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Turmoil continues in Tuckahoe; commissioner will decide fate of school board

let's review the charges leveled in that first comment, by anthony grimaldi- "mob mentality, chronic complainers, selfish agendas, superintendent manipulating and abusing, misleading, disingenuous, mob, coup d'etat, professional misconduct, lack of moral clarity, questionable character, rogue board member, lynch mob, misguided....wow that's a lot! how great it is that at the end the author suggests the school return to the friendly family environment and that this is not about the past. why would a parent of kids that have long since graduated spend so much time and effort insulting the district, parents and staff members? “As human beings we all want to be happy and free from misery… we have learned that the key to happiness is inner peace. As the Dalai Lama said "The greatest obstacles to inner peace are disturbing emotions such as anger, attachment, fear and suspicion, while love and compassion and a sense of universal responsibility are the sources of peace and happiness.” Welcome TUFSD!" Feb 11, 10 6:37 AM

while you're at it, you should also look up the definition of Yentas." Feb 11, 10 1:50 PM

"When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares that it is his duty."
-George Bernard Shaw " Feb 12, 10 11:24 AM

Clashing ideas about jobs dominate congressional race

-Because there are a lot of folks that approve of mutilating animals. That yessiree guy is owning you and you don't have much to respond with but some weird sort of nonsense. and phylllis, do suggest that any single party hold more guilt than the other in terms of corporate lobbying and large donations in most circles would render either a 15 year old or deserving of nothing more than a pat on the head and a ''you're cute''. " Oct 16, 10 6:10 AM

my bad wikipedia. i din't know that an internet source where anyone is allowed to provide input is now a rock solid source. perhaps you need to check more reruns of columbo. but nice use of mea culpa stephen erkle." Oct 16, 10 6:12 AM

Altschuler balks; debate with Bishop canceled

Noah Way doesn't think tax breaks are good. hahahahahaha. So great you are. Send it all the loot you want Mr. Generous. You go send Tim Bishop out there on a platform of raising taxes and don't give me the rich guy/poor guy bit. EVERYONE's taxes are going up. Unless you actually believe what the head tells you." Oct 18, 10 4:50 PM

Altschuler, Bishop Will Take Part In Campaign Event On Thursday

Look up there at those pictures, that's what you are going to see Noah. A lifer, pointing at you, lecturing you,babbling about who is and who isn't allowed to serve in Congress. Except he doesn't get to decide. Its desperate and uncomfortable to watch someone when they cannot run on their so called accomplishments. Before you vote, remember, this isn't local at all anymore people. Bishop is going to regret he insisted on this. HIs strongest point is that he voted against Nancy Pelosi 2% of the time. " Oct 18, 10 4:55 PM

you're all big on slogans, one liners and unfortunately for you, this one is about substance. and you can have fun with that double digit lead, that same paper also has an advertisement for male enhancement that guarantees results. hahahaha." Oct 18, 10 6:32 PM

"Bush was an idiot.The entire republican party is coming apart at the seams because of him;Ask anyone in the world and they'll tell you he was the biggest idiot and worst president in American history."

The above was, best I can tell, #183 for philathome. Just in case you were tempted to take him seriously.

" Oct 18, 10 6:34 PM

philathome, the policies are publicized and out there for you to read if you so choose, but its about what he WON'T do. Oh, and scientests have discovered the ailment, symptoms of which you present: gluteal cleft syndrom." Oct 18, 10 7:58 PM

and you know, for your party, you are exhibiting presidential material qualities. you know, calling people that don't support your views, ''Stupid'' or ''Confused''. you could have a future in liberal politics." Oct 18, 10 8:00 PM

big smile this morning. philathome likes my comments, ice and philathome have had some comments removed, undoubtedly losing their minds and razza5351 can't keep the nonsensical joke up any longer. Wow, I didn't think I would be so effective. and philathome, while I am here to help, sometimes I can do more good by just giving you a hint of the truth and letting you go find it for yourself. You can lead a donkey to water but you can't make him see the light." Oct 19, 10 7:15 AM

You know, I'll show you some mercy. Here are two pretty specific strategies from a man you have never met yet for whom you seem to preserve a special level of hatred. If you don't support either of these ideas, you are clearly in the minority and while you have a right to your opinion, civil servants are hired by the people to represent the majority of them. The majority of the country support both of the measures below. This cannot be disputed.

