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Group files second opinion regarding proposed religious boundary

The press coverage seems responsible but you folks - you are funny." Nov 13, 08 12:07 PM

Ocean rescue succeeds despite snowstorm

What an ordeal for the Coast Guard - The whole night at sea risking their lives in a fierce Winter storm searching out four knotheads who never should been out there to begin with, given the ample storm warnings over the previous few days.
I'd like to read some quotes from the rescued sailors - I hope they are feeling suitably humiliated and not crowing about their great adventure.

But most of all, thanks to the Coast Guard. No matter how stupid we are, they are there for us." Dec 23, 08 9:40 AM

Restaurants will have to list prices for specials

By way of a friendly reply to RealLocal - I have been to restaurants where the the specials were twice the price of anything in a similar category on the menu. With no printed prices for specials and some servers acting annoyed if asked to name the price for each of several specials, (and sometimes not even knowing the prices when asked and instead replying, let me check and I'll get back to you.), it seems reasonable for there to be some low key way to let diners know what a special will cost.
I don't think many restaurant owners would want to limit their customer base to just those who have no need or desire to know what anything costs, especially in Winter !
I should add that most of my East End restaurant experiences and almost all of the servers I have known have been great.
" Dec 23, 08 3:11 PM

Couple robbed at gunpoint in their car

Methinks there is more to this story than the facts we know so far and it is not about the ethnicity of the alleged perps but possibly in their links to one of the alleged victims.
Great as written to flush out the race baiters though." Feb 25, 09 2:53 PM

New museum plans on hold because of economy

The economy aside, the interests of both the town and the museum seem best served by staying in the existing location and rennovating and expanding into the former library building as necesary.
The Parish is one of the anchors of downtown even for those who don't regularly enter it.
If it takes a collapsing economy instead of just common sense to kill the idea of another big building on Rte 27 - so be it.
" Mar 4, 09 2:52 PM

In asnwer to Surfer...Progress is not always represented by big, bigger, biggest. Sometimes it is in valuing tradition, the community, and appropriateness.
There is a place for world calss museums and we are lucky to be only 100 miles away from possibly the world's largest concentration of them. Regional museums are an entirely different matter.
This is a legitimate debate having nothing whatever to do with fear of progress or fear of anything else, for that matter." Mar 9, 09 12:07 PM

More details unveiled in $50 million mortgage fraud scheme

Remember when bankers were the most careful and conservative people in town ? You could count on them to check out documents like titles very carefully indeed, and not just accept any piece of paper being waved around. And if their careful analysis of your income and expenses found you worthy of a mortgage, you didn't even have to worry yourself whether you could repay it. Like getting into Harvard, they wouldn't have accepted you if you couldn't do the work. !
Well those grey suited and sober individuals were replaced by the Maserati driving blowhards weekending in Hamptons McMansions we know all too well. Their criminal greed has brought America and capitalism to its knees and this story is just a small example of scenes being played out everywhere. Put the petty criminals like the ones described in this article in jail by all means, but don't lose sight of those who alowed it to happen - a new generation of bankers themselves, who are the real criminal masterminds." Apr 1, 09 4:43 PM

Gilbride wins mayoral race in Sag Harbor

With all due respect Terry and to Brian Gilbride,, it shoud be noted that this was a three way race and that the combined votes of the other two candidates exceeded by a small number those of the winner. Further, the winner did not receive a majority of the votes, gathering 47.9 % of the votes cast.
Cetainly a well deserved victory but hardly a 'pendulum" - the curent Mayor seems more from the center than the right or left, and nothing whatever to do with events in Washington, D.C." Jun 17, 09 4:39 PM

I am a Sag Harbor newcomer - 25 years. I think Blue Sky needs to drive around town and look closely. Not a precious doll house ? Have you ever been inside the scores and scores of houses that have been rennovated over the last decade ? There are two Sag Harbors, (at least), and they need to learn to live with eachother becase neither can exist without the other." Jun 18, 09 9:14 AM

Sag Harbor condo project in doubt after code changes; lawsuit expected

Sag Harbor has too many condo developments right now for a town of its size and density, so this project should not go forward.
The town needs to get a handle on the design and architecture side of any new building or rennovation activity so that there are no more monstrosities like West Water Street, which only gets worse looking as it nears completion." Aug 7, 09 9:36 AM

State gets involved in hospitals' negotiations with Empire

A work colleague told me that the Alliance hospitals' costs, and thus what they need to charge for services and then require as payment from insurers, are much higher than those at comparable hospitals.
According to this person, Empire wants to pay no more than what they pay the other comparable hospitals for the same service.
I think my friend was exagerating when he overall issue or not ?
" Aug 10, 09 2:38 PM

