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Southampton Town Board Tables Bel-Aire Cove Vote Once Again

This is just more BS bingo from Jay and the SHTB. This is only talk & fake news to assist keeping the issue off their backs and not enforcing code.. Nothing will happen but keep people in danger with health and safety issues at the location..

Clearly SHTB is full of crap with the purchase of Lobster Inn & the lot in Sag vs this location. Different rules for those east of the canal vs those west of it..

There is no suit with the school district and the Town. Again more BS from the HBSB, Lars & the connected political machine to rip off the tax payers with fake news. It is all show.

. " Nov 29, 18 10:15 PM

Westhampton Beach Seeks Additional Funding From Town For Water Drainage Project

"Came in higher than expected" is the new slogan for local government. " Nov 29, 18 10:26 PM

Southampton Town Board Tables Bel-Aire Cove Vote Once Again

This sure is a creative plan by Jay with increased complexity, increase time, increased risk with a uncertain outcome vs using CPF.

I do think this was by choice or political ploy. Perhaps the location will turn into housing. I would like it to remain a hotel & to enforce code. The district still needs the funds lost in school taxes as this location sends many children to school.

I understood the CDA expired and was mis-manage by town hall so it had to be updated which sits on the desk of Andrew Cuomo for approval. Perhaps this is done.

One thing is for sure, this situation would never happen in Southampton or Sag.." Nov 30, 18 7:58 PM

I think there is no agreement or something in it that would harm the community. This is why the FOIL was not honored. Southampton Press should follow up on the FOIL." Nov 30, 18 8:06 PM

Southampton Town Board Rejects Proposal To Purchase Bel-Aire Cove Motel With CPF Money

This is sad. Southampton town leadership kicks the can down the road to over promise & under deliver. Two years from now, it will be more of the same from this location.
" Jan 23, 19 8:15 PM

Bel-Aire Cove Property Taxes, With Condo Plan, Could Be Less Than Originally Suggested

The grand plan from the Board (Jay, Tommy John, John and Julie) is not even underway and there is back walking. Trust me, this is just a small thing among many more delays and problems to come regarding the SHTB and Bel - Aire.

It will take 4 years or more to see real progress and by that time 80 percent of the current board will be onto something else and the plan will change. This is more hype than truth." Feb 12, 19 7:28 PM

Southampton Town Board Once Again Delays Vote On Bel-Aire Cove Motel Purchase

Time is right for a new Town Board. " Mar 30, 19 6:38 PM

Governor Cuomo Designates $756,000 For New Hampton Bays Bike Trails Linking Pair Of Parks

Great news ! Who would be responsible for a side walk or bike path in front of Coast Guard Station to the bridge? This is a very busy and dangerous location for walkers and bikers. " Apr 29, 19 7:54 PM

Hampton Bays Water District Customers Could Soon See Significant Increase In Water Rates To Maintain Local Control

The buck stops with the Commissioners.. They get paid for this responsibility. The SHTB//Commissioners let down the people of Hampton Bays with their poor management.and over sight of the HBWD the last number of years. The time is now for a change with SHTB and the HBWD..
" Jun 29, 19 10:49 PM

East Quogue Village Exploratory Committee Resubmits Petition To Incorporate Hamlet On Monday

East Quogue is doing all it can to incorporate into a village to protect itself from the poor leadership of the Southampton Town Board (SHTB).

A good move to set their own direction rather than deal with the vile political grafting of the SHTB that works hard for thoee east of the canal to dump on those west of it.

" Jun 29, 19 11:14 PM

Hampton Bays Downtown Overlay District Comes Under Fire At Public Hearing On Tuesday

The Southampton Town Board ’came under fire for allowing the Planning and Development group to have an " Overlay District code plan" that is a POS.

It is filled with assumptions. The proposal is sneaky and never presented in past with this level density. Never ! Kyle Collins mission seems to be designed to create a work force housing district to make it look like Patchogue..

I assume the plan will increase your taxes. With 250 apartments and 1 child per apartment, the school district will have an increase over $6 million dollars in today's dollars. The town Administration has been more wrong than right on being over budget on every project - the park, the pavilion just to hame two.

The town forbids balloon discharges to protect wild life but they are fine to crap on the people of Hampton Bays with this crazy density.." Jun 30, 19 12:54 AM


UPDATE: East Quogue Village Incorporation Is Rejected

If you live in a village - incorporated village, chances are it is an upper income white area. These "villages" discriminate and are NIMBY people. Dump on EQ, HB, Flanders, etc... for housing. Some call it racist....most of the Southampton Town Board live in incorporated villages which are true supporters of NIMBY!." Oct 17, 19 11:30 PM

UPDATE: Town Planning Board Approves Lewis Road PRD Preliminary Subdivision Application And Findings Statement In Split Votes

So what was the great Kyle Collins so intimately familiar with and his "correct" factual information he had that the Pine Barrens Commission or the Pine Barrens staff do not know? That he's the smartest person in the room.

Is Kyle looking to change the code to place 250 apartments on the back 9 ?" Oct 23, 19 9:33 PM

The SHTB needs to be balanced between all groups and parties. Jay is setting up a full democratic line up of the SHTB which will likely go with flow with little push back. " Oct 29, 19 9:57 AM

Hampton Bays Dune Washes Away Again; Town Supervisor Says Relief Is On The Way

Thank you Mr Supervisor. West of the inlet needs much attention. Any news from Town Trustees?" Oct 30, 19 8:31 AM

UPDATE: Schneiderman Wins Reelection In Southampton; Bouvier and Martel Win Town Board Seats; Fleming Returns To County Seat

Hampton Bays the time is now to stand up and vote Hampton Bays.

After the last two years of flim flam, bait and switch from the SHTB, there needs to be fair and truthful board representation.

Villages are true NIMBY's and much of the board live in these protect locations to illegally dump on non villages.
" Oct 30, 19 7:46 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Candidates Focus On Affordable Housing And Tax Assessments

The Southampton Town Board and Southampton Town supervisor approach should not be the continued methods of placing housing in unprotected villages or hamlets. It must be east of the canal or within those inc villages that BIG NYC money is given to current leaders to back these NIMBY communities.

High tax rates and school problems are forced upon the communities of EQ, Hampton Bays, for example, while others are protected from affordable housing.

Yes - the approach must change ! It starts with your vote for that change with new leadership and new board members for balance for all communities.." Oct 31, 19 1:40 PM

Town Earns Gold Award From Car Free Day Long Island

Great news, leave vehicles at home and look for alternative transportation to work.

Is the South Fork Commuter Connection carbon neutral? Any reports or studies on this? It is not cost effective. It spills more carbon into the air and is a safety problem along with traffic issues. The extra trains back up cars in locations such as Hampton Bays. The commuter connection needs to be reviewed by SH and LIRR as the addition carbon from trains and the cars waiting at the RR crossing backing up traffic. " Nov 1, 19 2:24 PM

UPDATE: Schneiderman Wins Reelection In Southampton; Bouvier and Martel Win Town Board Seats; Fleming Returns To County Seat

Lol. Sure. A puppet. We need balance on the SHTB something Craig cannot do. Jay cut a deal with him over a beer." Nov 2, 19 9:10 PM

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