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Fisher Steps Down As FRNCA President To Serve On Riverhead School Board

Being a community advocate is very noble. However, being a Town Trustee requires knowledge of the environment. On the job training should not be an option. Sorry Turkey Bridge. " Aug 19, 17 7:40 PM

Campaign Diary: Southampton Town Supervisor Reelection Fundraiser Set For August 23

Turkey Bridge, you really need to look at yourself in the mirror, and what you will see is your image linked with Schneiderman and Hissey. You are the lone Democrat Hills cheerleader. SO SAD!" Aug 21, 17 2:08 PM

Southampton Supervisor Candidate Ray Overton Supports 'The Hills At Southampton' Application

CleanWaters, Staying home is not an option. Not voting is a vote for "The Hills PDD". Your first reaction to write in Fred Havemeyer, a true environmentalist, is correct. If all Southampton Town registered voters stick together, we can defeat Discovery's buyout of our elected officials.
In November, WRITE-IN FRED HAVEMEYER for Town Supervisor. .........., It's that easy!" Aug 23, 17 4:59 PM

Supporters Of The Hills Turn Out In Force At Southampton Town Board Meeting Tuesday

Earthgirl, One can sit and analyze Jay Schneiderman's delaying tactics forever, but I think at this point, most people know why. (I'm sure it has something to do with the root of most things.) This Schneiderman tactic should be a clarion call to the registered voters of Southampton Town to .... WRITE IN Fred Havemeyer for Town Supervisor on the November ballot." Aug 23, 17 8:09 PM

Southampton Supervisor Candidate Ray Overton Supports 'The Hills At Southampton' Application

Turkey Bridge, Your logic is a little strange. You write... Don't vote for the Republican, because he is in favor of "The Hills PDD". Vote for the Conservative / Democrat (whatever political philosophy that is) because he won't vote for "The Hills PDD", until after the November election. Give me a break! Even the least politically minded person can see through Jay's position. I guess you are the one with the credibility problem. Whenever an underdog beats the odds and wins, the naysayers wonder ... How did that happen?

Fred Havemeyer can win across all political lines. He is the right person at the right time! Fred Havemeyer is an honorable person, as you have posted many times, Turkey Bridge. Southampton Town registered voters can end the "The Hills PDD" problem and many other quality of life issues by writing in Fred Havemeyer for Town Supervisor on the November ballot." Aug 24, 17 1:24 PM

Yes CleanWaters, you can absolutely write in FRED HAVEMEYER for Town Supervisor. On the November ballot, under Town Supervisor, every voter can write in the name of a person they want as Town Supervisor. Look for more details, as we get closer to November." Aug 25, 17 1:18 PM

UPDATE: PDD Would Have Less Nitrogen Impact, According To Gobler's Latest Environmental Report On 'The Hills'

Gobler's Report on the Nitrogen Impact on "The Hills PDD" could be titled "Much To Do About Nothing" as William put it. Dr. Gobler had enough "IFs" in his report to make the whole thing IFFY. Everyone could read what they originally thought was fact in this report, good thing no one paid for it. As they say, you get what you pay for or in this case the Town paid zero and got a maybe.
All things being equal, whatever that means, Mark Hissey took to 27 East, the night before, and had a Hissey fit. He now maintains that Mr. Gordon Herr, Southampton Town Committee Chair, has binders (possibly left over from Mitt Romney) full - nearly 2000 letters with names and addresses of Southampton residents in favor of "The Hills". Turkey Bridge, with your inside connections - is this true? " Aug 28, 17 5:01 PM

Dr. Gobler, from your picture on 27 East, I can see that I am a few years older than you. It seems that during those few years, the Dumbing Down of America must have reached the campuses of higher education. My professors taught that when you compare, for analysis, two items, they should be apples to apples and not apples to oranges.
East Quoque was settled in 1673. During the next 344 years, there wasn't a stampede to East Quoque to develop the land. Thus your comparison of the Nitrogen Impact of a golf course community, open all year, to a 5 acre lot as-of-right 118 single family homes .. is apples to oranges. A more realistic comparison would be .. two or three 5 acre single family homes, probably the true market for such homes, verses a golf course community open 24/7/365.
With respect to Mark Hissey's binders ... If you took all The Hills PDD posts, on 27 East, and sorted them by individual author, I'm sure you would find fewer than 50 individual writers. This then brings up the question ... where did Mark Hissey find 2000 Southampton registered voters motivated to write these letters and the second question ..Why were all the letters written in green fountain pen ink? BTW, how did Mr. Gordon Herr end up with this binder? " Aug 29, 17 2:34 PM

Gobler's Latest Assessment States 'The Hills' PDD Would Generate Least Amount Of Nitrogen

