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Southampton Town lawmakers walk out of discussion on MTA lawsuit

Thanks Sig, I knew reg rep wasn't on the right track.... " Jul 29, 10 6:44 PM

East Quogue woman files $70 million lawsuit against Suffolk County and Southampton Town

hey Mr. Z... don't be so hard. Remember, she was coming back from the GUN range, and EVERYONE knows a terrorist would never actually practice shooting their gun to become more proficient...

While it's "unfortunate" an "innocent" woman had to be dragged through all of this, you have to be smart enough to not put yourself in this position in the first place. If I were going to take photos of a police station for a website (or whatever reason) I surely would make sure I removed my $13,000 cash and guns/ammo from my car before doing so. You have to expect to have someone question what you're doing.

The police shut down the Throgs neck just this morning because of a "suspicious vehicle". It turned out to be nothing, but that one in Times Square certainly was something worth being worried about... better to be safe than sorry. " Jul 29, 10 9:56 PM

Umm... those signs were put up AFTER this incident.. BECAUSE of her. " Jul 30, 10 9:04 AM

define "didn't do"

She had been told previously to not take pictures of the base: fact
She had an Assault Rifle and a Shotgun with 500 rounds of ammo: fact
She had $13,000 cash in her car: fact
(a deposit in a bank of more than $10,000 requires a CTR form which is filed with the IRS because that much cash is suspicious)
This country is at risk of terrorist attacks, domestic or otherwise: fact
There is a law called the Patriot Act that allows a suspected terrorist to be held indefinitely without explanation: fact

It's called personal responsibility and situational awareness. She apparently had valid explanations for the camera/gun/cash but it needs to be properly and thoroughly investigated by the government before releasing her back into society. " Jul 30, 10 8:03 PM

Hey Ice,

explain that logic to those who died in the domestic (some would say muslim) terrorist attack at Fort Hood.

The shooter was properly trained and by all accounts lived on the right side of the law (and was an employee of the US military). Many people saw signs that something might be amiss but gave him a pass.

You can't be too safe and the government was right for what they did. " Jul 30, 10 8:18 PM

Oh, and P.S. that was in "broad daylight"" Jul 30, 10 8:19 PM

Read the Patriot Act - whether you agree with it or not, the cops are covered under it. " Jul 30, 10 8:21 PM

Vice President Joe Biden vacations in Southampton

Seriously... you think it wouldn't be a security issue for him to drive a "solar powered car" (which doesn't exist in any practicable fashion btw) from DC to SHV?

The VP (or Pres) aren't allowed vacation time? " Jul 30, 10 9:56 PM

East Quogue woman files $70 million lawsuit against Suffolk County and Southampton Town

a) I wasn't discrediting anything because it was spelled correctly

b) my point was that a terrorist attack can occur at any time of the day, including broad daylight. My use of quotes was to emphasize it was at the same period of day. " Jul 30, 10 10:02 PM

Stony Brook Southampton committee discusses expanding arts, marine sciences programs

" is clear that the business model of operating the college as a satellite to another institution will never properly serve the needs of the community."

Isn't that an acknowledgement that the SBS setup was not a sufficient one and simply could not work under the given circumstances?

No one is arguing that Southampton College isn't an important asset to the community or that it should be used for education. All I have been saying is that the current system hasn't worked, and if they need to use the college for research then so be it. If there is a way to create a functioning, successful college at the campus without misusing taxpayer dollars (as the CPF proposal would have done) than I will be the first in line to support it - but that is unlikely as it has failed twice.

Does no one think that perhaps it was a doomed plan to begin with (ala LIU?) Shirley Strum Kenny wanted to expand SBU (and her legacy) as far as possible by opening a campus in NYC, trying to construct a hotel, taking the flowerfields property (which now has become a $100 million mistake) and opening SBS - not to mention the original foundation for the SBU Korea plan. I don't think this college ever had a chance, but Ms. Kenny sold everyone on it, just like she did with all her other outrageous plans.