Body found on Sagaponack beach a suicide, police say

pmofo: The Editor of the Sag Harbor Express wrote that it is common practice in the press not to reveal the identies of suicides unless they are public figures." Oct 6, 09 12:28 PM

Jonnyhampton and tookatz: You guys are funny - you have both left multiple comments to different articles in the past day or two. Nothing wrong with that and it is a great feature of online newspapers, but why are you making fun of everyone who is doing the same thing ?" Oct 9, 09 11:27 AM

Fisherman counts his blessings after falling off his boat

Wow, what a story and rescue. Funny headline - Distressed Swimmer ? I guess he WAS distressed after falling out of his boat ! And did the boat then end up on the beach under power , while he got left behind in the water ?
Good work and thanks due , to people on beach and of course to the rescuers. As someone says above - What a lucky guy." Oct 23, 09 10:01 AM

Audit finds numerous errors in Southampton Town's accounting practices

I think North Sea Citizen and Doug Penny are right. The problem is that the level of complexity has increased. But I think the solution for both Southampton and Easthampton is to change their form of government to one in which an elected board hires a professional town manager to run things. It is disrespectful to the towns to think that well intentioned amateurs can, with a litle stuyding or time on the job, master these difficult jobs.
It is a profession folks, so bring on the professionals !" Oct 27, 09 2:17 PM

Fisherman counts his blessings after falling off his boat

I just want to add that my somewhat jokey comments above, were written before this article was fleshed out with the scary details and the heroic rescue efforts by Mr. Perlroth, Cpt. Grivas, and all the others involved." Oct 30, 09 4:50 PM

Longtime hopefuls finally earn wins as highway superintendent, Trustee

If there were ever a town position that should be filled by an appointed professional, selected from a group of qualified individuals with prior experience, with no greard to policital party affiliation, it is that of Highway Superindentent. And after that comes Town Supervisor.

There is a reason that both Southampton and East Hamptown are in a mess - well intentined amateurs can seldom deal with the complexities of managing towns of this size.
" Nov 4, 09 12:40 PM

Southampton Town extends Hampton Bays moratorium

EastEnd68 - Good planning means Plan the Work and then Work the Plan. Municipalities require more time than the private sector to develop the plan, hence moratoriums and extensions." Dec 23, 09 5:31 PM

East Hampton Town harbormaster arrested for marijuana possession

Clearly, much more to this story than is known so far, and many questions, such as : Who set him up ? Did the police try to flip him for a higher-up before going public ? (Seems not.) Was he selling to school kids or splitting it among friends ? "Half a pound" may sound like a lot to some, but 8 ounces is about right for a small circle of good-buddy adults and could last awhiledepending on use.
And the larger issue referred to above - alcohol being legal and pot not ? Tough one with good arguments on both sides, in my opinion. But definitely not jail sentences for pot users - I mean, what are we thinking of ?" Jan 5, 10 5:20 PM

With all due espect, you folks who keep carrrying on about the horror of a pot smoker being armed are just displaying your own lack of knowledge. It is not a good idea to be under the influence of ANYTHING while carrying a firearm, driving a car, or doing any number of other things. A social pot smoker is no different than a social drinker in that regard, hard as that may be for many to understand and accept." Jan 7, 10 10:02 AM

Cigar Bar has liquor license suspended because of violence

Infoseeker: They are responsible for their premises and if they attact a violent crowd then they need to furnish security as do other clubs and bars with similar partrons. If they are too small to carry the overhead, then so be it. This place in particular has been s a public nuisance for several years and the problems include illegal drug sales on or near the premises, robberies of patrons, violent fights, and so on. This is the culmination of a long history, not just a few recent incidents and is out of character with the town of Sag Harbor. The Corner Bar operates across the street and is a valued and contributing member of the community. Not so The Cigar Bar." Jan 26, 10 1:39 PM

Local high school graduation rates remain above state average

All the students in the photo have hats on - they should turn up the heat in the schools." Mar 26, 10 10:36 AM

East Hampton plans to eliminate leaf pickup, sell assets

It's Easthampton, not The South Bronx !
How can the tax base not support leaf pickup ?
Perhaps if the town were managed by professionals hired by an elected board, instead of mis-managed by well meaning amateurs, it would be in better fiscal shape ?" Mar 31, 10 1:35 PM

Sagaponack has other options for police protection

I see lots of police cars in Sagaponack...Saturday and Sunday afternoons in the Summer writing tickets on beach goer cars !
Southampton should pay Sagaponack a fee for the ticket writing concession instead of the other way around.

" May 17, 10 1:43 PM

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