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Study: Merge Southampton And North Sea Fire Districts

Do you mean the SH Fire Dept and fire district are 2 different entities? One covering the village and one covering the outlying areas?" Jan 13, 11 9:48 PM

Sportsmen Seek Voice Of Their Own

No, he said the below but bigfresh has the balls to say what lowhat really thinks of hunters intentions .........

" but if they are hunting for the thrill of stalking and killing after which they give away the carcass"

" Jan 13, 11 9:57 PM

Rumors Of 7-Eleven In Amagansett Surface

7-11 is the only business that could be successful in that building. 7-11 is better than the empty eyesore of a building thats been there for 30+years.

If it doesn't violate any codes and has the necessary permits then the NIMBYS will have to deal with it. Any one of you whiners had a chance to open you're own business there. " Feb 7, 11 9:09 AM

Springs Superintendent Responds To Teacher Layoff Rumors

WRONG! Pensions are funded by contributions the schools make on behalf of the teachers with TAXPAYER money. You think the measyl 3% of salary school employees pay for (only the first 10 years of service) can pay for a $40k-$70k pension for life? If think it can, then therein lies the problem.

Lets say a teacher makes $100,000 a year for their 30 year career. If they paid 3% ($3,000) into the NYS pension system for their 30 year career and using an assumed interest rate of 5% that's only a $200k lump sum!!! HOw in the H**L can you get $40k pension for the rest of your life off a $200k lump sum?? You can't. I know teachers don't make $100k starting salaries so that makes the math even more convincing. " Mar 11, 11 10:52 AM

Its really not about the illegals. Don't get me wrong, it is a problem. But the problem lies with the cushy benefits school employees receive. Why do you think Wisconsin is such a big issue. Someone finally took a stand to change this problem.
ANYONE with any kind of mathematical ability can sense that paying school employees (and this goes from the administrators to the janitors) medical benefits for life and contributions for the NYS pension system is NOT SUSTAINABLE." Mar 11, 11 10:56 AM

"How about having the courage to support middle class workers" ?????

Are YOU aware that we have the BEST middle class in the world? Every developing country is fighting to have a middle class like us (except those snobby Euros). Are you suggesting that we bring our middle class to level of our rich OR vice versa??? That socialism dear.

Sure, teachers provide necessary services and have Master degrees but does mean they get to receive $70k-100k in benefits for the rest of their RETIRED lives?? And having a Masters does not default someone to having a $200k a year job and lifetime benefits. HARD work does .And the union and tenure system ensures that teachers only have to work hard for 3 years!! Ok, then who pays for this? UNSUSTAINABLE" Mar 13, 11 11:43 AM

Bridgehampton Fire District Weighs Need For More Space At Firehouse

As far as I know there is no unusable land owned by SH town that would be a good use unless you suggest putting a sub station south of the highway on Sagaponack or Wainscott farmland. :)
BHFD needs access to Rt 27 for prompt responses to their calls. Their current house is in a near perfect location." Mar 13, 11 12:02 PM

Springs Superintendent Responds To Teacher Layoff Rumors

"And stop lying, please. Teachers do not make $200,000 a year and 100k in benefits for the rest of their retired lives. You are simply spewing nonsense. Unsubstantiated, right-wing nonsense. Your corporate overlords would be proud."

That's pretty funny seeing that I'm INDEPENDENT and not registered with ANY party! lol. Its people like you on BOTH sides of the isle, holding the party lines and making these problems unsolvable.

If you believe some teachers don't have a $200k benefits packages along with $$70-$100k retired benefits packages, then you're the one that's mistaken "BUB". Take the time and see what a Director of a department in the EHUFSD makes. Probably in the $130-$150k range....then you add their health benefits (roughly $15k) and the contributions that go towards their pensions (another $25k). Do I have to do the math for you?

If you're not involved in the school district you don't see these numbers. All you see is a total line item with "employees benefits". Break it down by employee and you get those numbers.

