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Toxic algae bloom might be worse this year

No, I profess to know that you don't know the scientific reasoning as to why this is happening (if you did, wouldn't you tell the appropriate people and get your name praised because you know the source? Or do you simply enjoy seeing our shellfish and fish stocks degraded?)

You have to be joking that the researches are avoiding solving the problem because they want grant money. As someone who has a degree in marine biology I can tell you that it is not the case with the red tide blooms on Long Island.

Do you know how much research $$$ went into the ear and how many people were working on that? A lot more than what is allocated to one professor and a handful of grad students. There is a major incentive for them to solve this problem (praise in the scientific community, notoriety that they can parlay into more grant $$ for other projects, fullfilling their work goals etc.). If you "know" the reason behind THIS algal bloom give the Baykeeper and Chris Gobler a call - I'm sure they'd love to know. " Aug 6, 10 3:59 PM

Developers agree to reduce number of proposed condos, in exchange for preserving Canoe Place Inn

You really Hate Wendy's don't you?

The only uses allowed in RWB (which is what CPI is zoned) are:

Resorts (motels/hotels)
Restaurants (NOT fast-food establishments which Wendy's would fall under the category of)
Marinas (and since CPI isn't on the water that won't happen)

They are not allowed any housing units. Why would the Town of Southampton gift them 40 condo units? These condos will further tax the police dept./school district/fire district/ambulance district/etc. and will cost tax payers more than it pays. Let the Rechler's come up with a plan that will be profitable and include demolition of CPI - they won't be able to without a change of zone that the town doesn't have to grant.
" Aug 11, 10 7:08 PM

Actually, to be clear, the only permitted commercial use in RWB is a restaurant (not fast food). Motels/Hotels and Marinas are allowed by special exception, which means the Town does nOT have to permit it.

The only thing the Rechlers can LEGALLY do with this property and the other properties they have, without getting special exceptions from the Town is to build a restaurant, and guess what, that's not profitable enough on the CPI property so stop worrying. " Aug 11, 10 7:13 PM

Actually, to be clear, the only permitted commercial use in RWB is a restaurant (not fast food). Motels/Hotels and Marinas are allowed by special exception, which means the Town does nOT have to permit it.

The only thing the Rechlers can LEGALLY do with this property and the other properties they have, without getting special exceptions from the Town is to build a restaurant, and guess what, that's not profitable enough on the CPI property so stop worrying. " Aug 11, 10 7:13 PM

Yes, there are a handful of other permitted uses, but I left them out because they're either not commercial or not reasonable options for this site. They certainly aren't allowed condos or anything beyond an accessory apartment.

You would be right about the pre-existing use except the motel/inn use ceased quite some time ago - and if they demolished the building they wouldn't be able to keep pre-existing non-conforming uses.

My point is that the Town does not owe the developers anything - they can apply for a sepcial exception but the Town can vote it down without a reason. I don't know why the Town is being bullied into giving them so much development that they aren't entitled too. Everyone is freaking out in Tuckahoe about the abuses of PDD and this is a PDD, why aren't the HB residents up in arms?

The proposal runs counter to many sections of Southampton Town Code and it makes no sense to me. Someone must be getting their back scratched really really well." Aug 12, 10 1:01 PM

So now you are changing your story because you realize Restaurant Fast Food isn't allowed. A pudgies isn't profitable and honestly, I'd rather have that than 40 freaking condos right on our canal" Aug 12, 10 11:11 PM

Air Force Two damages another plane while departing Gabreski

It's standard operating procedure to utilize military bases. Aside from conveniences of not having to delay/re-route commercial air traffic (I'm sure you would be pretty annoyed if you had to circle the airport because the prez was landing there), the big time security is already in place (I'd rather have military men/equipment protecting my leaders than TSA and local cops) and the runways can accomodate the big planes (although placement of private airplanes apparently needs to be ironed out...)" Aug 13, 10 9:12 AM

Oh and they helicopter he would have to take would have to fly up from DC anyway so that would waste a lot of fuel and think of the extra personell needed to fly a helicopter and monitor the skies and create no fly zones etc. flying the plan an extra 90 miles took 10 minutes of flying time compared to what would likely be hours of extra time from deplaning/changing to the helicopter etc. " Aug 13, 10 12:58 PM

Thiele calls for Stony Brook president to step down

"How long has Stanley been in office, and how many years has he been GROSSLY OVERCOIMPENSATED for his position?"

