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Westhampton Beach Receives $5 Million DEC Grant For Sewer District Project

As Bobt has stated in some of the last post, I thought the village was supposed to get an update from a year ago since the original presentation. Residents were told to wait patiently for grant awards and final estimated numbers would be presented. At the December meeting, the Board voted 5-0 to initiate the spending of funds for the sewer project, with no update to the residents. No indication what phases 2, 3, and plant upgrades to Gabreski will cost. All residents would be on the hook for these costs, especially most of the residents who will never see a pipe in front of their home. The tax mapped lots receiving the services should be the ones paying for the total cost of the project." Dec 30, 18 3:06 PM

I still don't get why voters didn't get to vote on this? Village residents have always voted on major capital projects such as the library expansion, fire department re-build and even the school expansion. What makes this different?When representatives don't listen to its citizens, we have to initiate the process to make sure our ideas are heard, it's not interference, but should be welcome input.Recently in the Chronicle, it looks as thought the Town will let the residents of Hampton Bays decide an administrative makeover of their water district, as it should be." Dec 30, 18 3:36 PM

Westhampton Beach Mayor To Proceed With Big Projects In 2019

Again, more platitudes from elected officials. I'm sick of listening to the platitudes with no details. Governing is in the details that should be conveyed to the residents. Just recently, I thank Newsday for updating us on the 5 million dollar award for the sewer project. Does this assume completion of all phases of the project to receive the full amount, does the village have to front the funds and seek reimbursement, what other criteria have to be met to receive the funds? These are questions that the public would like to know during a 5pm work session or regular meeting. Other sewer details have been non-existent such as: 1) estimates for phases 2,3, and plant upgrades that we would share with the County, 2) changes in assessment values that will reflect a change in allocation of taxes, and 3) if grant money is coming, why can't just the businesses and residents who are hooked pay for the sewer district? The residents not hooked up have to pay for their own septic or AI system solely by themselves, not to be paid by sewer district fund. " Jan 8, 19 1:25 PM

Speaking about the rational for ALL to pay for the sewer district, even though most residents will never get a pipe in front of their hones, this does not make sense. All sewer districts on the island do not allocate costs this way. I applaud rational when it follows a rational train of thought, by asking critical questions, and using critical data to back up conclusions. But anybody who has asked critical questions during meetings is pegged as an obstructionist, negative, denier, out of touch. Skepticism is the essence of critical rational thinking and people want to know what their getting into. " Jan 8, 19 1:41 PM

Look e here, the Hampton Bays Water District is giving the the residents, not just registered voters, the ability to vote on merging their water district with the Suffolk County Water Authority. Also, the Village of Quogue is set to establish a separate erosion taxing district for ONLY owners that are affected by erosion problems plaguing Dune Road. Only those owners would pay for the costs. It's amazing that the WHB Village Trustees do not let their residents do their due diligence by voting. I thought we lived in a democrqcy and the more residents have an opportunity to participate in the process, the more effective the process would be." Jan 18, 19 3:04 PM