Turkey Bridge, where are you? Your silence is deafening. Oh, wait! You must be immersed in those Hissey binders that Mr. Gordon Herr has. What will you say when Schneiderman and the Democrats sell out The Hills?" Aug 31, 17 8:31 PM

Turkey Bridge, you are sounding more like President Donald Trump every post. The Hills PDD is not about you, it's about the future of the East End and the Southampton Democratic Party. I wonder what you will write when Mr. Gordon Herr's chosen candidate - a non member of The Democratic Party - votes in favor of The Hills PDD and forces his "J" puppets to follow. Then we will see who is being jerked around by whom. " Sep 1, 17 8:36 PM

Southampton Town Board Busy Reviewing Documents On 'The Hills' As Votes Approach

Ibill, I don't know why you and your friends have the need to beat up on our Highway Superintendent Alex Gregor. While painting handicap parking lines is important, keeping the roads open and in good repair, to me, is critical. Without clear roads, one would not be able get to the railroad station. BTW, where is there a LIRR station in Remsenburg? Keep up the great work Alex! You deserve another term in office. " Sep 7, 17 8:05 PM

HB Proud Your post is the most disturbing post I've ever read. The central document in our country states ... "WE THE PEOPLE" and not we the corporations. Our elected officials are called "public servants" because they are answerable to "WE THE PEOPLE". When The Southampton Town Board votes on the Hills PDD, this fact should be on their minds. You might be too young to remember how the Tobacco Industry produced tons of scientific studies to convince the public that smoking was not harmful to ones health, YEH! " Sep 7, 17 8:14 PM

HB Proud It seem you missed the point of my last post and you must have missed the day, in high school, when the class studied the US Constitution.
The main reason I am against the Hills PDD is, that no one knows, 100% for sure, what the long term effects this project will have on our waters and environment. Ten years or One Hundred years from today, we find our water supply or our bays are damaged, beyond repair ... what do we do?
Your post was disturbing to me, not because of the Hills PDD, but because you do not understand the fundamental point of our country, ie... "WE THE PEOPLE". At the end of the day, our Representatives, in this case the Southampton Town Board, are answerable to "WE THE PEOPLE" on Election Day. " Sep 9, 17 1:29 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Board Signs Off Thursday On Environmental Study For 'The Hills'

Taz, you are 100%. You get what you pay for, and in this case the Town Board paid nothing for this report and that is what it's worth. As was stated earlier... the Tobacco Industry had great scientific reports showing smoking wasn't bad for you health and we know what those reports were worth. Keep on fighting!
" Sep 17, 17 5:17 PM

Michael, it is obvious from your picture that you are of the age to know better. Twenty years ago we didn't need a high price study to know we needed affordable housing, we don't need a study today and I'm sure twenty years from now they will produce a study saying the same. This is a HIGH PRICED market and will probably remain so. So why don't we working on getting light-rail and other affordable public transportation in our areas so workers can come and go at a reasonable rate and speed. Our children and grandchildren will not live here during their working productive years as this is a resort and not an industrial area. When Tele-Commuting is the norm maybe then?
With age should come wisdom. " Sep 17, 17 5:39 PM

Draggerman, I agree. "Turkey Bridge" should change his name to "Turtle Bridge". He claims he has Dem insider info, so he sticks his neck out, and then when he can't produce, he hides in his shell. " Sep 19, 17 5:01 PM

Southampton Town Board Expected To Vote On Findings Statement For 'The Hills' Next Week

Since Supervisor Jay Schneiderman said that the Board will vote on The Hills PDD by the end of September, I wonder if he will have the vote on the Findings first and then at the same meeting call for a final vote on The Hills PDD. The other scenario could be that Supervisor Jay Schneiderman will stall until after the November election. We will see!" Sep 21, 17 10:12 PM

The Southampton Town Board has posted their September 26 agenda, which states that the vote on The Hills PDD will take place on October 19 at 6PM.at East Quogue Elementary School. So it seems Supervisor Jay Schneiderman has lied to the voters once again by extending the vote past the end of September deadline. He thinks he is being slick, along with the other members of the Board, by limiting the time to organize a write in candidate for Supervisor. The TIME TO UNITE IS NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!." Sep 22, 17 8:20 PM

At last night's Southampton Town Board meeting, called to vote on The Findings on The Hills, Supervisor Jay Schneiderman showed his true color - "YELLOW" - when he tabled the vote, fearing a loss. The room was packed with Mr. Mark Hissey's goons, who were there to intimidate The Town Board - but they failed, as Councilwoman Julie Lofstad and Councilman John Bouvier stated that they would cast a "NO" vote, had one been taken. The other two Town Board members, sadly, remained silent." Sep 27, 17 9:43 AM

