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Southampton Town Issues More Than 200 Code Violations For Illegal Rentals In Hampton Bays During Housing Crackdown

Wake up people! This is political BS bingo at its best with a stunt show put on by local government due to the pressure from citizens and community groups for one reason, the elections.

It was not government doing what it should do. It is the fear of the community putting their jobs on the line you see this. Awful leadership! After years of feedback on code issues and crime destroying these poor people, damaging the school system, impacting the environment and infrastructure we get a press raid. There is another level to deal with, those local judges who care less about you.

It is power run amuck with so much money from the CPF funds doing deals and overspending on property. Southampton bites off more than they can chew with zombie parks with the poor planning. Build a park, no restrooms. Open it up for a quick grand stand and shut it down. Again, political stunt show. The current leadership has little to no management skills. Who will pay for all the up keep of their mindless grand plan? You the tax payer. The Lobster Inn property will be the next to go. Government is about government, not about the people. Government has no place in business as they suck at it.

The western part of the bay is dying a little each day as government fills out paperwork. You will be told it is complicated. We spend more time and money not doing anything, while just doing something would help.

I am sure improvement will be seen. Why? It is the people standing up to force the leadership of the town to do their job. You the people. Stand up, speak up, get involved. Call, write. If not for yourself, do it for the future.
" Oct 13, 17 9:15 PM

Hold on. Council person John Bouvier has stated this is fake news. Yes. This is what he said. “Fake” ! Well John, the only septic system that is really needed is to clean out Southampton council. It started with the flushing of ATH." Oct 14, 17 8:28 AM

Hampton Bays Fire Department Could Pay If Contamination Of Water Wells Is Traced To Firehouse Property

It is time for Southampton Town to grow up and realize the problems. It is as if the story is made for a movie.

HB Water District needs to be looked at for an integration with the Suffolk County Water Authority. There is no need to have a HBWD.

Clearly something is not right with the Supernatant also being a Commissioner of HBFD. There is double liability. If either Department along with King had common sense, this would have been stopped years ago. Both HBFD along with the HB Water District are liable along with the manufacture.

Can anyone at the HBFD or the HBWD read a label or MSDS sheet?

" Dec 1, 17 10:20 PM

Town's Lobster Inn Purchase Stalled As Officials Change Finance Plan, Bring In Private Partner

Indeed, this smells fishy!

This is proof our local government is out of control with the CPF! CPF has made the town board walk a fine line and at times overstep. There are so many legal problems with Jays plans it will be a waste of time and town money. “Quid Pro Quo”! The very government that controls CPF also controls means for business with these lands. Southampton Town is NOT friendly and should be investigated by NYS. Who in their right mind would take on such a deal of purchasing the land but then have to deal with the very entity they had to compete against.

This is extremely dangerous what Jay is talking about. Partners and money are already being discussed? This is not due process and it is only a matter of time in which the town will have legal problems. It is clear to me CBF with little oversite is dangerous to the free market.

Jay and Southampton Town/Board will need to be investigated with these back-room deals. How stupid.

" Dec 1, 17 10:59 PM

Southampton Town Board Member Won't Attend Work Sessions Until School Ends

Tommy John Schiavoni this is disappointing. It is not truthful of you and you know it.

I was present at one debate and viewed the others. At no time did you say you could not attend work sessions. We can go back to the video, you never said it. Period.

Since you not fully engaging in your elected responsibility you have single handedly put the actions of the Southampton Town Board at risk and at best, delayed due process. If Jay and other board members have nothing to say about it, this is nothing more than a political machine at work. Very clintonesque of you
I have the answer for you. You know it. Be a man and step up to the responsibility you wanted. If not, you will never be the Southampton Town Supervisor and Jay will never be a Congressman.
" Jan 4, 18 8:25 PM

It is called accountability SpeedRacer. You know it, so stop your attacks as you look foolish.

Mr. Schiavoni needs to show up for most of work sessions or step down. Simple.

The Suffolk County Board of Elections and NYS Board of Elections need to be notified to determine if there are any infractions and to prevent any further problems down the road with his inability to attend meetings.

Lets sum it up:
• He ran for office knowingly he could not physically handle the responsibility to make the work sessions.

• He gets the votes for the win and is awarded the seat.

