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Suffolk County judge overturns East Quogue marina application approval

what about the two houseboats that those pesky Trustees had Bill Swan remove. One ended up in Smith Creek" Feb 3, 10 11:35 PM

A yes a very funny guy. The guy who dredged all those wetlands and dumped the sand on even more, gets a beach named after him. Thank you town board for honoring such an environmentally conscience person. Ha. " Feb 4, 10 8:57 PM

Protest over Beach Hampton beach guards

The Trustees of both Towns are the only ones that are standing up for the rights of the people to use their beach. Shame on the local law firms that are saying that the patents are obsolete. Its time to send the newcomers a message and set up camp in front of their view they payed so much for. " Aug 5, 10 12:40 AM

East End dodges bullet as Earl sweeps east

So if the Supervisor gives the order to evacuate and all the roads are clogged, there are no other options. All the trains are safely tucked away in Jamaica. I guess none of the great emergency planners on Long Island have learned any lessons from Katrina. Most of the New Orleans city busses sat in the depot. Long Island Rail Road answers to no one " Sep 6, 10 10:57 AM

West Hampton Dunes Village, Residents Challenge Authority Of Town Trustees

The Town Board was involved until they voted to settle with Westhampton Dunes. Their part of the suit was the village and Town boundary. The only one who voted to support the Trustees was Bridgett " Nov 24, 10 3:32 PM

The big question here is, When the ocean broke through and all that sand formed the spit and also greatly enlarged some of the properties west of it, the oceanfront properties in the new inlet got to reclaim their land and build houses. Why does this not apply to the Trustees bottom that was covered in the same event. seems like a double standard to me. " Nov 29, 10 5:16 PM

No villages gave anything, The easement runs from the high tide mark to the TOP of the dune. The easement was decided in a court decision called the Betts case around 1900 and then was confirmed in the Dolphin lane case around the 70s. The easement moves every day depending on the high tide and when the sand was replaced in WHD it reestablished the easement. Read the cases they are very interesting" Nov 30, 10 6:13 PM

If anyone wants to look up any of the cases involving the trustees, go to google scholar and click on legal opinions and journals and then look up Dolphin lane vs Trustees Betts vs Southampton Trustees and Poster, Allen vs Strough. Someone showed me this site a while ago . When Nature was talking about toe vs top I knew I saw it somewhere and its in the Poster case. These 3 cases give you a great history of what the Trustees have been fighting. " Nov 30, 10 9:39 PM

Beachgoers Rail Against Napeague Lawsuit

Check out who the lawyer is thats fighting for the towns rights. Its the former partner of the lawyer who is fighting the town. the same guy that was fighting the southampton trustees on beach issues. So is there a bigger picture to this issue? Poster vs strough. look it up on google scholar. The whole case is there. Southampton sold their beaches also but they can still use them because of this case and others" Apr 7, 11 10:09 AM

Ruling Could Strip Authority Of Southampton Town Trustees To Regulate Village Beaches

The proprietors had the right to manage the commons and sell them. They sold off all of the lands in 1882. So who managed the beaches after that? 46 years later Quogue was incorporated. If management reverted back to the trustees was the management right then transferred? Is it mentioned in the incorporation papers? lots of questions. Did the judge address it in his decision? " May 14, 12 11:37 PM

Beach Rebuilding Project Will Go To Voters In Affected Areas Of Oceanfront Southampton Town

we are not protecting the beaches. We are protecting the houses. " Sep 3, 12 8:38 AM

UPDATE: Town Encourages Sandbags, Will Revive Beach Rebuild Plans


DEC Estimates Cost To Close Cupsogue Breach At $6 Million; Work Begins This Week

correct me if I'm wrong but isn't cupsogue park in Brookhaven Town? Either the Brookhaven board members are not concerned that this is an emergency or they were not invited to the meeting in their own Town. Fill in a sand dune but wait to dredge an inlet that serves a multi million dollar fishing fleet. The ocean always wins" Nov 16, 12 11:58 PM

Southampton Trustees, State Question Rocks On Gin Lane Beach

Without help from the DEC and the Town Board it would be like be going up against a tank with a bb gun. The DEC looks the other way except if you live in flanders and pull a weed to close to the water or you catch a fish that is half an inch short then you are in for some real trouble. The DEC is a joke. Just look at Speonk plume " Mar 29, 13 9:08 AM

Quogue Residents Speak Out Against Village Land Sale; Trustees Table Resolution

do you think that someone should ask the Town trustees if a dock would be permitted? after all, the last I knew, anything below the high tide mark is town bottom regardless if a village is involved. sounds like people are making promises that they might not be able to keep. " Jan 18, 14 5:54 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Served With Injunction; Bank Accounts Remain Frozen

Yes or no town board whos side are you on" Feb 13, 14 6:31 PM

Wait.... The Town Board cancelled the litigation insurance? didn't this put the Town at risk? Kinda like not renewing your homes fire insurance. And the judge feels the finances are better controlled by the Town. seems pretty reckless to me" Feb 14, 14 6:11 PM

how did you arrive at these numbers? Sig said that they have a friend in the comptrollers office and the trustees hide their accounts. " Feb 14, 14 8:50 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Discuss Lawsuits At Hampton Bays Civic Association Meeting

check out RIVERHEAD LOCALl and search for beach sellout see what happens when a board does not fight" Feb 27, 14 12:50 AM

Tribute To Slain Nun Is Flash Point For Southampton Town Officials

I know its attached to a Town owned sign pole but is it any different than the numerous memorials at accident scenes that have been erected within the Town owned road rights of way. They have been allowed to stay and in most cases are much larger than this sign. There is even a memorial installed at the park in East Quogue which is owned by the Town and I believe was actually installed by the parks dept after some controversy So in order to solve the problem and conform to practice throughout the Town just take the sign off the Town pole and put it on something else" Aug 5, 14 9:15 PM

Bulkhead Will Be Constructed At St. Andrew's Dune Church In Southampton Village

Mayor Epley's comments are correct. Since this property is not protected, it will be more likely suffer due to the fact that the adjoining properties are bulkheaded. Sounds like a blueprint for the future. Everyone knows that the beach next to a bulkheaded lot gets chewed up. So contractors, start handing out your cards there will be lots of work soon as the village thumbs its nose at the trustees and hands out permits like they're going out of style. The trustees will be sitting in the front office making nice with the mayors while the building dept hands them out at the back door " Oct 22, 15 9:07 PM

Southampton Town Attorney Post Is In Play

Has everyone forgotten that Freds secretary was appointed to the Board of Appeals? " Jan 8, 16 11:41 PM

Southampton Town Officials Seek Opinion From State On Legality Of Trustees' Rose Hill Road Deal

So no one in the brain trust of the Town Attorneys office reviewed this whole transaction or transfer in the first place? Any of the lawyers involved should be handing in their resignations and if they don't should be fired. This whole situation showcases a lazy and complaisant legal division. Boards take the heat while the lawyers that advise them disappear into the shadows " Jun 22, 18 9:56 PM