He has been in his position for 1 year... Define "grossly overcompensated"?

It's pathetic that Mr. Thiele is grandstanding in the way he is... he is showing how much maturity he has.

I don't know Mr. Stanley, nor am I defending him per se but how much blame can you pile on the guy? He has been there 1 year and was told that he had to cut $55 MILLION! That's a lot of money... and Southampton made sense since it was bringing in 1/2 has much $$ as it cost to operate (AND it hasn't been closed, so it's not the "waste" of taxpayer dollars that Thiele pretends it is).

Why does no one ever think of the prior president, Mrs. Shirley Strum Kenney? She was hellbent on taking over New York with Stony Brook and opened Manhatten and SBS. Lets not forget the acquisition of Flower Fields that she pushed which gave SBU another 245 acres (that weren't needed by any definition of the word). That original purchase of $26 million now has become a $126 MILLION dollar acquisition based on a judge's ruling.

So Thiele, let me get this straight... the guy who has been in charge for ONE year and was handed a $55 million deficit should "step down" but the woman who was in charge for the last 15 years and is responsible for a $100 million bill for land that wasn't needed is innocent? Yea, it's Stanley who "wasted" taxpayer dollars. What a joke.

(and this doesn't even cover Shirley Strum Kenney's mismanagement of the Hospital which lead to how many investigations, her plans for the hotel @ stony brook which will decimate acres upon acres of trees in the Ashley Schiff Nature Preserve, her plans for Stony Brook Korea and other blunders).

Thiele, don't fall when you step off your soap box.... " Aug 13, 10 10:34 PM

Developers agree to reduce number of proposed condos, in exchange for preserving Canoe Place Inn

I'm all for property rights, but they have such limited rights that I'm perplexed as to why the Town would just gift them a PDD with 40 units @ a density of 10 units/acre. That kind of development doesn't happen anywhere in Eastern Suffolk County and there's a reason for that.

The restoration of CPI, while beneficial to the community, will end up costing taxpayers how many millions of dollars when they "fail" to find someone to run CPI and the Town is forced to buy it as per their agreement. What is the Town going to do with a Catering Facility that can't be used as a commercial operation? We should cut out the middle man and purchase CPI under eminent domain and be done with it OR call their bluff and say no. They will sell the property since they can't get what they want." Aug 14, 10 10:41 AM

Thiele calls for Stony Brook president to step down

Can you please explain how all of those mistakes are Mr. Stanley's fault after being in office for just 1 year and being handed a $55 million deficit? I'm not saying he is innocent, but he hasn't done anything worthy of requiring him to quit. The SUNY system is broken and Mrs. Kenney was at the wheel for a LONG time... Even if he hadn't closed SBS to solve the $55 million deficit, the decision would have to have been made to help pay the $100 million + interest bill " Aug 14, 10 5:06 PM

You bring up an excellent point... talk about a call for wasteful spending! I can guarantee you that guy would manage to escape with his contracted salary if he quit under the pressure of Thiele... " Aug 15, 10 10:18 PM

That's a bargain! (sarcasm).

I'd do it for $50,000 - have you SEEN the estate the president lives in on the water? That place is unreal" Aug 15, 10 10:18 PM

way to be selective js... i mean ts:

The push to give SUNY autonomy comes after a three-year period in which the state cut higher education funding by $623 million, forcing colleges to freeze wages, cut staff and eliminate programs.

SUNY Stony Brook on Long Island is closing most of its four-year-old Southhampton campus to save up to $10 million a year.

Stony Brook President Samuel Stanley Jr. would rather be focusing his efforts on partnering with a private developer to build graduate student housing to help take the research school to the next level.

Under the existing SUNY guidelines, Stanley said he cannot build housing at a low enough price to support rents that graduate students could afford.
If Stony Brook could generate revenue through tuition increases or private partnerships, Stanley said, the college also could afford new faculty and researchers.

Instead, he’s looking for other areas to trim expenses after sustaining $60 million in state aid cuts in three years.
“Going forward, I don’t think we will get away from work force reductions,” Stanley said."