• Mr. Schiavoni says nothing about not attending work sessions until the swearing in.

• Southampton Press reports this.

• No comment from Jay Schneiderman or fellow Board Members or Town Attorney. No official comment from Thea Fry or Stan Glinka.

BTW, two reasons why I do not run for office:
1. I work in the private sector with a fulltime job that leaves little time to make town meetings. I was not aware you could run for a seat position and not show up. Was anyone aware you can do this? Tommy John raised his right hand to up hold the position he was voted in for. It is wrong on many levels. Call it stealing votes, call it not being truthful. Bottom line, it is wrong.
2. Personally, have no means to deal within the political arena as you are with the lies and corruption that is filling our local government. Suffolk county is a mess and this issue is just proof of the mindset of politicians.

Tommy John is no more a school teacher than I a politician.

If American is going to be great again, it needs to start with American citizenship holding leadership at task. It is called oversite, free press and this is what America is all about.
" Jan 5, 18 8:21 PM

SpeedRacer, please advise or document how the Town Board approved or agreed to TJS not showing up for work sessions? This is a problematic situation not to have board members available. We all like to see how this is documented as you said it was agreed to arrangement by the Town Board.

" Jan 5, 18 9:26 PM

The Suffolk County Board of Elections and NYS Board of Elections need to be notified to determine if there are any infractions and to prevent any further problems down the road with his inability to attend meetings.

TJS is less than honest if he is not going to make the work sessions." Jan 6, 18 8:34 PM

Over Site. Same as Town Attorney. Jay and the Board need to be sure by TJS refusing to attend work sessions will have no impact on Board, due process along with future issues as this is now allowable.

It could be said the deck was stacked if this was known he could not be engaged in the elected responsibility before the vote.

Seems many people think its wrong. Legally the Town Board and Town Attorney need to approve his refusal to show for work sessions.

Is it fraud by having a person not ready to fill the seat and allow this? Has TJS put the actions of the Southampton Town Board at risk or due process?

Is this just politics and a set up by Jay and other board members not to say anything? Is it a political machine at work?

It is bad for TJS to do this. He was never clear on his fulfillment and then he raises his right hand. So now he is bigger than the responsibility - the job needs to wait for him. Bogus." Jan 7, 18 12:44 PM

This was never approved by the Town of Southampton. This is more of a " political hack job" than anything. This is proof a special situation is given based on politics. This will bring harm to Southampton Town.

If Jay says nothing, he is part of the problem. " Jan 12, 18 7:34 PM

Hampton Bays School District Files $10.6 Million Notice Of Claim Against Town Over Illegal Rentals

First and foremost, this is sad that these actions are needed in every way to get the government to do what is right. It shows that government cannot get it right for the community.

Savings? There are no savings and the extra costs placed on the Hampton Bays school system along with the infrastructure. Rules need to be followed and enforced. The government (SHT and Judges) have placed people in danger with the overcrowding and the burden on the town.

1. Landlords need to be stopped. Enforce code. A hotel is a hotel, not a residence same for a single family home with multifamily use. The Town leadership along with judges allow code violations to go on that place people in danger (children) and burden the community.

2. Pay for it. Well, now there is a monetary cost. You have high tax rates for East Quogue, Hampton Bays. Let’s hope no lives are lost with overcrowding and illegal use. Perhaps there should be just one school district for Southampton and everyone pays the same for the cost of schools. There would be less cost as there would be less top levels of administration to help control budgets. Spread the costs or students (busing) among Southampton.

I do believe town leadership and Judges are attempting to “bust” a community. They all know this, yet they manipulate the community to dump on it.

Power to the people to stand up to the dumping and make things right for all. Great job by the Hampton Bays School Board to bring it out in the open after years.
" Feb 1, 18 11:17 AM

The suit is not political. It is about our school; the children and teachers.

Bravo HBSB. Bravo!

