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School Superintendent Addresses Photo Defaced With Racist Markings; Parents Outraged

Its a case of the inmates running the asylum. The Parents in that town freak out if their children are disciplined, b/c they don't discipline them at home!!! The school is trying to investigate what may be considered a hate crime and the Parents are going after them. Insane!!!! This is why our youth is so screwed up!!" Nov 16, 11 9:59 AM

Suffolk County BOE: Wilkinson Beats Cohen By 15 Votes

Hmmmm. Bill ought to ask himself what he's done to piss people off. There is no way it should be this close with the job he's done righting the Town's finances." Nov 22, 11 11:04 AM

Suspects Apprehended In East Hampton School Graffiti Incident

And THIS is why teachers/coaches have NO control over the kids in these schools. " Dec 2, 11 10:11 AM

Share House Owner Pays $10K In Fines And Gets Court Order

$10k is a slap on the wrist. It's the price of doing business with the money they make on shares." Dec 7, 11 3:01 PM

East Hampton Chooses BOCES To Spearhead Superintendent Search

Just make Burns the permanent Supe. When's the last time we promoted from within? We bring in these out-of-town-wanna-be-big-wigs who just want to come here and pad their pensions. Rich is a guy who is invested in the district AND the Town. Fer Gauds sake, this board is just as bad as the old one." Dec 12, 11 11:03 AM

East Hampton School District Seeks Input On Superintendent Search

Keep it in house. Put someone in their that actually is invested in our community. Don't hire someone who wants to come in and pad their pension for a few years. We'll be back to another search before you know it." Jan 5, 12 8:42 AM

Keep it in house. Put someone in their that actually is invested in our community. Don't hire someone who wants to come in and pad their pension for a few years. We'll be back to another search before you know it." Jan 5, 12 9:19 AM

Amagansett Tuskegee Airman Lee Hayes To Be Honored

Love it!! And to think that Regal cinemas will not show Red Tails in either EH or SH is a disgrace!!!!" Feb 7, 12 2:34 PM

Seven East End School Districts To Seek State Funding For Consolidation Study

The study is a waste of taxpayer money. Think of it this way....the title "Six East End School Districts To Seek State Funding For Consolidation Study". Sounds all nice a fuzzy right? Replace that title with what it really means......."Six districts all vote to raise their property taxes". :) Won't happen folks." Mar 13, 12 9:32 AM

Bridgehampton Teachers Volunteer To Forgo Salary Increases

If you look at ANY school budget, salaries, health ins, and retirement benefits are 75%+ of the budget. A salary freeze is nothing more than you or I holding up a falling wall of the Hoover dam." Mar 15, 12 8:38 AM

Going To Bat For Meehan

Great point Truth Hurts. This is precisely the reason there are more mediocre programs in every sport on the east end. The few, consistently successful programs out here have coaches who don't take any crap from kids or parents. " Apr 26, 12 10:56 AM

outofhere, until you've walked a thousand miles in the coaches shoes at a PRACTICE, you will NEVER know or understand the reasons why some kids play over others. Bad practice habits, not showing up to practice, grades, are all reasons no one knows about when watching a game. It's not as simple as this kid is as good as this kid thing. It's about what kids do at practice that earns them playing time or not......it's called the REAL WORLD." Apr 26, 12 1:37 PM

High-Speed Chase Followed East Hampton Shooting; Driver Identified

Yes, this house is located in EH." May 25, 12 8:52 AM

East Hampton Town Board, Trustees Discuss Regulating Beach Businesses

We'll call the laws the Paddle Diva law. The way she pushes herself into busy areas and has no regard for others right of way is the result of a lack of regulation. I for one hate new regulations but cidiots have made it impossible to enjoy it out here without posted laws." Jun 26, 12 10:12 AM

Amagansett Resident Decries Clearing Of Lot Near Ancient Tree

While Peters is a complete, over-the-top tree hugger, he may have something here. The Montauketts have totally been disregarded and forgotten about here and this is worth looking into, slowly and carefully." Aug 17, 12 10:50 AM

Live From Tampa: Teen Reports From GOP Convention

Perpetuated? Maybe. Started? No. The housing bubble and the banking crisis was started by the good ol' US of A gov't of which Clinton was head. HE legislated that EVERYONE should be able to afford homes. Well that ain't possible! Fannie Mae was pushed into giving loans to those who can't afford it and banks did what they needed to compete with gov't. Hence our banking crisis. This is not debatable. Go ahead and search the hearings on Youtube where Obama himself and well as Maxine Waters are lambasting Alan Greenspan when he was telling them Fannie Mae should not be in a position the gov't wanted them to be. Look it up. " Aug 29, 12 3:27 PM

East Hampton Hopes To Revitalize Football Program In Division IV

" With the additional schools, enrollment numbers ballooned and forced East Hampton to play in Division III— "

Incorrect Mr. Budd. In year's past, the additions of BH and Sag harbor DID NOT put East Hampton in Division III. East Hampton would have been in Div III with its OWN enrollment. This year, East Hampton's enrollment has now dropped to a point where if they dropped Sag Harbor, they could slip into Div III, which they've done This was not the case in the past. " Aug 31, 12 9:35 AM

Sorry....that last sentence should be "slip into Div IV"." Sep 5, 12 10:51 AM

UPDATE: Stony Brook Southampton Hospital Union Employees Reach Agreement On Contracts

I bet the same people who want these union perks support free healthcare!! LMAO!!" Jul 25, 18 2:57 PM

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