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2 Comments by John E. Law

Former Police Chief Jerry Larsen To Run For Mayor In East Hampton Village Next Year

I've known Mr. Larsen for many years even before he started his career in the field of law enforcement. He's served the citizens of the community well and I am excited about the election. I'd like to see new and effective ideas to get East Hampton heading in the right direction. Out with the old and in with the NEW! Mr Larsen has earned my vote!

Jerry Larsen for Mayor!!!! " Apr 24, 19 9:42 AM

Transition Plan Evolves For East Hampton Village Mayor


You couldn't be more correct with what you have said in your above post. Rickenbach made another poor decision as Mayor playing games with the residence of East Hampton. He'll have his puppets placed in office to follow his agenda, but this political move will surely give you more momentum securing your win in June 2020. Rickenbach- you should leave office now and not wait until December. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Jerry Larsen for Mayor!!!" Oct 30, 19 7:25 AM