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HBWD To Present Opposing Argument To SCWA Proposal To Manage Local Water Next Week

What is so difficult to understand HB Water employees and fans?

A bigger water management system and the costs are increased to cover the maintenance projects that HAVE BEEN NEGLECTED FOR YEARS!!!

HB employees get a higher salary! What is the problem!

We need the intelligent public to go and fill that auditorium!! Stand up and hvae your voice heard! THis is OUR water system and the SILENT MAJORITY has to become a VOICE HEARD FOR OUR FUture HEALTH!!!" Dec 12, 18 8:05 PM

From the article above:

Currently, Hampton Bays residents who are customers of the water district who use 3,500 cubic feet of water, or 26,182 gallons, pay approximately $44.80, including usage fees—the average customer pays $132 annually through a property tax bill to the water district—and other charges. The same amount used by an SCWA customer costs roughly $46.72." Dec 12, 18 8:06 PM

Hampton Bays Water District Officials Speak Out Against SCWA Proposal To Manage Local Water

And what about the businesses that have extra costs due to the black water? DId they have compensation for their loss when they paid their water bill? Read on....

A lady attending the latest Water Meeting said that when she called HB Water in July about her black water,, “Keep your cleaning bills and deduct from your water bill.””
How nice! Did anyone else get that message? Answer is NO! Favoritism of customers!!!! Sounds like an audit is needed! Are they running a Private Club for their friends or treating the community as equals!!! " Dec 22, 18 8:41 PM

Suffolk County Water Authority Says Hampton Bays Water District's Iron And Manganese Levels Exceeded Limits Last Summer

Ok...when will the government officials that we have elected to protect us and our families.....be allowed to do just that....protect our health and the future health of our families...please! When can the DEC, Suffolk Health, NYS Health, Southampton Town....whichever government agency step in and take control of our health!!!! This madness has to stop!!!!

Because we have always done things this way....cannot be the motto of our lives anymore. WE HAVE TO HAVE COMPETENT AND TRAINED WATER PROFESSIONALS.

Our community and the worlds has changed over the past 30 years!!

Hampton Bays—stop hiding behind the loyalty and small town we own this HB Water Department and face the truth! We need a professional water team to solve our problems and the future health of our children!!
" Feb 26, 19 9:21 PM

Throwing around comments such as fedupxq100 are just scare tactics. He should read the facts in the article and the facts in the Newsday article today!!’’

We now have a Super Fund site at our Hampton Bays FIre Department on Montauk Highway!!!

Keep buying your bottled water and we can expand the landfill with more plastic water bottles!!

Wake up and smell the water!!

The people of Hampton Bays need to make town health and the health of the future generations their first priority. !!! " Feb 28, 19 9:08 PM

Hampton Bays Fire Department Added To New York Superfund List For Contamination

Bayman, dont stop printing the truth. SOme day the people of HB will listen,,,,or the government will have to step in and take charge...to protest the well being of the people!" Mar 2, 19 8:49 PM

Southampton's Luke Rey Finishes Indoor Track Season At State Meet

Luke—Thank you and your coach for running for SHS. Good luck with your future in running! " Mar 4, 19 10:11 PM

Hampton Bays Fire Department Added To New York Superfund List For Contamination

What can be done to control this? When can audit be done? We need to have better services for our hard earned tax dollars.

Who can help? " Mar 4, 19 10:20 PM

Watchdog , your words are worth repeating....

Readers: clip and paste these words on your Facebook pages

The ‘’locals’’ are not taking care of their neighbors.They first pour hazardous chemicals into our ground water and then it’s pumps it into our homes.This is not a deliberate chain of events but it does point out the danger of allowing poorly prepared people to run our fire and water departments.Our first responsible is to hand over our water management to the professionals at the Suffolk Water Authority and the State DEC to clean up chemical mess at the Fire Dept.A superfund site in the center of our village,Not good for our already tarnished image." Mar 4, 19 10:22 PM

Southampton Town Hires Engineering Firm To Design Hampton Bays Water District Plan

Fiinally, we have a forward motion of getting our water system into a better water source for our children and rid it of the chemicals that can harm us!! It only took a Super Fund rating of our Well by the Fire Department to get a plan to get started toward heathy water! Thank you to all of the citizens who complained, yelled, and held up the progress. It is now nearly a year later and we could have improvements in progress now. " Mar 27, 19 8:05 PM

Supervisor Announces Plan To Freeze Tax Assessments For Two Years To Study Process

Go to the Southampton Schools websites and count the number of administrators. These positions have been boosted up to the admin level over the past years. What are the salaries for 13 Administrators? Do neighboring districts have 13 Administrators for a similar number of graduates? " May 8, 19 10:00 PM

A freeze sounds like a good idea. We should all thank Jay for his fresh approach to look for new solutions. And not to continue with the same ideas, same programs, etc because it is tradition. Times have changed and we must examine new methods, etc. Thank you Jay! " May 8, 19 10:02 PM

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