"I support efforts to repeal Obamacare and will fight to repeal the Medicare Advantage cuts supported by Nancy Pelosi and Tim Bishop."

"I support an "all-of-the-above" package of steps to overhaul our energy policy: environmentally-responsible domestic oil drilling; greater use of safe nuclear power; investment in alternative energy sources, like solar, wind, geothermal and hydropower; the production of clean coal to power cars and planes; and the extraction of additional natural gas to cook our food and heat our homes."

" Oct 19, 10 7:22 AM

Southampton School Officials Call Meeting For Parents To Discuss Recent 'Incidents'

hysterical parents=hysterical kids." Oct 19, 10 1:58 PM

Altschuler, Bishop Will Take Part In Campaign Event On Thursday

heywhodat5, algore's wife has designated this a PG-13 website and unless you have your parents approval, you probably should sign off. we'll mark you down as a vote ''in favor of'' calling people stupid and losers that don't agree with you. You too have a solid foundation on which to build a liberal career in politics." Oct 19, 10 5:53 PM

now that you lefties had your debate, do you feel better? your bearded stutterer had a heckuva time. again, uncomfortable to watch a person with 8+ years of experience not really be able to point to anything substantial. And at this point, Pelosi and Reid are so toxic, he cannot slither away from those relationships or his union thug supporters or his inside the beltway foreign money. its actually sad to watch this, and the unfortunate thing is we are heading towards a great imbalance in the government because of the radicalism of a few sleazy attorneys from chicago that were propped up by George Soros. philathome, its been real, and its been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. the new poll numbers are out and its simply not a good morning for you and your ilk. no amount of dem. offense can stem the tide of what can only be looked at as an F1 tornado of change you're not going to like. Somewhere Mr. Z , turkey, progressnow and the others are seething, just like you, while listening to rachel maddow and chris matthews. and yes, its all very sad. better luck next time." Oct 20, 10 8:39 AM

Raucous Meeting Focuses On Fights At Southampton High School

yessiree is not an idiot, but as the tiny buddah says, people see the world with whatever is in their hearts. in case you haven't read, childhood development experts are having a hard time because race relations and general populace anger is at an all time high, negative sentiment, positive outlook...all of that stuff is at an all time low. kids are affected by this. when the country feels good, it affects everything...when the news is all bad, adults and media portray anger, outrage and hopelessness, when 1/3 of the country is now on foodstamps and family members are out of work - yep, it affects everything." Oct 20, 10 1:27 PM

Gap is closing between locals and summer visitors

it is probably inappropriate to allow comments on this story. because folks like J. Totta may have missed that it was written by a high school student. And, she did a very, very good job. She and her family ought to be very proud of this achievement. Good going - keep up the good work." Oct 20, 10 1:29 PM

Raucous Meeting Focuses On Fights At Southampton High School

as an example go to the article on this site that is written by a high school student. then go to the comments. an adult goes on to call this student an idiot and tear the article apart. the basis for the rage are socio-political issues of today. do you think that the child is immune? if it were me, i would be checking every day and then be totally hurt by that. but for all of the hot air blanketing the lands about pro education politicians, doesn't seem to matter does it. Not unless we get in here and create programs and groups ourselves, unless we - on our own, with no help from the federal government - come in as a community and help each other out. " Oct 20, 10 1:32 PM

Sex offender trailers still open after deadline; political grappling continues

I could be missing something, but something is wrong with this picture. Legislators gathered to express outrage that what they said was going to happen and voted on didn't happen? Politics as usual. They take us all for fools." Oct 20, 10 5:10 PM

Altschuler balks; debate with Bishop canceled

Breaking news: Soros admits to $1million donation to Media Matters, despite repeated denials by Media Matters that they took foreign money or any donation from Soros. In other news, the sky is blue." Oct 20, 10 5:21 PM

This Year, An Election Year Battle For Bishop

SH Native, you forgot to add "polly want a cracker", brrrroooock." Oct 24, 10 9:06 AM

Lawsuit Targets One Of Region's Oldest Farm Families

he traded $9 million dollars of property rights for some estate planning? is that what we are supposed to believe? look, the problem with this is that a judge will have to see that the unethical conflict of interest is also unlawful. as my grand-dad said, if it stinks like poop, looks like poop, feels like poop....its poop." Oct 24, 10 1:34 PM

