, if you are spending 1 million on a condo, you are going to have a car (and a boat).

Design is a MINOR issue. Density is the biggie.

" Aug 31, 10 10:56 PM

Beach erosion study delayed again

You have to factor in sea-level rise when looking at the amount of beach from season to season and yes storms are a big factor that have seemingly increased in size and ferocity.

What you state about looking from the top of the dune out into the ocean that used to be dry land is correct. However, it's not because of erosion so much as it's because of the natural processes of the sea and barrier islands. Barrier islands move landward over time (you can find saltmarsh peat and shells that were buried in the peat on the ocean side after a severe storm. Dunes "roll back" into the bay as the bay "rolls back" onto land. This natural process worked well until Long Island was really built out and its shorelines were stabilized and the wetlands were filled in. Now we have a static dune line and shoreline and any encroachment onto those imaginary boundaries is considered "bad" and "erosion" when its really a natural process. If we weren't here, the barrier islands would still exists, they would just keep moving "landward". It's rather basic coastal geology.
" Aug 31, 10 11:06 PM

After bullets hit house, legal bills start war

One of the rare instances where ICE and I are on the same page... people assume that because a Judge makes a decision it's "right". If that were true, there would be no such thing as an Appeals process. Judges have the ability to make a decision based on fact and their belief of the law but that varies from person to person... it's entirely possible the judge has erred. " Aug 31, 10 11:20 PM

Models show possibility of hurricane impacting East End

Edgewater - it say "impact". It's almost 100% certain it will impact the East End - people will not be out in their boats fishing in the ocean or swimming in the ocean this weekend that's a slam dunk. " Sep 1, 10 9:21 PM

Tuckahoe developer defends plan

Not defending Mr. Morrow but the photographer likely used the lower angle to incorporate the "clock tower" which provides for a better background than a window.

I do find it ironic though that it shows off the Clock Tower which is hands down the most useless tool developers use in shopping centers. The one in HB is particularly ridiculous because you can only see it if you are standing where the photographer is. " Sep 2, 10 10:19 AM

Affordable housing would be a requirement as per the PDD - he can't "not" build it." Sep 2, 10 10:22 AM

The Parrish Art Musuem and the Old Library aren't commercial stores so... not seeing how the relocation of the Musuem has anything to do with this." Sep 2, 10 10:25 AM

Beach erosion study delayed again

Then prove me wrong and show me how the Trustees got an easement over every inch of ocean front from Town Line Rd. to Cupsogue Beach.

Yes, the Trustees have lost quite a few legal battles but there are other factors (like their Town Attorney who doesn't take them seriously and Judges who rarely have an adequeate understanding of environmental laws).

And furthermore, I dind't state that the Dongan Patent set the legal precedent. I said that the Dongan Patent allows for access to the water for all residents of the Town (again, show me the proof that that isn't a factual statement). Having that right, with the Trustees being in charge of ensuring that right, allowed them to gain the easement. You are spinning my words to fit your arguement. It's ok to not know everything Mr. Ice." Sep 2, 10 10:34 AM

Models show possibility of hurricane impacting East End

You are being far too literal. The word "impact" can mean "influence; effect". Would you rather have the headline read: "Hurricane may influence east end"? Come on. Yes, it may be a tropical storm when it reaches here, but it's currently a Hurricane and it's entirely accurate and truthful to state that a Hurricane may impact the East End. If the Hurricane (or Tropical Storm for that matter) were to actually HIT Long Island (which is what you are saying the headline makes readers believe) then the headline would state: "Hurricane may hit Long Island". It would effect the whole island - not just the east end. It's clear to any reader with any amount of education what the headline means." Sep 2, 10 10:41 AM

Hampton Bays civic leaders make their own redevelopment pitch

Should have been more clear. The actual rate is: .185 which is why I stated "approximately .20". So .185 X 40 = 7.428 which would be rounded to 7 but it's =/- 1 and it's multiplication - not addition. But I see your point" Sep 2, 10 10:04 PM

Suffolk County Planning Commission weighs in on Tuckahoe Main Street

The Town was required to bring this to the County because it is a PDD (which needs to go before the Planning Commission) and it fronts on a County Rd." Sep 3, 10 9:37 AM

Hampton Road firehouse in Southampton Village demolished

Yup. The SVVA is looking pretty outdated... Southampton Town Hall was supposed to move and get a whole new look but that deal was squashed a few years ago - so instead they spent a ridiculous amount of $$$ on temporary trailers for the new court while they make up plans for a permanent court w/a tunnel from the police station. Gotta love those "shovel ready" projects" Sep 10, 10 9:39 AM

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