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Southampton Looks To License Garbage Collectors

It's the same as the town contracting license. They say you have to have it but they never enforce the law. Just another way to tax local companies trying to do the right thing. Emil is right. The amount of garbage produced is documented. You don't need 500 dollars to get the answer." Apr 4, 15 6:34 AM

Hampton Bays Residents Sue To Stop Shinnecock Canal Projects

They are probably Hampton Bays residents who live just east of the canal calling themselves Shinnecock Hills resident because it sounds more upscale." May 16, 15 9:15 AM

Hundreds Decry Montauk Weekend Mayhem

There are no more bars in Hampton Bay's G except boards barn which only opens on Sunday for four hours. You should get out more" Jul 14, 15 5:24 PM

Hampton Bays Fire District Breaks Silence, Explains Plan To Buy Ponquogue Avenue Property

You can argue all you want about firehouses and equipment. But big blue you have no idea what your talking about with the volunteers. I've experienced first hand the bravery and dedication of the fire department. Had a chimney fire years back and they where here in no time. Not only did they put the fire out but they brought fans in to get the smoke out of the house. " Aug 10, 15 7:44 PM

Sal DeCarlo Celebrates 100th Birthday At Catena's In Southampton Village

Happy birthday Sal! Sorry I missed it. A great man and a fine gentlemen." Aug 26, 15 6:43 AM

Avery 'Chief Eagle Eye' Dennis Sr. Dies September 5

Rip Avery, a true gentlemen" Sep 8, 15 11:16 AM

UPDATE: Suffolk County Lawmakers Approve Transfer Of Hampton Bays Land

I agree with suppose 2. Put the condos on the west side and leave the east side for restaurants and public access" Sep 10, 15 6:12 AM

UPDATE: Pilot Of Missing Boat From Montauk Hit-And-Run Comes Forward

He'll claim he thought it was a floating object. Didn't know it was a boat. Shady character, I hope they throw the book at him." Sep 22, 15 8:41 AM

Captain Identified In Montauk Boat Hit-And-Run

What's strange to me is that it took 7 hours for the person who is in charge of the investigation to show up and then makes a comment like that. Something smells fishy" Sep 27, 15 9:15 AM

Protesters March In East Hampton Demanding End To Deer Sterilization Program

How about hunters.Extend season, increase doe permits. I don't hunt, could't kill a fly, but its a far more humane solution than this spay program.Local hunters who actually eat what they kill is far better than the road kill that the poor hwy dept. has to pick up and throw away in the dumps
" Nov 15, 15 8:18 PM

Southampton Town Police Arrest Nine During DWI Task Force Enforcement

I thought all the people from Illinois were coming here to flee the violence of Chicago. Ya learn something new everyday.:)" Nov 29, 15 7:06 PM

UPDATE: New Police Schedule Created To Add More Support In Flanders, Riverside, And Northampton

Thats it Mouthampton replace town cops @100k a year with suffolk county cops @ 150k- to 180. I had my car broken into in Islip. I called the cops they gave me a case #. No response they were to busy. That's what we need." Dec 6, 15 5:35 PM

Hampton Bays Repaving Work To Begin Next Week

pssssst. hears a little secret, LEAVE EARLIER!" Mar 31, 16 10:46 AM

Southampton Town To Move Forward With Marine Education Center, Shellfish Nursery At Tiana Beach

I think it's a great idea. Unfortunately we will have to take a boat there during extreme high tides:(" May 20, 16 5:29 AM

Celebrating The 50th Anniversary Of A Legendary Streak That May Never Be Surpassed

Watching Foot,Terry,Steve and the rest of the crew dominate the local courts I also watched Foots at West Georgia college win the national championship.
All you guys were awesome. Thanks for the memories" Mar 14, 18 6:22 PM

UPDATE: Community To Rally For New Pole For Riverside Osprey Nest

They were in their nest over the weekend. While waiting at the light to turn onto 24 I pointed out the pair To my grand children. Unoccupied my ***" Apr 9, 18 6:41 PM

They were in their nest over the weekend. While waiting at the light to turn onto 24 I pointed out the pair To my grand children. Unoccupied my ***" Apr 9, 18 6:42 PM

'Bill' Williams Of East Quogue Dies April 10

To the Williams family so sorry for your loss. Bill was a great fisherman and good family man.
My condolances from the family of the black duck.
" Apr 16, 18 7:24 PM

Chunks Of Tappan Zee Bridge And Old Boats Will Be Used For New Artificial Reef Off Hampton Bays, Westhampton

The original reef in 1969 was the montauk hwy bridge with a couple of barges.
Good news for local fishermen" Apr 25, 18 2:46 PM

Westhampton Beach Hypnotist Aims To Rid Clients Of Unwanted Habits

Went to him 14 years ago to stop smoking. Best thing I ever did.
Thank you Mr. O’connell" Dec 26, 18 12:36 PM

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