This is to compensate for the failures our local Government on behalf of the resident tax payers of Hampton Bays. In this case against the Southampton Town.
" Feb 11, 18 10:54 PM

Southampton Town Leaders Accuse Zeldin Of Making 'Misleading' Comments About Hampton Bays During White House Visit

Thank you Congressman Lee Zeldin for doing your job by taking serious issues to the President on behalf of our district.
The reason progress is being made for Hampton Bays after years of neglect is the people. Years of hard work. It will take more time and money to make up for years of abuse. All of us need to work together with the SHTB to get them to open their minds, hearts and eyes to the problems. It needs more attention by SHTB
However, with no answers or direct action from SHTB to the suit, or reduce the overcrowding and dumping on the school district. It is time now for the Hampton Bays School District to move on with litigation to bring the truth forward for the taxpayers and children of the district
" Mar 7, 18 11:02 PM

MS13 gang activity has increased 100% in two years in Southampton.

" Mar 8, 18 9:02 PM

Yes. The fact is MS13 gang activity is up 100 % in two years in Southampton. " Mar 8, 18 9:11 PM

Great , but the problem will not go away unless you are honest that there is a problem. Gangs and gang activity such as MS 13 in Hampton Bays/Southampton/East end.

Note the following -
- Brothel on Foster Ave.= MS 13 connections, Gang activity.
- CB’s Bar Knife event = MS13 connections, Gang activity.
- Sexual Assault in Southampton post the HBFD drunk event.= MS13 connections, Gang activity.

Too bad the leadership will do what it can to hide the facts yet the Congressman brings it forward.

Thanks Lee Zeldin !" Mar 10, 18 9:13 AM

Hampton Bays Voters To Decide On Propositions

The HBSB needs to inform and communicate the status of the notice of claim to Southampton. To state "can not comment" is not correct as the suit has not been filed. It needs to be filed now on behalf of students and tax payers.

HBSB must control the budget by balancing with a slant to students and taxpayers, less to administrators. On Long Island this is not a vocation but a money grab. Proof is the number of School Superintendents.
" May 4, 18 9:02 PM

A Hampton Bays Native Bids Farewell To Position On School Board

Government gets sued every day by Government; citizens and Towns. That’s a fact. Another fact is the The SHTB cares for East Quogue and Hampton Bays by dumping on them. Have you checked your drinking water quality? The issue at BelAire would never happen in Southampton or any other place! The septic t Bel Aire is broken and runs off into the parking lot and into the Bay. Yet SHTB will not close them down with extreme health and safety issues.Makes you think the SHTB sure will do a lot for the hamlets." Jul 3, 18 1:31 PM

New Train-Bus Commuter Connection Coming In February For $8.50 Round-Trip

This could be an epic fail as the mind set is one directional. The dumping on hamlets continue by leaders east of the canal on those west of it. Why is the problem east of canal the problem now of those living west of it?

The cost and govt share is and will always be unknown. LIRR knows this. There will be additional issues if it happens. People who purchased east of the canal knew the challenge and issues, good and bad that goes along with living east of canal." Jul 19, 18 10:24 AM

There is no need to spend money on parking in Hampton Bays. None. There is so much additional parking at that new pocket park that can be used and It’s a short walk to station. This way the park can then be used for something other than a few events a year: Mr. Neely is this correct? Go look for yourself." Jul 19, 18 1:15 PM

Southampton Town Plans To Purchase The Bel-Aire Cove Motel In Hampton Bays For Redevelopment

Is the HB school board suing the town? There is NO suit, only a notice.

HBSB must move forward with suit. They need to communicate the status of this important action to return about 10 million dollars to the tax payers.

Next suit against the SHTB is their claim of placing a waste treatment facility within a residential area of Hampton Bays.

Hampton Bays needs to fight back on such illegal activity by SHTB.
" Aug 16, 18 1:07 PM

Southampton Town Seeks Permits To Process More Yard Waste In Hampton Bays

Make it more efficient for the Southampton Town Board to dump on Hampton Bays. NO! Call in DEC as town is in violation at the same time it is trying to close
a private facility. Do you see the double standards how SHTB works.

This is the local government closing other facilities and political hack job now as this has gone on for years.

This board will continue to manage East Quouge, Flanders/Riverside and Hampton Bay poorly for the means of wealth east of canal." Oct 3, 18 9:05 AM

South Fork Commuter Connection Set To Launch In March

Once again the five east end towns dumping and polluting on towns west of the canal. It is all about them.

This will ad excess pollution from the train, from cars stuck in traffic, but most of all, increases the risks with more training crossings. Mr. Thiele may not be aware the Hampton Bays Station is within a hamlet.

