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Bid For Sag Harbor Impound Lot Approved By Village Board Amid Protesters

This was probably a bad deal for everyone. Was there any improvement to the area negotiated?? That area is filled will waste from previous uses. Couldn't they at least negotiate a proper cleanup before adding this use to it? Have all the people involved in making this decision physically walk the outskirts of this new parking area and see what is there? Im not sure how any of these people who are in power can say they look out for the community when things like this go on. I am not for or against using this as a parking area or really any other use that is properly managed. I AM against adding on more use without fixing the existing conditions. I urge all of you readers to go for a walk and survey the existing conditions of this area. Take a hike on the South side where the power lines meet the property. " Jan 10, 19 9:12 AM

Advocates For Affordable Housing Throw Support Behind Proposed 60-Unit Complex In Southampton

I think the bigger question is will 60 units really matter?? Really ?I am sure we have all seen the trade parade. Thats like a 5 second interval... Does it really make sense to tax our infrastructure and change the way our community looks and flows for 60 units her and 60 units there?? Lets not developing what little land we have left without examining what we will be destroying forever. There is a reason people come here and not Farmingdale . Clearly mistakes have been made in the past. Try to learn from them! " Jun 6, 19 7:07 AM