P.S. I see you lack a retort to that list of members you posted that "only consist of 1 local". I forgot to mention that Mr. Warren (chair of the Business Alliance and certified Planner) is the head of Inter-Science, an environmental based consulting firm, another excellent member to have on a board trying to decide what the next move for SBS is going to be. " Jul 30, 10 10:12 PM

East Quogue woman files $70 million lawsuit against Suffolk County and Southampton Town


Can you give us an example of the "brainwashing"? You mean like the belief that FEMA is stockpiling coffins?" Aug 2, 10 12:40 PM

Yea, that's why she had to get that 22 year old kid fresh out of law school in the above photo... please. I'm surprised Keahon didn't drop Kabot for this case!" Aug 2, 10 12:41 PM

I didn't claim she made a deposit, my point was that $13,000 is a LOT of cash, so much so that it WOULD trigger a review by the IRS if it were to be deposited. Why wouldn't you just use a check?" Aug 2, 10 12:44 PM

Yea, because ESL classes are so terrible... what with teaching immigrants (legal and otherwise) english (as a second language, because they already speak in a language from their country of origin) and everything. They should just be thrown into a regular class room and sink or swim baby! " Aug 2, 10 12:46 PM

Michael Lohan charged with harassing fiancee Kate Major at Water Mill home

Again... Thanks for setting your standards up there with the NY Post. How pathetic" Aug 2, 10 2:15 PM

East Quogue woman files $70 million lawsuit against Suffolk County and Southampton Town

Look up the word exaggeration ICE. Or maybe he is actually a wonderkind?

What does lawyers working for the county have to do with anything? They will probably end up with outside council anyways.. you know how the Town/government loves spending money on lawyers" Aug 3, 10 9:15 AM


What happend, did 27east revoke your "highhatsize" handle? " Aug 3, 10 12:22 PM

Southampton Town supervisor floats cop consolidation plan

And the PBA's incentive to do this is...?

Nice talking point ATH "I tried to make a plan to cut the tax burden for police!" but there isn't a shred of practicability in this plan. Villages have their own police dept.'s because they don't like how Southampton Town Police were doing things and opted for their own forces. And if it lightens the tax burden on village residents, what are the odds it increases the tax burder on non-village residents?" Aug 4, 10 2:14 PM

huh?" Aug 4, 10 2:52 PM

From Merriam-Webster:


Function: adjective
Date: 1648
1 : capable of being put into practice or of being done or accomplished : feasible

" Aug 4, 10 2:56 PM

McGintee to sue Town of East Hampton

Maybe the former Supervisor should get the crack legal team that Nancy Patriot got...I'm SHOCKED that ICE said "what a set he has". ICE, shouldn't you be defending this guy?

'Charges weren't filed!'

'He wasn't arrested!"

"He's innocent!"

McGintee needs to up the ante and sue for $70 mil" Aug 5, 10 9:24 AM


"...has filed a notice of claim against the seeking reimbursement for his attorney’s fees... "

He really must have some set if he is sueing the word "the"

Proofread proofread proofread!" Aug 5, 10 9:25 AM

A labor of love yields a harmonious garden

"Ms. DiFazio soon planted rugosa roses, too. Although they’re not native to Long Island, these intensely fragrant roses thrive all over the East End, in gardens and even at the beach."

They thrive because they're highly invasive and have all but wiped out our native rose, virginia rose....

Great reporting!" Aug 5, 10 2:50 PM

Southampton Town supervisor floats cop consolidation plan

They report to the SHPD and are under their jurisdiction, however their budget comes from the Southampton Town Trustees (I think). They are paid well below what members of the police department are paid. " Aug 5, 10 2:55 PM

The Bay Constables patrol the bay waters, ocean beaches and bay beaches. Their work does not overlap Southampton Town Police Dept. work as they are looking for people driving on the beach without permits, not having boat ramp permits, rescuing stranded boaters in the bay (and in more rare instances, the ocean), enforcing bon-fire and other beach related codes and overseeing the pump-out boat operations. They also assist in finding illegal docks and bulkheads. " Aug 5, 10 2:57 PM

"Careful, folks, you work for US."


" Aug 5, 10 2:58 PM

East Quogue woman files $70 million lawsuit against Suffolk County and Southampton Town

Clearly you aren't, because a true Salvadorian would know that the "El" makes no sense when referring to anything other than the country... " Aug 5, 10 4:21 PM

Toxic algae bloom might be worse this year


That's not accurate in any way shape or form.... Red Tide in our bays shows up often times in Shinnecock first and later in Peconic Bay. Sometimes it's near the canal in Peconic Bay, sometimes it's in Flanders Bay. Sometimes it's near Southold. Samples have been taken from Tiana and from Moniebogue long before it appears in the Peconic Bay and it has yet to be documented in the Peconic River (west of the traffic circle).