It will not be used enough to be positive for LIRR and will need funding from we the people. " Oct 3, 18 9:22 AM

Permanent Bathrooms Finally Coming To Good Ground Park In Hampton Bays

SHTB is full of contradiction as long as they do not have to follow the rules. They are excellent at spending other people’s money." Oct 10, 18 9:17 AM

State Allows Local Governments To Expand Water Quality Monitoring Of Sand Mines

Come test Hampton Bays water. DEC should look at the operation at the transfer stations in Southampton and Hampton Bays along with Sand Mines." Oct 10, 18 9:26 AM

Southampton Town Board Approves Sag Harbor Cinema Development Rights Purchase

SHTB will always be about the political agenda.

This will cost us more than just CPF to run. In a few years it will be an accounting and management mess. Better than a Three Stooges Showing or Dumber and Dumber double header.

We are seeing many projects not been fully vetted or have a complete plan from end to end. SHTB strikes again as they kick the can down the road for the next poor slob to deal with and oversee.

CPF from the start was always about open spaces. The downtown area of Riverhead is an example of government working with private groups.

I can see the fights starting already or another inside job stealing money like the beach pavilions. Congrads to SHTB. Please add this to a long list of projects needing to be completed and over spent." Oct 24, 18 7:51 PM

Southampton Town Board Tables Walk-On Resolution To Approve Bel-Aire Cove Motel Deal

A few points:
1. Town has no CDA. How can this plan be even in play and be voted on? The town has no CDA as it let it expire or not managing it correctly. There is no CDA! It can take a day or a year. Who knows, but if the town can’t manage the CDA standing how are they going to handle this plan.
2. Addressing the issues from Bel Aire should be done with the greatest chances of success which is CPF.
3. With CPF also has PILOTs – tax payments.
4. The Jay Plan is too complicated and not complete. The town will have difficulty with it. It has a great deal of more risk and result will be unknown. Condo’s? Low income housing?
5. What is the status of notice of claim made by the HBSD to Southampton Town regarding this location. The location sends many school children without paying its fair share of taxes to the district

Did I state the Southampton Town has NO CDA!
" Oct 25, 18 7:45 AM

Even without the little tax the town gets from Bel-Aire, there will be a net gain of savings for the school district has it has a loss on recovery of school taxes from Bel-Aire along, freeing up lost hours of code enforcement and all associated costs.

Use CDF to restore this site to open space and save the bays." Oct 25, 18 7:53 AM

Southampton Supervisor Considers Leaving Bel-Aire Cove Motel Property As 22-Room Motel

Use CPF and be done with it. Any news on the school district suit against the town?

Jay, Why not use CPF ?" Nov 14, 18 2:15 PM

Westhampton Community Center Building Auction Comes Up Blank

INCREDIBLE for sure. Let me point out:
1. Southampton has no CDF. Yes Southampton has no CDF as they did not keep up with the paper work file. It now sits with the governor in Albany. A few weeks ago the SHTB said it would arrive any day. So is Christmas.
2. The SHTB and the town of Southampton has never done such a plan. So there is no end to end plan. There is support to show the plan is half baked.
3. This story is support it can not auction off one location. It did not manage the location well. It managed the site into the ground.
4. The town and SHTB cannot manage code enforcement the way it should. The owner of Bel-Aire and the SHTB have placed people in harms way. Women, men and children along with first responders.

I could go on and on. Use CPF. Why not? They over spend CPF in Sag Harbor on a small lot along with the Sag Theater.
" Nov 19, 18 8:35 PM

Southampton Town Board Tables Bel-Aire Cove Vote Once Again

This is just more BS bingo from Jay and the SHTB. This is only talk & fake news to assist keeping the issue off their backs and not enforcing code.. Nothing will happen but keep people in danger with health and safety issues at the location..

Clearly SHTB is full of crap with the purchase of Lobster Inn & the lot in Sag vs this location. Different rules for those east of the canal vs those west of it..

There is no suit with the school district and the Town. Again more BS from the HBSB, Lars & the connected political machine to rip off the tax payers with fake news. It is all show.

. " Nov 29, 18 10:15 PM

Westhampton Beach Seeks Additional Funding From Town For Water Drainage Project

"Came in higher than expected" is the new slogan for local government. " Nov 29, 18 10:26 PM

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