And yes, there are dorms @ Southamptons Campus, but no grad student is going to sign up to do research and obtain a Masters or Ph.D. from Stony Brook Main Campus (where EVERYTHING is) and live at Southampton. Dr. Stanley had to cut $$$ from somewhere - Southampton was costing more than it was bringing in and it should never have been opened the way it was but thanks to Mrs. Kenney who is probably vacationing on some exotic island with the money she ran away with, it was. " Aug 16, 10 10:59 PM

Toxic algae bloom might be worse this year

I'd love to.

In essence, you need nitrogen and warm temperatures to create Red Tide. The warm temperatures are going to happen regardless of us - it gets warm in the summer and lately, the summers have been extra warm. Algal blooms are normal and are crucial for life in our northern waters but red tide and brown tide are problematic. There are lots of different types of algae, Red, Blue, Green, Brown and each type has various strains, some of which are harmful, some of which are not.

The one factor we have some control over is the input of nitrogen into our bays, but as Split Rock points out, there is no one single point source. Yes, there is an STP outfall pipe from Riverhead which could be a contributing factor but it doesn't explain the presence of Red Tide in Shinnecock and Moniebogue bays. The bulk of nitrogen comes from obvious sources such as leaching septic systems, road runoff and fertilizer runoff but there are unknown sources (non-point pollution) of nitrogen that we currently have no control over.

Studies have been done (by Dr. Gobler and his students) on nitrogen levels in Flanders Bay in the saltmarshes. One would expect that if the bulk of nitrogen was in the bay was coming from the STP as ICE is so confident it is, then you would see very low levels of nitrogen at low tide coming from the freshwater seeps in the marsh (which are surrounded by vast areas of park lands so they are not being influenced by homes and roads). However, researches found that the levels of nitrogen at low tide were higher than at high tide (when the bay water moved into the marshes) indicating that there is a significant amount of non-point source nitrogen seeping into Flanders Bay." Aug 17, 10 11:31 AM

That's hard to do, as the Town "let go" the head of the stormwater division. I don't understand how the Town got away with that. That being said, the Town has worked hard on dead-end treatments throughout the town in order to better sequester pollutants. Southampton has been understaffed and grant money is slow to roll in. " Aug 17, 10 11:35 AM

Thiele calls for Stony Brook president to step down

I wish I was a VP or "lowly administrator" making all of that money. I know "so much" about this because I use Google and I'm a graduate of SBU.

I'm not saying the SUNY system is innocent of wanton use of money or that they haven't been wasteful. Of course they've been wasteful and they continue to be wasteful. There are a lot of people to blame for that and the Pres is on that list. I'm not saying that Dr. Stanley is the greatest person alive or that he should be given an award - what I'm saying is that he inherited a huge budget cut, as well as the $100 million judgement and it's very difficult to lay off union employees. Furloughs can't be conducted without the State's approval and the Gov. tried that and failed.

The VPs and other higher-ups who aren't in the union have contracts, so to let them go means paying their contract (talk about wasteful). I think that pressure should be put on the president to cut these guys out in the future (or have them take serious paycuts) but to call for his resignation after 1 year is absurd. Shall we call for Obama to step down because we are at War and in a budget crisis? No. Has Obama done an incredible job? No. But you don't ask him to step down after a year (or two).

The students at SBS were not stripped of anything other than their campus and dorms. They were allowed to continue their education in the same major they had chosen at SBU which is certainly not desirable but it was a reasonable solution to the problem at hand. It was handled much better than LIU who basically said "good luck finding a new school" until SBU stepped in." Aug 17, 10 11:42 AM

The article doesn't state that Dr. Stanley closed the college so he could 'focus' on finding money for graduate housing. I think we both can agree the article is unclear and there is a bit of a disconnect between closing the college and finding money for dorms.

I believe what Dr. Stanley was saying is that instead of continuing to fight for autonomy (which would have been the best case scenario for SBU in his opinion) he is trying to find private partnerships that can help fund graduate dorms at the main campus to further develop the schools research capabilities (which is the first and foremost goal of SBU. SBS was a minor accessory that was poorly executed).