I'd love to know the source of your information..." Aug 5, 10 11:16 PM

No I don't dispute that - I dispute that you know the answer to this mystery and the marine biologists and grad students who have been studying it for the past decade still don't have an explination.

And I didn't claim it goes FROM Shinnecock TO Peconic Bay, I said it shows up first in Shinnecock and later it will be seen in Peconic Bay. There is something causing it and it's not "raw sewage" coming from the Riverhead STP. I guarentee you that." Aug 6, 10 9:01 AM

Developers agree to reduce number of proposed condos, in exchange for preserving Canoe Place Inn

Wow! 5 whole units... so now the denisty is only 8.9 units/acre instead of 10 units/acre (which includes about 1/2 acre which is underwater). Where do you sign ATH? What are you waiting for?

The developers are laughing behind closed doors at the Town and residents of Hampton Bays. The original proposal of 45 units was likely not feasble given the size and layout of the property and they knew they would have to lower it (don't be surprised if they drop off another 5 units by the time it's all said and done). This way the Supervisor can say "We reduced the number of proposed condos by nearly 25%!".

The boardwalk is BS. There will be no public parking and it's not accessible by foot so who is going to be walking along there? People will park illegally and go fishing which will in a few years will result in them banning the public from accessing the boardwalk.

If they don't get a vendor in a few years the town will purchase it with CPF dollars? Thanks for promising my tax dollars to a developer ATH, that's so kind of you. If the Town really wants to buy the land and use it as a town facility, why don't we use the CPF dollars now and cut out the middle man? The price will be set in the future and the Town will be stuck with the bill - it won't be profitable for the developer to hold onto the catering hall since a 3rd party will be taking X number of dollars + the amount of money they spent rehabing it. That is not a public benefit.

This proposal is completely contradictory to the Town Code in relation to RWB zoning along the Canal - does the HB CAC do anything or just shake hands??" Aug 6, 10 2:54 PM

Toxic algae bloom might be worse this year

No, I profess to know that you don't know the scientific reasoning as to why this is happening (if you did, wouldn't you tell the appropriate people and get your name praised because you know the source? Or do you simply enjoy seeing our shellfish and fish stocks degraded?)

You have to be joking that the researches are avoiding solving the problem because they want grant money. As someone who has a degree in marine biology I can tell you that it is not the case with the red tide blooms on Long Island.

Do you know how much research $$$ went into the ear and how many people were working on that? A lot more than what is allocated to one professor and a handful of grad students. There is a major incentive for them to solve this problem (praise in the scientific community, notoriety that they can parlay into more grant $$ for other projects, fullfilling their work goals etc.). If you "know" the reason behind THIS algal bloom give the Baykeeper and Chris Gobler a call - I'm sure they'd love to know. " Aug 6, 10 3:59 PM

Developers agree to reduce number of proposed condos, in exchange for preserving Canoe Place Inn

You really Hate Wendy's don't you?

The only uses allowed in RWB (which is what CPI is zoned) are:

Resorts (motels/hotels)
Restaurants (NOT fast-food establishments which Wendy's would fall under the category of)
Marinas (and since CPI isn't on the water that won't happen)

They are not allowed any housing units. Why would the Town of Southampton gift them 40 condo units? These condos will further tax the police dept./school district/fire district/ambulance district/etc. and will cost tax payers more than it pays. Let the Rechler's come up with a plan that will be profitable and include demolition of CPI - they won't be able to without a change of zone that the town doesn't have to grant.
" Aug 11, 10 7:08 PM

Actually, to be clear, the only permitted commercial use in RWB is a restaurant (not fast food). Motels/Hotels and Marinas are allowed by special exception, which means the Town does nOT have to permit it.

The only thing the Rechlers can LEGALLY do with this property and the other properties they have, without getting special exceptions from the Town is to build a restaurant, and guess what, that's not profitable enough on the CPI property so stop worrying. " Aug 11, 10 7:13 PM

Actually, to be clear, the only permitted commercial use in RWB is a restaurant (not fast food). Motels/Hotels and Marinas are allowed by special exception, which means the Town does nOT have to permit it.