This Year, An Election Year Battle For Bishop

not true, you know that like you know a lot of things. if bishop wins, the only saving grace is that we'll have someone to blame when things don't turn around before his next election." Oct 24, 10 1:37 PM

oh sure, the poll that has the numbers you like is the only valid one. will you promise me that you will post a simple one word on november 3rd. ''uncle''?

rejection is difficult to understand, in all its forms. and as your psychiatrist, i would politely submit to you that your are fully engaged in the body's self preservation status whereby you simply have to convince yourself that what you see is actually something different. defense mechanism type process. this cannot have been a fun election season for you. and you have every right to be panicked and faced with a fight or flee decision. my vote, however, will be cancelling out yours. so you may want to just stay home." Oct 25, 10 12:34 PM

Phil, you sound funny, like you should have a cape on with a crooked D, some tights and some cokebottle glasses...hahahaha. I have news for you, win or lose, Tim Bishop has lost significantly. His hope for a legacy is ruined his record has been blown to pieces by a light no stronger than a bic lighter and his time is up at this election or the next. But, I cannot imagine that he is going to win. The people that will be voting against him don't answer polls, they don't post like we do and they don't talk about it. In fact, they are subject to hatred in public for voicing their opinions. There is nothing out there that either of us can hang our hats on, other than this is a very unpredictable and volatile election period, and nobody will know anything until the votes are tallied. I thought Tim would win, until today. Its bigger than everyone thought. " Oct 25, 10 4:30 PM

and no, i just did the math, do your research, people that post on this site, from what i can tell, are against bishop by a margin of essentially 60/40. here is a challenge for turkeyprogress5151 or whomever....add it up. and rightly so, you know, even though he has a reputation for ''going to the mat''. hehehehe. you people kill me, with that '' in the know'' style of yours." Oct 25, 10 4:33 PM

with all due respect, only the house, of which tim is a member can appropriate funds. here's the tally update for bishop blame bush- 499, take responsibility for his failures - 0. what's laughable is your simplistic clinging to inane issues like from what town someone lives is as a leadership quality. shoo." Oct 25, 10 5:57 PM

phil, the whole link thing you've seized upon doesn't really build credibility for you. to be fair, there are 10 thousand links on the internet for any point of view one would like to find support for. hope you don't mind me telling you that but you were starting to fade in terms of your entertainment value. at the same time, we are a week out and i am going to miss you after next week. vote local, vote altschuler." Oct 26, 10 7:41 AM

joe hampton gets a high 5 from me across the digital divide. early gloating. even progressnow is starting to accuse us of bullying, but i cannot see where any of us righties ever had to resort to the sort of vitriol we see above, bullies, baggers, beat up women, irrelveant, pretentious...all right up there. isn't there a volcano somewhere they should be investigating..hahahaha.

obama, tim, nancy and harry have lost. the count, election day, none of it matters, the american people have been speaking long before this election day, they are just going to make it official next tuesday. power to the people - don't delay!" Oct 26, 10 5:22 PM

mr. z, turkey progress and all of them think their polls are more accurate. hahahaha, so great. " Oct 26, 10 5:23 PM

the audacity of NOPE:
Dems might as well stay home. this would be fine. via mike allen politico. lib hothouse....

Republicans net 51 House seats (39 needed for control) – 8 Senate seats (10 needed for control). When people ask us our hot hunch for an upset, we say that Harry Reid could still win – gives you a sense of how bad the C.W. is for Ds. For the past two weeks, Alex “Morning Score” Burns’ parlor-game hot hunch has been Rep. Joe Sestak (D) winning in PA SEN. " Oct 26, 10 5:25 PM

here's another poll. pew research shows that only 51% of latinos are ''absolutely certain'' that they will be going to vote. This is in response to Obama coming out today and imploring latinos and hispanics to ''punish their enemies'' and if they want immigration reform to vote for the lefties. although ''latinos for reform'' are urging their latinos brothers and sisters to not vote for libs because they are sick of being played like pawns in the power game. they get it. sick that we even have to talk about a president race baiting and screwing with human beings in such a manipulative way. " Oct 26, 10 5:35 PM

