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East End Voters Decide On School Budgets, Board Members

I believe it would be exactly the same amount! We have 437 children in the EQ Elementary School. We have almost the exact number of students in the WHB Middle and High Schools. A full half of our budget goes to WHB. That means the other half stays at our school. If we send our elementary school children to WHB Elementary (which by the way doesn't have the room for us, not to mention then we would have absolutely no say in the budget) it will cost exactly the same amount!" May 22, 13 5:17 PM

Have either you or Chief1 ever considered that consolidation has been considered by our BOE? Westhampton does not want to consolidate!!
You guys should come to some of our BOE meetings and really listen to what is going on. We have a fiscally responsible BOE who has worked very hard at putting together the best budget they can- trying their best to balance the wants of the taxpayers with the needs of the students. The least we all can do as community members is listen to them and educate ourselves before voting no! People hear the words "pierce the cap" and all they want to do is vote the budget down.
" May 22, 13 5:27 PM

The above comment was directed at crusader not double standard. Sorry." May 22, 13 5:29 PM

What does razing the house have to do with anything?
" May 23, 13 6:25 PM

East Quogue School Board Remains Undecided On How To Proceed After Budget Failure

Right, crusader, "The die is cast".. for our wonderful school district to be systematically ruined because of people who vote no on fiscally sound school budgets. That's certainly nothing to be proud of. " Jun 15, 13 11:34 AM

East Quogue Voters Approve Budget Second Time Around

None of the "VOTE YES" signs I saw were in any way littering or disturbing the public right of way! And you can look forward to seeing them again next year! :)
" Jun 26, 13 3:50 PM

East Quogue School District Tax Rate Nearly Double Original Estimates

Bearing in mind, of course, that the school you want East Quogue to merge with actually is interested in merging. Which Westhampton Beach isn't!" Oct 19, 13 2:28 PM

State Education Commissioner Fields Questions On Common Core

That same president who has been changing whatever laws he sees fit to whatever version of them helps him the most? Are you kidding? You call THAT being held accountable???
The teachers I know are not looking to have no accountability in their jobs! They are saying that they have to have more time to implement this curriculum before it would be appropriate to tie students test results to the teachers rating. They HAVE to teach directly to the test and if their class needs more time on a certain subject too bad! There's no time to review, just keep pushing ahead. Kids can't master a lesson in one day!!
" Dec 6, 13 2:39 PM

To your comment "the NY State Dept warned that initially, results would be bad (knowing full well the poor quality of so many locally controlled school districts), but that the higher standards are designed to spur change to better performance". The NY State Ed Dept set the scores for pass/fail AFTER the tests were graded! Of course they were able to "warn" that results would be bad!! They guaranteed it themselves!!" Dec 6, 13 2:59 PM

Report: East Quogue School District In 'Moderate Fiscal Stress'

If you notice, Crusader, the reference to Lewis Rd was only to COMPARE it to the piece of sidewalk on Central Ave in front of the school property. The snow on the sidewalk was caused by the same thing that caused Lewis Rd to have to be plowed again- the WIND!!" Jan 28, 14 9:24 AM

Westhampton Beach Schools Still Hammering Away At 'Opt Out' Policy For State Exams

I would like to point out to Mr. Radday that if he believes parents are refusing the NYS assessments for their children because they are "too hard" he is 100% WRONG!! These tests have no educational value to our children. Their teachers do not get the tests back after they are taken. They are told that a certain number of students got specific questions wrong but not what topics those questions dealt with. The tests do not drive our children's education at all! The "results" are not sent out until August- after the child has left the class he/she was in when he/she took the test. The passing score for these assessments is not set until AFTER the tests are taken and graded! Some years it's 63% to pass, some years it's 87%. The ONLY reason for these tests is to evaluate the teachers. Why should our children have to sit for 400 minutes over 6 days solely so the state can assess their teachers? There are plenty of other ways to assess teachers. I won't even go into the fact that special ed students(who are expected to perform at their age level NOT their ability level) and English Language learners(some who don't speak English yet) are required to take the same tests and their scores are also included in their teachers' assessment. So no, Mr. Radday, we are not trying to "shelter" our children from something that is "hard" just from something that is pointless and abusive!!" Mar 5, 14 3:46 PM