The only thing the Rechlers can LEGALLY do with this property and the other properties they have, without getting special exceptions from the Town is to build a restaurant, and guess what, that's not profitable enough on the CPI property so stop worrying. " Aug 11, 10 7:13 PM

Yes, there are a handful of other permitted uses, but I left them out because they're either not commercial or not reasonable options for this site. They certainly aren't allowed condos or anything beyond an accessory apartment.

You would be right about the pre-existing use except the motel/inn use ceased quite some time ago - and if they demolished the building they wouldn't be able to keep pre-existing non-conforming uses.

My point is that the Town does not owe the developers anything - they can apply for a sepcial exception but the Town can vote it down without a reason. I don't know why the Town is being bullied into giving them so much development that they aren't entitled too. Everyone is freaking out in Tuckahoe about the abuses of PDD and this is a PDD, why aren't the HB residents up in arms?

The proposal runs counter to many sections of Southampton Town Code and it makes no sense to me. Someone must be getting their back scratched really really well." Aug 12, 10 1:01 PM

So now you are changing your story because you realize Restaurant Fast Food isn't allowed. A pudgies isn't profitable and honestly, I'd rather have that than 40 freaking condos right on our canal" Aug 12, 10 11:11 PM

Air Force Two damages another plane while departing Gabreski

It's standard operating procedure to utilize military bases. Aside from conveniences of not having to delay/re-route commercial air traffic (I'm sure you would be pretty annoyed if you had to circle the airport because the prez was landing there), the big time security is already in place (I'd rather have military men/equipment protecting my leaders than TSA and local cops) and the runways can accomodate the big planes (although placement of private airplanes apparently needs to be ironed out...)" Aug 13, 10 9:12 AM

Oh and they helicopter he would have to take would have to fly up from DC anyway so that would waste a lot of fuel and think of the extra personell needed to fly a helicopter and monitor the skies and create no fly zones etc. flying the plan an extra 90 miles took 10 minutes of flying time compared to what would likely be hours of extra time from deplaning/changing to the helicopter etc. " Aug 13, 10 12:58 PM

Thiele calls for Stony Brook president to step down

"How long has Stanley been in office, and how many years has he been GROSSLY OVERCOIMPENSATED for his position?"

He has been in his position for 1 year... Define "grossly overcompensated"?

It's pathetic that Mr. Thiele is grandstanding in the way he is... he is showing how much maturity he has.

I don't know Mr. Stanley, nor am I defending him per se but how much blame can you pile on the guy? He has been there 1 year and was told that he had to cut $55 MILLION! That's a lot of money... and Southampton made sense since it was bringing in 1/2 has much $$ as it cost to operate (AND it hasn't been closed, so it's not the "waste" of taxpayer dollars that Thiele pretends it is).

Why does no one ever think of the prior president, Mrs. Shirley Strum Kenney? She was hellbent on taking over New York with Stony Brook and opened Manhatten and SBS. Lets not forget the acquisition of Flower Fields that she pushed which gave SBU another 245 acres (that weren't needed by any definition of the word). That original purchase of $26 million now has become a $126 MILLION dollar acquisition based on a judge's ruling.

So Thiele, let me get this straight... the guy who has been in charge for ONE year and was handed a $55 million deficit should "step down" but the woman who was in charge for the last 15 years and is responsible for a $100 million bill for land that wasn't needed is innocent? Yea, it's Stanley who "wasted" taxpayer dollars. What a joke.

(and this doesn't even cover Shirley Strum Kenney's mismanagement of the Hospital which lead to how many investigations, her plans for the hotel @ stony brook which will decimate acres upon acres of trees in the Ashley Schiff Nature Preserve, her plans for Stony Brook Korea and other blunders).

Thiele, don't fall when you step off your soap box.... " Aug 13, 10 10:34 PM

Developers agree to reduce number of proposed condos, in exchange for preserving Canoe Place Inn

I'm all for property rights, but they have such limited rights that I'm perplexed as to why the Town would just gift them a PDD with 40 units @ a density of 10 units/acre. That kind of development doesn't happen anywhere in Eastern Suffolk County and there's a reason for that.

The restoration of CPI, while beneficial to the community, will end up costing taxpayers how many millions of dollars when they "fail" to find someone to run CPI and the Town is forced to buy it as per their agreement. What is the Town going to do with a Catering Facility that can't be used as a commercial operation? We should cut out the middle man and purchase CPI under eminent domain and be done with it OR call their bluff and say no. They will sell the property since they can't get what they want." Aug 14, 10 10:41 AM

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