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East Quogue Residents Share Thoughts On Village Incorporation

Where are the exact amount that SH town is charging EQ for the service that they will supply,,police ,snow removal ,road repair ,street lighting, boat ramp repair ,waste management .
Sagaponack and EQ have nothing in common to compare the population is a bit off . Sorry I don't golf .." Sep 10, 19 7:31 AM

around 20 thousand a pupil " Sep 10, 19 5:56 PM

Public Meeting For East Quogue Village Incorporation Sees High Turnout As Vote Approaches

tentative vote oct 17 .. when and how does the eqvec notify the residents of the vote ,, the day before is unacceptable .
" Sep 29, 19 9:30 AM

UPDATE: East Quogue Village Incorporation Is Rejected

“Our opponents had an easier time selling an undocumented fear than we had trying to sell a thoroughly documented, verified set of facts to support incorporation,”

I interpreted this to mean that the people of East Quogue (my family), aren’t intelligent enough to understand the so so very sophisticated ideas you were trying to “sell”. I myself struggled with such worldly words as “exploratory” and “committee” which made me run for the “hills” or away. Perhaps EQR �� just wasn’t buying what you were selling. Or there was a sale on blankets to hide under. We were proud of everyone who came out to vote and we respect the outcome." Oct 18, 19 6:31 PM