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East Hampton Town now looking at 24-percent tax hike

These town board loonies should just walk away. Suppose we donated a buck for every mile they walked away from East Hampton! We think we could pay off the debt. " Nov 11, 08 7:53 PM

East Hampton billionaire bulldozed dunes

Larry says this hedgie's in big trouble! I'm sure he's quaking in his boots. Or maybe not. " Nov 11, 08 7:55 PM

Work on new Town Hall will begin in East Hampton

Can we call this: "Colonial Billiamsburg?"" Nov 12, 08 7:59 PM

East Hampton Village Mayor slams town board for increase in property taxes in budget

East Hampton town should have had a non-political "Town Manager" long ago.
The current bozos on the Town Board are simply the last straw. The Republican bozos we've had in the past are no better.

The Village has it right. The Village Board doesn't really "run the village," they simply have meetings about running the village. Larry Cantwell runs the village in a non -partisan, non-political way.

The residents of the Town of East Hampton deserve better and should insist on the hiring of a non-politcal Town Manager with the tools and skills to administrate.

These town board bozos AND the Republican homies like Bernard and Weir ought to get real jobs outside of government and should actually have to work for a living." Nov 26, 08 7:37 AM

Bagging leaves gets trial run in East Hampton

Leaf pickup is a total waste of town money and resources. Landscaping firms should have to dispose of leaves on their own and not just pass them on to the town. We, the taxpayers who are mulching OUR leaves, are subsidzing the landscaping industry. Absurd!

" Nov 26, 08 7:46 AM

Archaelogical findings prevent man from building

Sucks for the poor guy. Take his lot and GIVE him a better one. Do the right thing. Oh wait. This is East Hampton." Jan 20, 09 9:37 PM

Talkhouse owner wants to help scarred Afghan girl

Peter should run this town. He cares about people." Feb 11, 09 6:01 AM

Bonackers edge Amityville, advance to county final

zzzzzzzz....g'nite Amityville." Feb 25, 09 6:23 PM

Lunch With John Halsted: Finding the silver lining in a bad economy

Why doesn't someone ask John why all the good Corcoran agents are leaving?" Feb 25, 09 6:28 PM

Study shows how some beaches are receding

Please replenish our nude beach first." Mar 3, 09 7:59 PM

Natural Resources staff has been cut in half

If this was a TV show it would be a hoot. But it's our government. It's a shame.
Send 'em all packing!" Mar 3, 09 8:02 PM

Maybe the world's shortest parade to be in Amagansett

sorry people...Hot Springs has us beat by twelve feet:


put www in front of it to read the story." Mar 18, 09 12:12 PM

Springs resident fined $5,000 for messy yard

Hell, we'll take some of it. It sounds like good stuff." Mar 18, 09 10:16 PM

More details unveiled in $50 million mortgage fraud scheme

Spota will keep pulling up rocks. Watch the lizards hiding under them run!" Apr 3, 09 3:42 PM

East End real estate industry accused of monopoly practices

From what we hear this George guy is just an angry dude who's been run out of every respectable real estate office on the east end after they found his listing system to be inferior. This sounds like sour grapes to us. He DOES look kind of angry in that picture. " Apr 3, 09 3:47 PM

Town plans to clean up White's yard, again

We would comment on this if we knew we could spell "detritus."" Apr 15, 09 9:23 AM

Police bust teen party at Gin Lane estate

We'll tell you whut. This is definitely the last time we go away for a weekend in Atlantic City and leave the beach house unattended. Good thing those kids didn't find our Wild Turkey.

And hey. This has nothing to do with immigration. Stay in your yards." Apr 15, 09 9:30 AM

Memory Motel owner wants to raise millions for town with rock concert series

Can we git the Oak Ridge Boys?" May 5, 09 8:19 PM

Fred Thiele backs gay marriage bill

Who is Bill? " May 6, 09 7:04 AM

They came, they saw, they crushed, even the six-foot hot dog

Can you send these guys over to clean up our yard?" May 6, 09 7:10 AM

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