And snapper, I'm not angry at teachers or playing class warefare like razza there, I'm just doing simple math. Where do those numbers I gave above come from?" Mar 15, 11 11:38 AM

Average total salary increase of 19.2%? Less than 2% per year? That doesn't include their step raises based on years of service. Trust me, I don't have to verify state data, I know EXACTLY what their contract gives them.

And their lifetime package? You're stating they only receive the package over the lifetime and not per year? If you believe that, then you're truly in LA LA land. With their steps raises and COLA raises, they are at 6-7% per year!! Who is GUARANTEED these type of raises in good and bad economies other than them?? There are retired custodians with pensions$40k PER YEAR with health benefits for life. Once again....UNSUSTAINABLE. You can try to twist my facts all you want to make it seem as though I hate teachers or cops or any civil servants, but that's simply not the case. It's about being informed to making rational decisions in these matters. Not about who has what or being on the left or the right.

That's the difference between you and me. I tow no party line. I base my decisions on facts and fact is, these ever increasing entitlements are UNSUSTAINABLE." Mar 15, 11 12:22 PM

Interesting. I posted a link to a site that shows just what the pensions are for any school district in the state. Its public info so I don't know why it was removed. Google it for yourselves.
It proves my point that although the average pension may be $30k, that average is skewed by those who retired 15+ years ago. I searched one nearby district and 60% of the pensions were over the $50k i mentioned. This does not include health benefits (thus the $70k per year in retirement benefits for those that cannot do simple math).
Unions were necessary to bring the public sector up to par with the private sector. Now they have abused this power to overtake the private sector in terms of wages and benefits. They have abused this power to threaten strikes b/c they may not get a raise every year (which they DO get by contract. Step raises AND a COLA raise).
One of the main reasons people work in teaching or civil service jobs is for the security. For this security they give up the greater pay they would receive in the private sector. The opposite has happened. And the taxes to pay for these entitlements has gotten out of control.
" Mar 18, 11 10:41 AM

Fairway Restaurant Poised For Return To Poxabogue

Now if we can only get the golf course and the driving range open past 4PM during the off season, and 5PM in season!! What a waste of a facility." Mar 23, 11 9:56 AM

East Hampton School Districts Reach Tuition Deal

Good point razza. The word is EH is cutting everything drastically to come up with this savings. So this savings for Springs residents (myself included) comes with a cost to our children in the HS.

" Mar 28, 11 11:19 AM

Once the taxpayers for EH school district find out that these savings are coming off the backs of their kids, then this board will voted out as well.
" Mar 28, 11 11:19 AM

Eastport South Manor School Board Lays Off 23 Teachers

You don't like it? lol" Mar 30, 11 9:47 AM

Beachgoers Rail Against Napeague Lawsuit

Well why don't you enlighten us all knowing one!!

The Town trustees made an official statement that they will fight this until the bitter end. The Town Board is not yet on 'board" but as soon as they see the overwhelming response from the community, they will have no choice but to fight it or be voted out. Period." Apr 7, 11 1:26 PM

Yes, there are numerous ways the Town can go about getting the land back should they lose the case. But from what I heard from folks who went to the Cfar meeting, the Town board all but said they would not pursue any of those avenues (condemnation, adverse possession, etc. ) " Apr 7, 11 6:33 PM

Exactly. Because the board hasn't commented on an issue that affects the very fabric of what makes this a great place to live (the beaches) for over a year should raise alot of eyebrows!!

