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Woman Found Dead In East Hampton Had Difficult Life, Family Says

Dear Funbeer and Biba:
Racism is usually the result of a general lack of education, and/or lack of cultural integration . Even if you really agree with hateful comments, you cannot have a million percent agreement because 'percent' means of one hundred. You identify as a racist (that's 'racist' spelled correctly without an 'e') so I've tried to use as few syllables as possible, as a consequence of my initial sentence. The story here is that a perfectly innocent person, going about her lawful business, has died in what appear to be suspicious circumstances. Trying to improve upon upbringing, overcoming adversity and, above all, tolerance and freedom, were the fundamental basis of the creation of America. I honestly hope that you try to think of what the landscape of America ���� would look like, as a logical conclusion of your current hatred and, frankly, blinkered train of thought. It's a real shame that you don't recognise the personal, life changing tragedy this situation is for the family this woman has left behind. I hope they can someday, find peace. " Apr 23, 18 5:03 AM

Family Of Lilia Aucapina Demands Full Investigation Into Her Death

Why does everything have to be racist?
It's usually because that's how life in the midst of a deeply racist society is experienced by some people. " Apr 23, 18 6:06 AM