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Cafe owner and neighbor verbally spar over noise

It seems to me that people who purchase and live on or near Main Street, a mostly commercial area, should expect music and noise--a town is not a church or synagogue. The town of WHB actually needs more "night life" and restaurants to bring in more people--who wants to go to a town filled only with ice cream parlors, real estate and candy shops? BORING. Hook up the sewer lines and give adults (not just children) a place to go in the evenings for fun, and main street WHB will thrive again. " Nov 11, 08 9:32 AM

Online auction has mansions up for sale to highest bidders

These McMansions should be divided up into studio, one and two-bedroom apartments which can then be sold to the lower and middle classes (nurses, teachers, police, fire etc). Heretofore there has been a housing shortage and now is the time to rectify that problem." Mar 22, 09 9:15 PM

Southampton wrestling coach arrested on drug charges

This man is clearly very ill and the school district should force him into full-time treatment for as long as the caregivers deem necessary upon threat of losing his job. Otherwise, he will die or kill someone." Apr 3, 09 1:37 PM

Capital budget error bolstered budget surplus, which was used to cut taxes

This problem appears to be the result of the same accounting practice used by the Bush administration. . . . do all republicans shift numbers like this to suit their own or party purposes and lie? " Apr 3, 09 1:42 PM

Joy rules the day as Hasidim wed

Looks like Easthampton will be getting an application for an eruv next." Jun 24, 09 10:42 PM

Guldi is considering another bid for public office

The politico schlulbs voted into office in the hamptons are resembling the policito schlubs voted into office up in Albany--crooked, self-interested power, money-land- mongers whose only interest in the communities they represent is motivated by "What's in it for me?"" Jun 24, 09 10:47 PM

The politico schlulbs voted into office in the hamptons are resembling the policito schlubs voted into office up in Albany--crooked, self-interested power, money-land- mongers whose only interest in the communities they represent is motivated by "What's in it for me?"" Jun 24, 09 10:47 PM

Empire and hospitals take negotiations to the wire; no deal in sight

This is EXACTLY why we need a public health option, to provide competition to insurers who now dictate the market! Call your legislators now and demand that they vote yes on health care reform and the public option--otherwise, we will all be bankrupt in the near future!" Jul 30, 09 7:42 AM

Waldbaum's backs out of mural project in Westhampton Beach

Bring Back National's and the Bowling Alley!! These huge buildings should be tenanted and, if they are not tenanted within a certain amount of time, huge fines should be imposed by the town equivalent to lost sales taxes (based on taxes paid in prior years). The owners of these stores are leaving them empty to speculate and obtain a higher price when the economy turns around. This is occurring in NYC, where commercial landlords refuse to lower commercial rents in this down economy, leaving whole neighborhoods without tenanted stores and needed services. The town of WHB will look (more) awful if this "trend" is permitted to continue there! Local officials should look at what can be done here---Nationals has been empty for years now, and the bowling alley is going the same route, as are other stores on Main Street." Jul 30, 09 7:56 AM

Hospitals and insurer fail to reach agreement; Empire not accepted at East End hospitals

Clearly time for the public option folks! Just about every state, city and local worker elects Empire so now, effectively, they have no coverage at all. They paid premiums for nothing." Jul 31, 09 10:54 PM

Waldbaum's backs out of mural project in Westhampton Beach

Mr. Wheeler: The Chamber of Commerce has done nothing about the empty National's storefront now for at least 5 years. Taxing businesses that puprposely lie fallow (and fail to provide taxes or jobs in the community, let alone services), is the only way to ensure that WHB does NOT turn into Main Street Riverhead. By the way, what did the Chamber of Commerce ever do for Main Street Riverhead? Your "hand's off" approach, and that of the Chamber of Commerce, leads only to the very degredation of the community that you yourseelf describe ("Empty store and papered-over windows etc. . . ). Why don't you come up with a real proposal for ensuring these HUGE buildings are tenanted and providing jobs and a tax base and services to one of the main arteries of WHB?" Jul 31, 09 11:00 PM

No new progress in Empire, Alliance talks

First: To commener Number 1--local, city, state and county employees pick up your garbage, teach your children and provide health care to you and your family. Private businesses do not provide these services to you and would charge a great deal more (check out the cost of private tuition). In exchange for the lower wages they have no choice about receiving, city, state and local workers receive healthcare and other benefits for a lower price than you may pay, but nonetheless, they pay at a set group rate for individuals and families. Such workers are not "lazy"----if you would like to teach your children yourself and take out your own trash and clean your own viillage streets, feel free to do so. Maybe it would lessen the burden on government performing these services for you.

Second: This situation with Empire mirrors exactly what occurred with United Healthcare (UHC), the lowballing of payments for out-of-network providers and the insureds who pay premiums for health insurance (city, state and local employees and others). The UHC practice or "rigging" payments resulted in a federal lawsuit by the AMA, doctors and other providers of medical care who were being paid 40 percent of the reasonable and customary rate, instead of the 80 percent UHC was supposed to pay. The UHC practice also resulted in a settlement with Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and settlements with other states which are still continuing. (see link below)

My only question is--when do the hospitals and Suffolk County leaders intend to file a complaint with the Attorney General against Empire, and file a federal suit like that filed against UHC? What are they waiting for? The situation could not be worse for the insureds and hospitals where NO care except emergency care is now being provided.

LINKS: ...
www.nysut.org/cps/rde/xchg/.../mediareleases_11899.htm - Cached - Similar -

United HealthGroup to pay $50M to settle charges of rigged rates ...
Jan 13, 2009 ... settlement following an investigation by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo into ... Under the settlement, United HealthGroup agreed to spend $50 million to ... "We view this as a positive event for United Healthcare and the ... At that time Cuomo charged that Ingenix, a subsidiary of United ...
www.healthcareitnews.com/.../united-healthgroup-pay-50m-settle-charges-rigged-rates - Cached - Similar - " Sep 3, 09 6:08 PM

So, private industry is efficient and government (including government employees), are not?