If Dr. Stanley had said "We closed SBS to save $10 million so now I can build new graduate housing" I'd agree with what you are saying but that's not what happend. " Aug 17, 10 11:49 AM

" they gave students three years on the Southampton Campus to finish up"

Uh... no they didn't. Everyone had 1 year until the campus closed. LIU worked with some students to accelerate their graduation (so Juniors were able to finish a year early) and students had the option to go to LIU to continue their major (just like SBS students can go to SBU to continue their major).

And, LIU made the announcement at the start of summer when everyone had made a commitment to the school so they were stuck going to a doomed college for 1 year. Many prospective students opted out and instead went to community colleges. At least with Stony Brook, anyone who had committed could go straight to SBU or go to another college they were accepted to." Aug 18, 10 9:12 AM

Mill Pond fish kill not caused by runoff; coincidence and longer term problems blamed

Town Board has no say - it's a body of water "owned" by the Southampton Town Trustees, and any actions that take place in this pond will be at the sole discretion of the Town Trustees." Aug 22, 10 10:33 AM

Beach erosion study delayed again

Mr. Z you are fishing off the wrong side of the boat. Tapping into the aquifers for freshwater usage has nothing to do with beach erosion. There is no evidence that points to that and it's a silly claim.

" Aug 22, 10 10:35 AM

Littoral Drift.... not lateral drift." Aug 22, 10 9:29 PM

Mill Pond fish kill not caused by runoff; coincidence and longer term problems blamed

The connection is the Trustees leased them for a lot of money and they didn't do anything and the new plan won't do anything and will waste money.

The "solar bees" hardly had enough juice to make any dent in water movement and were completely ineffectual (at Mill Pond and Lake Agawam)" Aug 23, 10 9:12 AM

Sagaponack proposes erosion tax

If your neighbors property starts to erode your property will be next. The point is to "shore up" the entire strip with re-built dunes, snow fencing and beach grass plantings so that there is no weak link in the chain essentially. There is already a special taxation district in Hampton Bays/East Quogue that works quite well." Aug 23, 10 9:18 AM

Mill Pond fish kill not caused by runoff; coincidence and longer term problems blamed

Lake Agawam has (or, I suppose had) solar bees. And you can't say that they put in bubblers and there haven't been fish kills, therefore bubblers prevent fish kills. There needs to be more evidence to draw a direct correlation.

And it was my understanding that the solar bees were leased from the company by the trustees. I never heard anything about the property owners around the lake paying for it. " Aug 23, 10 12:03 PM

Southampton Village Building Department looking into Village Latch Inn Hotel

Village Latch Inn = Southampton Village

Southampton Town = Not Southampton Village.

Further, a code violation is a code violation no matter how small. " Aug 23, 10 3:24 PM

Mill Pond fish kill not caused by runoff; coincidence and longer term problems blamed

Thanks for the details " Aug 23, 10 3:26 PM

I hope that is a sarcastic comment... that will never, ever be done and should never, ever be done. Adding chemicals to the pond is bad enough, but draining it? Talk about messing with a natural system. Can you answer some of these questions?

1. Where are you going to put the water?
2. Where are you going to divert the water flowing in underground from the seven ponds system?
3. What season do you propose to do this in given that protected species of birds nest and raise their young in and around the water
4. What are you going to do with all of the fish/frogs/turtles that would be killed as a result?
5. How will you prevent changes to the seven ponds system that would negatively affect the Atlantic White Cedar Swamps which are listed as a rare species/community?
6. Where is the money going to come from?
7. How will you appease the residents who will undoubetedly complain about the stench coming from the drained pond/dead vegetation/dead animals?
8. Where is the "fresh water" to fill the pond back up going to come from? Considering that the pond is flushed through the seven ponds system and is subject to leachate from septic systems and road runoff?
9. Is asphyxiation (due to water drainage) of fish considered "euthanizing"?
10. etc. etc. etc.

I say, before we do that, let's drain the atmosphere of all that nasty CO2 that is causing all the problems - sure it willl "euthanize" all of the life on the planet but we can just re-stock it with more people when we are done." Aug 24, 10 3:52 PM

wow you people are really good at thinking outside of the box. Maybe you can answer some of the questions I posted above?

