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State wants small schools to band together

In it's most general terms I think the South Fork and the entire East End should create a single person position whose job it would be to focus soley on the consolidation of ALL of our resources. From energy to education. Year round residents exist in an extremely unique environment, one that that could really benefit from some streamlining. Bayview makes a great point about consolidating educators' health care. What other professionals could benefit from such co-oping? Could they even become a part of the same plan, or at least become elligable to participate in and contribute to the purchasing power created?
Peconic County Now!" Dec 5, 08 8:56 AM

Sag Harbor board takes pay cut given lean times ahead

We in Sag Harbor should be trying to fugure out how we can get Mayor Ferraris $40K a year, not let him take a $2k pay cut, with the promise that he'll stay in the job for another term. Hard times ahead requires the kind of thoughtful dedication that Greg has shown his community over the past several years. I can only think of one other local representative, Fred Theile who parallels Greg's genuine concern for his constituents and his community.

" Feb 26, 09 10:19 AM

Swine flu diagnosis for two Sag Harbor students

The whole point is that this virus is NOT that serious. The only reason the schools go out of their way to communicate with the community of it's existance is because it was such a big news story, thereby keeping people from freaking out. People who get the flu of any kind can die. We're not going to keep our kids home everytime the flu is going around, and that's exactly what we have right now, albeit in a very limited portion of the population.
"Using new and improved statistical models, CDC scientists estimate that an average of 36,000 people (up from 20,000 in previous estimates) die from influenza-related complications each year in the United States."" Jun 15, 09 12:51 PM

North of Highway,
Fair, but I think we can all agree that one of modern science's motivating forces and that of the research people within is that we now posses the ability to thwart any such problem. I get it, let's be careful and aware and communicate, as oppossed to selling advertising time on the eveniing news and getting people scared. I might be wrong, but the language between the lines is that this is a new flu strain, be careful and take the usual precautions." Jun 15, 09 7:49 PM

Trespassing charges dropped against East Quogue woman arrested near ANG base; wrongful arrest lawsuits filed

yeah, yeah, yeah a great injustice was committed. The real story is what the heck is someone driving around with "XM-15 assault rifle and a shotgun—both registered and unloaded—in her car, and an estimated 500 rounds of ammunition in her trunk" ?
What is everyone sooooo scared about that they need enough firepower to "assault" something or someone.
You know what's really scary? That someone in the car next to you might have the same or more in the trunk of their car! That's actually something to get a little paranoid about." Nov 19, 09 2:07 PM

Bishop visits first-time homebuyers helped by tax credit

Look at it anyway you want. If the reality is that just a few more people buy homes because of the incentive, then it's working. These folks are going to wear out a path to Home Depot (just like anyone else) for the next six months, their purchase caused a real estate broker to earn a commission, someone had to survey the property, maybe they had to hire a local moving company. The leading economic indicator in this country is being stimulated, that's a very big deal. These folks are inserting what, $30k-$40k into the economy when it's all done? If the $8,000 played any role at all in inspiring the purchase I'd suggest the tax payer got a good return on our investment. It's the type of expenditures noted above that are ABSOLUTELY essential towards getting our economy growing again. " Nov 21, 09 2:14 AM

Trespassing charges dropped against East Quogue woman arrested near ANG base; wrongful arrest lawsuits filed

Classic, now we're bringing religion into the conversation! Sounds to me like someone is gearing up for a lawsuit and Lady, your lawyer is going to shoot you himself if you keep posting all this stuff. Trying to defend yourself in the court of public opinion is going to insure that when your real day in court comes along, some little whippersnapper lawyer is going to make you look the fool and right or wrong, you'll have no one else to blame...but your keyboard! Count on it." Nov 21, 09 3:35 AM

East Hampton harbormaster resigns after marijuana arrest

It's a little goofy that New Jersey just passed a law for medical use and California has just created a bill that would allow for recreational use for those over 21 and this guy, who, by all accounts was effective in his job has to quit. That being said, it really was a lot of pot. We all make poor decision, some are just a little dumber than others I guess." Jan 13, 10 10:47 AM

Cigar Bar has liquor license suspended because of violence

"Sag" is absolutely correct. There is a long documented pattern stemming from the inadequate operation/management and ownership of this place. It's about time that you can no longer drink or smoke at The Cigar Bar. The place started off nice but has been a modern day "dive" for the past 10. " Jan 26, 10 4:06 PM

