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Bra Auction Benefits Local Breast Cancer Organizations

Did you know that as of June 30th, the hospital and all of its doctors are dropping Emblem Insurance (the only insurance purchased on the NY Marketplace (obamacare) that they currently accept? This means, anyone out east who has health insurance purchased from the NY Marketplace will no longer be able to continue their care at the Breast Center, SH/SB Hospital, Stony Brook University Hospital, or with ANY of the doctors associated with the hospital. What now? I feel so stranded by our east end medical community. I don’t even think people are aware that this is happening as of June 30th. " May 18, 19 3:45 PM

I'm so hoping this is true. So many of us switched to Emblem because it was the only plan purchased on the Market place that was accepted by Stony Brook Hospital, SB/SH Hospital, and their doctors. For those of us too young for Medicare, above the income level for Medicaid, and without access to healthcare via employment, we are left with purchasing on the Market place. Being so far out east, we are limited to just that one plan that was accepted by area doctors and hospitals. Please, please, let what you say be true.

" May 18, 19 10:53 PM

Really? I hope it's true because so many of us out here with Emblem rely on SB/SH/The Breast Center, Stony Brook University Hospital, and all of the doctors associated with them for our health care. Fingers crossed we receive a letter from Emblem very soon with a positive outcome.
" May 19, 19 6:08 PM