They new campaign slogan: ITS THE BEACHES STUPID!!" Apr 8, 11 11:55 AM

Cfar is on the right path to making sure those few bad apples don't ruin the experience for everyone else. Along with our RIGHT to access the beach with our vehicles, I believe there's another plan is to put into legislation rules governing beach driving. I don't even know if there is any such thing on the books now.
But that has very little to do with the fight that's going on. The fight for our access will continue with NO settlements that limits our access.
If these folks complained SO much over the years, then where was the Police presence. IF there were true, bonafide complaints, EHTPD would be all over that place, period!
This is almost as ridiculous as the people building near the airport then complaining about the noise!!!!" Apr 9, 11 8:58 AM

Not true. While its true there's not enough money to fund patrols of that beach, if there is a complaint or a call about something illegal, the police MUST check it out. They can't simply say "sorry Maam, we don't have the man power to check out your complaint". " Apr 10, 11 9:28 AM

How did this turn into a political thread? And Brown, what you said makes no sense. What's your point?" Apr 11, 11 6:20 PM

Oh puullleease. If you can't walk to the waters edge b/c of tire tracks then may I suggest a personal trainer for you? I know many who be more than happy to help you walk one foot after the other.
Look, there has been little abuse of this "right" (not privilege). A police presence is welcome to see how well we do take care of our land. Plus, they can witness the screaming and complaining b/c a truck got with 50 feet of you. AND, the "availability of 4x4's? I've ALWAYS had one so they are nothing new. What IS new is carpetbaggers stomping into Town demanding something cease that has ALWAY been. Good try. We won't have it. Head west my friend." Apr 15, 11 9:17 AM

Beachgoers Must Now 'Await The Decision Of The Courts'

Not true boardwatcher. At the first Cfar meeting, members of the town board showed up unannounced and did not say anything like what they are saying now (support beach driving, trustees, etc). Not until this organization showed how serious it was did the board start saying "we will support". From the tone and words they spoke at the first Cfar meeting, there was no other conclusion to come to except that this thing was headed "under the rug". If they meant to support this cause from the outset, they could have just said so from the beginning. They did not. " May 4, 11 12:16 PM

East Hampton Republicans Pick Gaines, Haeg To Run With Wilkinson

I find it real strange why Bill Mott hasn't gotten any press in any of the local publications besides a mention here and there. IMO he is the strongest candidate out of all of those running. Something's up." May 9, 11 3:25 PM

East Hampton Town Board Scraps Vendor Law At Last Minute

Yeah. I've been somewhat supportive of Wilkinson and crew, but if they allowed the Ditch Witch to be replaced by some citdiot, he'd be run out of Montauk, literally. I believe it was Prince's idea, but the whole board would take the blame." May 19, 11 3:32 PM

East Hampton's Grossman Wins County Golf Title

Excellent write up. Congrats to Grossman, Claude, and Bonac!!" May 27, 11 10:31 AM

Foster, Quigley Spar at East Hampton Town Board Meeting

Simple economics folks. If a cap is placed on what a landlord can charge, why would they want the risk that their investment will not pay off?? The market will dictate what rent can be charged. And no one is coming out the the hamptons to rent an accessory apartment for the summer. That's just foolish thinking. Deb and her local Dem cronies need an economics 101 class. And before anyone chimes in, I'm not a Republican, so Dem faithfuls need not respond." Jul 11, 11 9:11 AM

Saturday Fireworks Are On In East Hampton

It may seem like a joke to you but not to the DEC. If those fireworks were to be lit off during the nesting season (July 4th) the Fire Dept. and/or village would be fined. The money is raised a year ahead of time so a show HAS to be given at some point. When would you suggest is a proper time for a show that has already been paid for, December?" Sep 6, 11 9:20 AM

Neighbors Oppose Napeague Beach Idea

Exactly!! lol.NIMBYism at it's best." Oct 5, 11 3:46 PM

East Hampton Trustees Win Round In Napeague Beach Suit

YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!" Oct 19, 11 2:01 PM

Bonackers Wrap Up League Title; Hurricanes Clinch Berth

Congrats Bonackers!!!" Oct 31, 11 11:36 AM

School Superintendent Addresses Photo Defaced With Racist Markings; Parents Outraged

Its a case of the inmates running the asylum. The Parents in that town freak out if their children are disciplined, b/c they don't discipline them at home!!! The school is trying to investigate what may be considered a hate crime and the Parents are going after them. Insane!!!! This is why our youth is so screwed up!!" Nov 16, 11 9:59 AM

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