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East Hampton Finds Little Encouragment From FAA On Airport Restrictions

I hope and pray that the residents shut the airport down. I live in Northeast Queens and the charter flight to the Hamptons are destroying the quality of life in our neighborhood. It is not only helicopters but sea planes as well. We have our own complaint collection app and we have collect over 30,000 complaints in six months. The lie that it is five people complaining is outrageous. The ERHC has been collecting biased data claiming complaints have dropped because they are pilots and that’s what they want to hear. They claim that they had less than 1500 complaints , that is IMPOSSIBLE! Now they eliminated their online complaints and only take phone complaints that they never respond to! Senator Schumers’ NYC office never picks up. I pay his salary and his aides and they never return calls. The FAA is full of pilots and say they can’t do a thing. Really? The skies are free , well what about security in this post 911 world? Anyone can get on those charters. Anyone! Shut that airport down. Make the rich drive like everyone else. The traffic isn’t horrendous if you leave earlier. If you are that rich you can leave anytime. It’s time to listen to the masses. Stop lying and deal with reality. This is a major safety issue. Flying over densely populated areas of north Queens is a disaster waiting to happen. Who will be held accountable when the disaster happens? The FAA, Schumer, the operators, the people of the Hamptons? Shut that airport down!!!" Jul 6, 18 7:52 AM