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Tuckahoe Students Could Be Pulled From Westhampton Beach District If Merger Advances

Hi David- I know you have done much to bring light to this issue- I have been in touch with NYSED today and am waiting on some information back from them- would like to get in touch with you....
Linda " Jun 28, 13 10:00 PM

I don't believe this is a done deal- as parents we could petition to NYSED- the money could be allocated to allow students to remain. Dan Crough needs to be held to his assurances which he gave to the Westhampton Beach students, my son, Alex being one of them.
This is breach of fuducuary responsibility as a board member. I applaud Mr. Grisnick for standing up for the student's best interest." Jun 28, 13 10:07 PM

That may well be that the district's should consolidate. As the parent of a WHB tuckahoe student, my son needs to be allowed to complete his HS where we voted to have the choice. The interesting thing is that no one seems to be looking at the numbers- It costs less to educate the students at WHB, even with the "discount" Southampton gave- why not have all the students attend WHB then if we are looking for economies of scale? The board bought 2 pieces of property- they could sell them and use the money to complete the students' educations where they started. " Jun 28, 13 10:14 PM

Tuckahoe School Board Sets Timeline For Pending Merger With Southampton

It is reprehensible that Dan Crough would even consider making the statement about sacrificing being a good thing for our children. It was not put into the article the fact that many of our children have already sacrificed much. And Yes, the board didn't want to "sacrifice" the children by sending them to Westhampton, when it was cheaper, which could've been done long ago.

Dan Crough sits there in his ivory tower boiling down the issue to "a simple one" let the community decide. He is forcing us to vote down the merger. I know that Tuckahoe would be able to operate for 10 years if it became insolvent. If they do not care about our children, I will do what I must to protect mine." Aug 14, 13 12:53 PM

Southampton, Tuckahoe School Boards Still Working Toward Merger

My child is a student at Westhampton Beach. We were given assurances that the students would be grandfathered in by Tuckahoe in Jan of 2013 - we received letters. Southampton School Board said they would not abide by that since they needed all the students to keep the tuition deal low. Southampton is still proposing to charge more than Westhampton Beach. There was money set aside at Tuckahoe to provide for these students. With a 12,000,000 reserve fund at Southampton, they could easily send the students to WHB since it is a small finite number of students. Many of the parents are planning on renting in Westhampton area if they force it - so the district will lose that money in terms of state aid anyway and garner huge ill will. No studies point out that moving a student their senior or junior year will benefit their education - if that is what Southampton says they believe that the children come first.

An interesting development came out on the North Fork in that Greenport and Southold school districts are going to split a superintendent without merging. Now that sounds like a good solution - you can save approximately 200,000 a year + benefits - Southampton and Tuckahoe combines still amounts to a small school district. No reason not to consolidate the administration. You would also save on the business officials without having to go to a merger if money alone is the overriding factor." Nov 15, 13 6:48 PM

Shinnecock Tribe Considering All Options For Educating Students Next Year

This is a valid point. As a Tuckahoe parent, my child is potentially being pulled out from WHB his senior year - therefore if you want the Shinnecock to have choice, then at the very least it should be the same for the tuckahoe students, especially the ones that are there presently - they should not be forced to go to Southampton in the event of another merger try. Why is no one addressing the "grandfathering" issue? Linda Purrazzella
" Dec 2, 13 12:46 PM