To quote Barney Frank, what planet are you living on?

Do I need to remind you that private auto companies are so inefficient and missed the market so much they had to be bailed out? That banks, financial and insurance companies and wall street sold such risky investments around the world to make a profit that they had to be bailed out and international economies other than ours are in equal distress as a result? That the same thing occurred in the real estate industry that now tries to previously overinflated homes that are worth 50% less?

I will give you that Bush administration "hands off""non-regulation" policies created this mess but, frankly, the whole world can now see that when left to their own devise, private industries choose to follow profit to such a degree that it is not in their own best interests and they implode, taking everyone else along with them.

Government policies and government workers may not be perfect and waste may exist, but there is no profit motive so when waste is uncovered it is addressed and recitifed. Perhaps government would work better if next time your boat capsizes the coast guard charges you to save your life, the next time your house goes on fire the fire department charges you to put out the fire, and the next time you are robbed or burglaized, the police charge you for the cost of investigating, the case, the prosecutor charges you to prosecute the case, and the court staff and judge charge you by the hour for legal, secretarial and clericall time. Not to mention the additional charges to you to educate your kids, deliver your mail, ensure you have clean safe water to drink and swim in and so on.

Private industry would NOT give you as good a bang for your buck as government does as it has no incentive whatsoever to cut costs to the same degree-- just look at the CEOs who continue to hold business meetings in other countries even though their companies are taking TARP and other government funds to keep them afloat.

When government, which has no profit incentive, cuts costs, the result is MUCH cheaper than that which occurs in private industry with a profit motive, particularly an unregulated profit motive.

Time to wake up to ancient notions about private industry being better and more efficient--quite sijmply, this has not proven true. Just take a look at the 10% unemployment rate that has resulted from private industry actions and losses.

I'll take nationwide government run medical care any day over what private insurance companies and the health care industry with a proft incentive underlying them offer.

At least with a government-run program I know I can go to a hospital for surgery in Suffolk County--something Suffolk County now does not offe to people paying for Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance through Empire." Sep 4, 09 5:46 PM

East Hampton residents rally for health care reform

VOTE for the public option in Suffolk County! " Sep 4, 09 5:52 PM

Dear Josephine: I don't know what my skin color has to do with anything or why that is relevant to the health care discussion. Health care is necessary for all people of all races, religions (or non-religions) and political persuasions. We all bleed and need to be stitched up or fixed up every now and then and, when that occurs, we should not be sent into bankruptcy. Don't you agree? " Sep 4, 09 9:04 PM

Whoops--I meant Ebby, not Josephine." Sep 4, 09 9:38 PM

Bishop holds town hall meeting on health care reform

Hamptons Surfer: As Empire Coverage is Now Not Accepted by Hospitals because they lowball (underpay), I don't see how Bishop and his famkly can LOVE his Empire plan because, essentially, he and his family are now uninsured in Suffolk County. You should read the other article on Empire/Alliance dispute which also points out that small business owners covered by Empire now find themselves uninsured and have to go to Nassau County or NYC for in-patient, non-emergency surgey. God Bless Mr. Bishop for trying to make a difference and god bless Obama for trying to help the majority of americans who are now uninsured--even if they have purchased policies! " Sep 4, 09 10:23 PM

No new progress in Empire, Alliance talks

Well, razza5350, you certainly like to pick and choose your government services don't you? Please note that this article is about a non-government, small business owner in Sag Harbor who is not receiving Blue Cross/Blue Shield coverage at any hopital in Suffolk County because he holds an Empire policy. Therefore, your assumption about what is working in the private sector is unjustified. Empire covers government employees as well as private businesses. If you do not think other insurers are going to pattern Empire, you are kidding yourself. Their incentive to profit on helath care services, left unchecked and without regulation or competition, will result in the same non-coverage of you that we are seeing with private and government business/employee Empire policyholders. " Sep 5, 09 10:19 AM

East Hampton residents rally for health care reform

Gotcha Ebby--No, I did not see Josephine's comment to which you responded. " Sep 5, 09 10:21 AM

Sorry to give you the creeps--I was apologizing for my misunderstanding you, but I guess that was lost. Enjoy the beach." Sep 5, 09 11:44 AM

Residents outraged over proposed windmill plan

Would the neighbors prefer that he burn coal, oil or peat? Don't think the birds or the neighbors want that. . . . " Oct 6, 09 8:47 PM

Empire and Alliance resume attacks as hospitals remain without contract

Have the hospitals or Empire disclosed the payment and reimbursement rates of other insurers? That would be most helpful to know. . .why don't the representatives get that information from other insurers and then take a good look at the respective positions of Empire and the Hospital?

I suspect that Empire IS "lowballing" as no other insurers are pulling the same stunt, but it would be quite easy to find out by getting that information. Does anyone know if this is occurring on a nationwide or partial nationwide basis?

Where are the legislators on this issue--once again, people are not getting basic health care that they paid for. . . .
" Nov 4, 09 8:59 PM

LaValle calls for State Senate hearing on Empire negotiations

And the hearing is when? Would these representatives please get reimbursement/payment rates from other insurers on LI and Medicaid/Medicare to use on a comparative basis?I hope they are doing their homework. . . .Time to use that subpoena power!" Nov 4, 09 9:01 PM

East Hampton Town harbormaster arrested for marijuana possession

Anyone else caught with that amount of pot in their car would definitely be charged with intent to sell. What are they going to charge him with? Intent to make and donate brownies to the entire town?" Jan 11, 10 7:46 PM