And how does "re-shaping the bottom maximise (sic) the lake/pond's health"?" Aug 24, 10 10:42 PM

Thank god you are being sarcastic...." Aug 25, 10 11:29 AM

How were any of them dumb questions?" Aug 26, 10 9:04 AM

Community activist from Northampton announces plan to run for Southampton Town Board

Your evidence for him being Indonesian is....?" Aug 26, 10 9:14 AM

Hampton Bays civic leaders make their own redevelopment pitch

The only viable proposal is the condos + CPI restoration + preserving hampton bays land but ONLY if the land were preserved through purchasing Pine Barrens Credits for Pine Barrens parcels in Hampton Bays and at roughly $90,000/credit for essentially 40 credits (1 for each condo) that = $3,600,000 a stiff fee to build condos but not completely absurd.

What the Town needs to do is call their bluff and let them do what they want with CPI. Their only commercial as-of-right that does NOT require a change of zone or a special use permit or special exemption is restraurant and take-out restruant. Neither of those are likely to be financially viable at that site which means they'll end up selling.

Don't give them their 40 condos - or 20 condos - or 10 condos or whatever it is. Hampton Bays does not need increased density along their water ways and it is in direct contravention with multiple sections of Town Code." Aug 26, 10 11:30 AM

They are proposing a Sewage Treatment Plant in conjunction with the condos. " Aug 26, 10 8:44 PM

Yes, I'm sure. Check for yourself here:


They bought the property hoping they could get a PDD, or a Special Exemption which is where the big money lies. Both of those options would allow for condos and those types of things are granted frequently. However, the Town Board want's to preserve CPI because that's what the residents want (apparently) so if they are so concerned about saving it, then don't give them special exemptions or PDDs. Both can be denied without reason and the Town cannot be sued - so they would be left with the club which isn't profitable, or a restaurant and they already have two of those on the Tide Runner's site that apparently aren't bringing in the income they want.

" Aug 26, 10 8:53 PM

Based on what facts? Yes, if the Town grants them a Change of Zone, or a Special Exemption, they have a lot of possible uses. The table above clearly indicates what commercial uses are Permitted in RWB - and the only two true commercial uses are Restaurant and Restaurant Take-out. If you disagree, please give me some facts." Aug 26, 10 9:37 PM

Any STP would have to be approved by the Suffolk County Dept. of Health Services and would be subject to monthly inspections to ensure the facility is operating within the safe guidelines for sewage treatment. " Aug 26, 10 9:39 PM

You can SEE the water from it.... that's really that hard to comprehend?" Aug 26, 10 11:22 PM

Denisty is irrelevant? Tell that to the overcrowded schools, understaffed police/EMT/Fire, unblanaced tax inputs/outputs, environmental stresses placed on our bays, increased draw on our freshwater aquifers, decrease in air quality, increase in traffic congestion, etc. etc.

What a completely asanine statement. " Aug 27, 10 9:12 AM

Sorry - should have been more clear. You can SEE the water from ACROSS the street.

The purpose of RWB zoning is to have a zoning district that allows uses that are associated with the water. Marinas, Restaurants, Musuems, Yacht Clubs, Hotels and Resorts. These uses bring in tourists dollars and are much better uses of waterfront and very near waterfront properties than private homes." Aug 27, 10 9:16 AM

'Affordable' has a new look

Where does it say they can sell for a huge profit? Since the homes are leased from the land, the value of the home doesn't go up a whole lot.

"If they choose to sell the house in the future, they can recoup the cost of the construction and that of any additions or improvements plus appreciation equal to the rate of inflation"

" Aug 27, 10 9:25 AM

Hampton Bays civic leaders make their own redevelopment pitch

"They can not build condos then ignore the Inn. Also, these restraints would pass on to any subsequent owners."

Just to back up that claim - it's a requirement of the PDD under the avenue of "Public Benefits" so they would be legally obligated to do it and the Town, theoretically, could get a bond to ensure it is done." Aug 27, 10 11:09 AM

Beach erosion study delayed again

I don't dispute that pumping freshwater for human consumption can result in salt water intrusion - but that has nothing to do with erosion of our ocean shorelines. Sand moves from east to west via littoral drift. Man-made structures such as groins, jetties and inlets disrupt this flow (and to a smaller extent, dredging activities and sand renourishment projects). You offer no explination as to how "salt water intrusion" is stripping away sand from the ocean beaches." Aug 27, 10 2:27 PM

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