Former President Bill Clinton Will Stump For Congressman Bishop On Wednesday

holy mackeral! this is fantastic news, it means they expect to lose. by sending clinton, they don't mind how it looks when he goes down. they aren't sending the big guns...hide your daughters and wives - bubba is coming to the campus!

comes out today that all of the pimping of the tarp and stimulus was all lies! shocking. aig gets bailed out by tim because it handles the majority of union pensions.

if you want more frivolous spending, more unethical burning of your hard earned tax dollars - if you want another 2 years of being told that you are not good enough, that you need the federal government to wipe your face, if you need to be told you're dumb, racist and the great unwashed, then you should vote local, vote for the elitest, timmy. (november 3rd)

otherwise, step into the room with the professional adults, we welcome all of you, and vote randy altschuler. " Oct 27, 10 6:12 AM

The Independent endorsed Congressman Tim Bishop every time he ran, noting his commitment to and familiarity with the East End and his ability to focus on constituents and not photo opportunities. Bishop jumped on the Obama wagon early on, and blindly supported the president's initiatives. That's understandable -- Obama was riding an unprecedented wave of popularity, and there is little doubt Bishop was swept up in the euphoria. It soon became apparent, though, that the new administration was throwing money at every problem with a shocking disregard for the long-term consequences. The evidence is irrefutable: Congress wasted billions of dollars, much of it going into the hands of the very people that caused the financial meltdown. The National Debt is now $13.6 trillion, up a whopping 30 percent – $3.2 trillion --in the past two years. Bishop brags that he helped create jobs by voting for the Recovery Act, which costs $800 billion. But there are 116,000 unemployed workers in Suffolk County, the highest total since 1992, and the unemployment rate in Suffolk County has risen from 4.0 in April 2008 to 7.2 (as of August, 2010) according to the Labor Department. It is troubling Bishop calls this "economic growth." Bottom line: the administration promised national unemployment would peak at 8 percent. It's approaching 10 percent. Of course the bill provided some measure of relief, but the money was spent recklessly, and now beleaguered taxpayers have to pay for it. It's understandable that the public is leery of the Affordable Care Act, fearful the middle class will shoulder the massive burden of paying for those who don't have health insurance. Bishop insists ObamaCare (as it's been dubbed) will lower health insurance costs, but, as Altschuler points out, the 2300 page bill is loaded with poison pills. Even Bishop acknowledges the HMOs and pharmaceutical companies helped draft the legislation. Deciphering the document is a difficult task, but it's easy to conclude those of us who work hard will end up paying for those who don't, and that's not acceptable. Public opinion, sadly, has driven the incumbent's campaign. His assault on Altschuler has been one-dimensional and misleading, focusing on the fact Altschuler's former company outsourced jobs overseas. Altschuler, a self made millionaire and an extremely savvy businessman, has his flaws to be sure, but outsourcing is not the egregious practice Bishop would have us believe. Billions of American tax dollars doled out by the current administration created jobs outside this country, and Bishop voted for the measures. A good business owner hires the best people; Bishop's argument is akin to saying The Mets and Yankees shouldn't hire Japanese or Latino players because they will take jobs from Americans. In a recent debate at The Independent Bishop bragged about his bipartisanship, yet he votes with Democrats almost 100 percent of the time. Altschuler is guilty of being a political opportunist who has found a place to land – no different that Hillary Clinton and Robert F. Kennedy, both of whom did a good job representing New Yorkers. The Independent believes there is change coming to this country, and it will begin Election Day. We believe unless Washington stops throwing money away and starts down a path of fiscal conservatism our country could plunge into a depression we will never be able to crawl out of. We need brilliant business minds with the knowledge of how to make money, not spend it. Bishop has worked hard for East Enders, and he's a good man, but he has stubbornly refused to acknowledge the truth: it's not working. "Tax and Spend" isn't a campaign slogan – it's what's been happening in Washington. It stops now. Altschuler comes from a humble background yet he put himself through Princeton and Harvard Business School, started a company from scratch and sold it a few years later for $80 million. That's a resumé. Randy Altschuler is clearly the superior candidate and we urge voters to send him to Washington where he can use his financial acumen to help clean up the mess Obama, Pelosi, and yes, Tim Bishop, have created.
" Oct 27, 10 7:50 AM

yeah, he has santa clause and big bird. bishop has clinton, pelosi, the media, the schools, music idols and he's got you and a bunch of hedgefund traders.