Concrete, glass and steel can be warm and fuzzy too

A modern-day version of an old Springsteen line, "I enticed Julie into my Toyota Prius, for a ride out to Springs". Can I use that some day Mr. Sabbeth? A truly admirable goal after all." Mar 20, 10 2:56 PM

IRS says Southampton Town comptroller owes $650,000 in back taxes

Flat tax, Flat tax, Flat Tax. Get rid of the IRS and my accountant (who only exists because I don't have the time to waste on deciphering every new tax code the meatballs at the IRS conjur up each year) Smaller government, less people on the gov't payroll (lower taxes!) and the opportunity to get rid of the April 15th rush. Just pay as you go." Apr 15, 10 11:53 AM

A model home for green living

Beautiful idea, really ugly house." Apr 28, 10 1:55 PM

Wilkinson concedes that dock sale is off the table

We live in an area where houses are not homes, they are a commodity that is traded for profit by outsiders. If the CPF can be potentially used for Stony Brook's Southamtpton campus then it certainly you should be able to help keep propped up an industry that, if left to go away would change the fabric of our community forever, a fabric that no one who is trading houses for a profit cares about. It's up to us to preserve things we consider unique and welcomed in our area. Once it's gone, it's NEVER going to come back. Think about it." May 21, 10 1:05 PM

Former employees file suit against Water Mill restaurant over forced tip-pooling and other practices

Sounds like a battle of David and Goliath to me, we've all gotta stick up for the little guy right? Working in the restaurant biz is no desk job with a lunch break, to cheat anybody out of 1 nickel earned while busing tables or otherwise is disgusting." Jun 25, 10 12:39 PM

Unexploded mortar shell and spine both discovered on Ponquogue Beach

Good thing they broke out the "Hurt Locker" outfit to investigate a rusty shell. Sort of like using tongs for a banana on a grill that's not lit. Classic!" Jul 1, 10 4:10 PM

Critics respond to airport plan

Please, for the love of our community, I beg you to please adopt the ideas of Mr.Bishop in regard to helicopter routing. I can no longer have a conversation in my backyard on Friday or Sunday nights and the plates rattle in our cupboard. Often we get 3-4 helicopters in a row over a 2-3 minute time frame. We literally have to stop what we're doing until the persistent traffic subsides. Sounds like i'm whining, but it really is awful. I'd shoot them down personally if I thought I wouldn't get caught. Why is it ok for a few hundred rich people to spoil my peace and quiet?" Sep 8, 10 12:46 PM

Really Dayo? You can't imagine how buying a home 15 years ago, 6 miles away from an airport might be an extremely different situation now then it was back then, or even 10 years ago? I have no statistics to base this on, but I would bet money that the amout of helicopter traffic out of the East Hampton airport has increased in excess of 400% in that time period." Sep 9, 10 12:47 PM

Highway Dept. Floats Ideas To Fix Troublesome Water Mill Intersection

As someone who has commuted thru and to Water Mill for the past 14 years I can offer that in no way is a roundabout feasable at this location. The shear amount and size of VERY large trucks towing bulldozers, boats etc. would not bring the efficiency desired. The opposite would occur, rendering the area impossible to navigate for the big vehicles. Just look at the roundabout on Scuttlehole Rd., by in large effective, however the volume is far less and STILL the middle of the circle is getting driven over by the big trucks. Seems like the option should be eliminated based on the math alone. " Nov 8, 10 9:00 AM

Attorney Asks For $70 Million Judgment Against Southampton Town

What an ugly human being to do such a thing as to sue for $70mm! Even worse, what a lousy townsperson and county member. The article reads like she is JUST sueing the town police and the county, well guess who that is folks, you and me. So sorry you were inconvenienced doing something a person with a half a brain in their head would have avoided doing simply given their circumstances and location. Don't come taking my money because you can't think like an adult. I'm not into gun control, but after reading this story her inability for reasonable thought makes me realize we do need it. For people like her, with no common sense!" Feb 8, 11 5:52 PM

Helicopters Try Out Proposed South Shore Route

Good Gosh!! Thank you sooooo much for whomever is responsible for getting this done. Let's hope it sticks. A COMPLETE quality of life upgrade for those in Noyac, summertime is back outside, yee-ha" Sep 13, 11 2:30 PM

Third Man Rescued From Moriches Inlet After Boat Capsizes

How big was the boat? What kind was it? Was the owner fishing? Did it capsize in the surf break?" Nov 9, 11 6:22 PM

Sag Harbor Schools Investigating Rental House Residency Imposters

Awesome. Accountability!" Nov 10, 11 12:14 PM

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