State Aid Increases For Schools, Not Enough For Some Districts

Thank you, Eqeducation, for your comment! East Quogue is a wonderful little school with some of the most amazing teachers, staff and administrators! There has been so many cuts in the past few years it is painful. We all want our children to have a well rounded, enriching education and the more cuts the BOE is forced to make the more difficult it becomes to provide that education!
" Apr 3, 14 2:15 PM

Couple Donates $50K To East Quogue Elementary Science Program

Thank you, Mr and Mrs Crowe! This is such an amazingly generous donation and will mean so much to the students of East Quogue! I couldn't agree more with Capt. Phil when he says that it couldn't have happened to a better school! I look forward to seeing the children participate in this wonderful experience!
" Sep 2, 14 5:54 PM

UPDATE: Visitations For Gordon Werner To Be Held Tuesday, Wednesday

So very sad. Our heartfelt prayers and condolences go out to all of Gordon's family and friends. " Oct 24, 14 3:40 PM

PTA Hosts Halloween Parade And Carving Contest In East Quogue

To clarify, the event was sponsored by the Southampton Town, the EQ Chamber of Commerce and the EQ Community PTA. " Oct 29, 14 2:42 PM

Forum On Public Education Urges Parents To Opt Out Of Common Core Testing

Great forum!! Important information regarding what is happening to public education. " Mar 24, 15 1:00 PM

Family Pulled From Water After Getting Caught In Rip Current Tuesday At Pikes Beach

Great job to the lifeguards and the good Samaritans who helped out! We were there and it was scary but the lifeguards were quick and efficient!
" Jun 30, 15 9:26 PM

East Quogue Unveils Tentative School Budget; Officials Warn They Might Pierce Tax Cap

Just to be clear- if EQ has to cut $1.1 million in order to meet the 0.12% tax cap the BOE will not be considering cutting "some" non-mandated programs. All of those things listed will be lost. That means without a 60% majority vote we will have 1/2 day kindergarten, there will be no after school busing from WHB middle and high school, no instrumental music program, we will lose one Phys Ed teacher, one special ed teacher, .5 of a speech position, 2-5 teaching assistants, 2 teacher aides. There will be no field trips, no extra curricular activities and no needed repairs to our building. ALL of that will be gone if we do not exceed the 0.12% tax cap and get a 60% majority for this budget. We cannot afford to have this budget fail. Please come to the meetings and learn what is happening. A YES vote is not only a vote for our students and our future. It's also a vote for our community!!
" Mar 16, 16 5:00 PM

Dr. Gobler Says Luxury Golf Course Resort Would Leave Larger Nitrogen Footprint Than Subdivision

Why is that disingenuous? Is she not allowed an opinion just like every other taxpayer in the community? Does she forfeit her opinion on these types of issues because she VOLUNTARILY serves on our school Board of Education? " Jan 11, 17 3:13 PM

East Quogue Board Of Education Criticized For Lack Of Transparency

Just to clarify- the agenda item that called for the Board of Education to submit an application to change the way the building administration is run was indeed NOT approved unanimously! Mrs McNamara was the only member who voted against that motion.
" Jan 19, 17 3:19 PM


1. Just stating a fact. The original article said the motion passed unanimously. It didn't.
2. The conversation wasn't specifically about Mr Long. It was about the possible combining of the two positions so I don't believe it was privileged.
3. If there was so much support for the combining of the positions 2 years ago what would it have hurt to have a publicized public meeting now in 2017?

I have always supported Mr Long, our BOE, our teachers and our school. And that hasn't changed. What I have wondered about is why things are voted on after the fact- approval of substitute teachers, chaperones etc. Now, I am not saying this is a huge problem and it may well commonly happen elsewhere. What I am saying is that this was a much more important decision. And not only had the application been submitted before the vote but it had also already been approved by the state. In my opinion that gives Mr Heaney's comment that they may be doing the right thing but in the wrong way more weight.

PS- If I remember correctly Ms McNamara ran unopposed and therefore did not need a campaign manager.
" Jan 20, 17 7:45 AM

Westhampton Beach Restaurant Baby Moon Goes Back To Its Roots

Congratulations!! We love Baby Moon!!" Apr 6, 17 2:29 PM