but nonetheless, randy is within striking distance by any poll's margin of error.

unfortunately, the template you so dearly want to rest your cap on doesn't exist except on the daily kos and msnbc. so, it wouldn't matter what those folks say, if you want to vote for my children and grandchildren, please vote for randy. if you want to vote in a way that puff daddy and joy behar think you're cool, but you end up giving more money to ''the man'' vote local.

by walking away to campaign and letting the bush tax cuts expire, the average long island family will realize an extra $2,600.00 in taxes beginning january 1st. there is a new 3.8% tax that tim voted for that affects every socio economic class - that's a 3.8% tax when you sell your house - it was in the healthcare bill. tim bishop voted to raise the federal deficit to $14 trillion and then voted several times for deficit spending when it was promised to stop. actual unemployment on long island is close to 13% and your boy cannot bring himself to admit that things aren't exactly going that well. the leader you espouse wants to blame bush. there. you heard from an altschuler supporter. tim's entire sales pitch to you has been negative and misleading and didn't, at any time, address any of the so-called achievements (read major failures) that he trumpted while he was casting his vote. he turned on his constituency to preserve his job in the face of impactful and logical pleas from those he purports to represent. he hides behind his beard, his glasses and now nancy and harry and his wall street/park avenue suitors.

so now you've heard from an altschuler supporter. any questions?" Oct 27, 10 11:26 AM

Dentists Offer Cash To Kids For Halloween Candy As Part Of A Larger Effort

didn't expect you to appreciate it. the kids earn non taxable dollars and it benefits the troops. " Oct 27, 10 7:35 PM

Code Enforcement Closes Rumba's Overflow Parking Lot

yep. not surprising considering the current war against entrepreneurs and those that are working hard to be successful for their families. " Oct 27, 10 7:38 PM

Four Seasons Caterer Southampton Renamed Seasons of Southampton

god forbid the attorney suggest to his overzealous client that there may not be any confusion between a family owned- four seasons catering firm on the eastern end of long island and the outdated, overpriced multi-national hotel chain. but that would require the attorney possess a heart and conscience." Oct 27, 10 7:59 PM

Former President Bill Clinton Will Stump For Congressman Bishop On Wednesday

a return to conservatism? you're drunk by 7:05pm. what from bush!? hahahaha, that dolt wasn't a conservative. experience is the best teacher? oh no, you've all lost your mind. obama is the best president ever and he has no experience at all? and hillary is the best rep. ny ever had.

and latinos and hispanics on the yankees and mets deserve to play on the new york team even though they don't live in their parents house in the village.

and a measure of a man is whatever that man wants to measure himself by. not whatever nonsense you want to impose on him. as long as he ain't hurtin' you, you can go about your measuring yourself. but judge ye not lest ye be judged first. measure of a man...pfffft. and whoever thinks labor issues or whatever absolute drivel that was all about...what on earth!? oh, no, i mean, yes, please keep focusing on all of those issues, they are what will get you back into power. yes, focus on labor issues and the measure of a man and all of that. please. that's is the ticket...victory will be sealed for the dems, but i won't tell anyone that the ''october surprise'' is labor issues, the measure of a man, volcanoes and outsourcing. oh, and being local. it's too easy." Oct 27, 10 9:05 PM

cap'n america - thats a terrible development, but not surprising. at the end of the day, obama's youthful anger, uncontrollable resentment, negative thought processes and amateurish style will be his downfall. karma and the universe rejects that level of thorough disgust and negativity. that is never a winning strategy, the anger, the put downs the disdain. its just not a winning proposition on the world stage of power. its a weak stance generated by fear, misunderstanding and childhood mental pollution. without us warriors on the ground, the man would probably fail all on his own. but the universe has a way of balancing things out and relegating poison the the dust from whence it began. in this case, we are just not sure if its the slums of chicago, the road to hana or the hills of indonesia." Oct 28, 10 6:23 AM

New Voting Machines Ready For First Big Test

the captain hit the nail on the head. between voter fraud perpetrated on servicemen and women who coincidentally tend to vote republican and the numerous reports of problems with the libs' names already being checked, there are problems already. i would recommend everyone put their initials on the ballot and then 30 days post election call the board for an email scan of your voter form. to make sure it hasn't been toyed with." Oct 28, 10 7:19 AM

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