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Ryan James Murphy Of Hampton Bays Dies May 11

Till Valhalla, Ryan. May your soul be at peace. God Bless" May 17, 19 7:05 PM

UPDATE: Shinnecock Tribe Continues Billboard Work As Lawsuit With State Looms

It looks trashy and is in poor taste to their neighbors." May 28, 19 7:48 AM

State Supreme Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Shinnecock Billboards

Poland, you sound quite foolish. Typically, when a nation is decimated through annexation, war, or what have you, the victors don't bear guilt or owe reparations to the losing side. To assert that we are responsible for stealing their land is nonsense." May 29, 19 11:22 AM

The construction of commercial advertising in state highway right of ways is barred under state and federal law... Moreover, the work in the area has been conducted with insufficient regard for the safety of the traveling public." .... Christ, is it that hard to understand?" May 29, 19 11:57 AM

Southampton Village Places Surf Camps On Hold

If they had just followed the rules of the agreement there wouldn't be any problem. But of course, greed takes over and the owners want to take advantage of the circumstances for monetary gain and ruin it for the kids. SHAME." Jun 7, 19 9:17 AM

Southampton Village Elections Heat Up As Candidate Challenges Incumbent Mayor

Community Party? Remove a Y, Slide over that T, and Insert an S beforehand and you got the Communist Party. Oof." Jun 7, 19 2:58 PM