Lofstad, Bouvier Reject Findings Statement On 'The Hills' Project Tuesday

I wonder how many writers on this blog, using a faux name (including myself), would have the courage to take a stand in front of a mixed and rowdy, belligerent audience.
KUDOS to JULIE LOFSTAD and JOHN BOUVIER ! " Sep 27, 17 4:59 PM

So, HB Proud and BB I guess you think the Fire Fighters, Police, First Responders, Soldiers and others should give back their medals for bravery and their commendations because they get paid to do their jobs. While we are at it, maybe we should do away with all Government Proclamations and award shows, all these people were ONLY doing their job.. How about Employee of the Month while we are at it? Do you understand my post now?
I agree that Stan Glinka and Christine Scalera deserve, when they stand up for us, our thanks ... why didn't you give them a shout out then? " Sep 28, 17 9:29 AM

HB Proud, without dedicated politicians, true public servants, nothing gets done ...example Trump & Zeldin. The people in Puerto Rico can attest to that, if they can survive. Texas and Florida aren't that much better off.
As I noted before, when you put yourself up to work for all the people, then you can talk. " Sep 28, 17 6:41 PM

Paper Cuts, Indeed!
It is ironic that, on the very day Republican Congressman Steve Scalise walked back, with the aid of two canes, to his seat, after being shot, you, HBProud, would write that the only danger officials face are PAPER CUTS.
Where would you like me to start? Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Gabby Gifford and many other public servants, on the Federal, State and Local levels.
Paper Cuts, Indeed!

HBProud, one of the tricks political debaters try, is to make up a silly statement and attribute it to their opposition ... sorry it won't work for you here! What I wrote and what I believe is, that every individual should be recognized when they stand up for principles and not personal gain.
Find and read a copy of the 1957 Pulitzer Prize winning book - Profiles In Courage. The eight people featured, who exhibited "great acts of bravery", were all politicians.


Turkey Bridge, What a great summary! This thread is what democracy is all about, now if we could figure out a way to motivate most of the voting public to vote, we would have something. BTW, what is a Turkey Bridge?

Kudos to Julie Lofstad and John Bouvier." Oct 1, 17 8:13 PM

Thank You HB Proud for the info on Turkey Bridge. Now I understand why I agree with him on so many issues, as I do with you. It is too bad that the Republican Party can not come up with a credible candidate to replace Town Supervisor Schneidrman. I think it is time for the voters to elect a supervisor by the write in process. Mr. Stan, the silent man, Glinka had nothing to say at this Town Board Meeting, possibly a lack of courage. Councilman Glinka should join Mr. Schneiderman in a new career with the Jimmy Buffett Band - he plays a mean ball point pen clicker. While Councilwoman Scalera was chewing on what looked like a huge plug of tobacco - which brings up the question - does the Southampton Historical Museum have any old spittoons? They should lend one to the Town Board for her use. The Councilwoman too was silent when it came to voice her opinion on The Findins . " Oct 2, 17 7:56 PM

There you go again HB Proud. You won't give credit to Councilwoman Julie Lofstad and Councilman John Bouvier for standing up to Supervisor Schneiderman and backing the environment, While Councilman Stan Glinka and Councilwoman Christine Scalera cowered behind Supervisor Jay Schneiderman.
I might have been wrong about Councilwoman Christine Scalera chewing on a plug of tobacco - it could have been a large chunk of gum. I sure hope she didn't put it on the bottom of her chair, for future use!

Kudos to Julie Lofstad and John Bouvier for their COURAGEOUS stand. " Oct 3, 17 11:22 AM

'The Hills' PDD Vote Could Happen Just Before Election Day--If County Panel Moves Quickly

Slick Schneiderman Strikes Again. Cutting through all the BS, Slick Schneiderman will do whatever it takes to please his masters - Hissey and DLC, and postpone the PDD vote until after the November elections. It is time to vote out Slick Schneiderman and write in a new Supervisor who will work for the people of Southampton Town and not for himself." Oct 9, 17 5:38 PM

CleanWaters & Taz ... It is not too late to stop Slick Schneiderman. There is still time to consider FRED HAVEMEYER, a Democrat and TRUE Environmentalist, as a write in candidate for Southampton Town Supervisor. It is time to consider FRED HAVEMEYER ... YES WE CAN! and YES WE MUST! " Oct 12, 17 1:44 PM

Turkey Bridge ... Betrayal by a close friend or political ally is a difficult situation to overcome. But, DENIAL, as they say, is not a river in Egypt. Mr. Jay Schneiderman stabbed you and all Democrats in the back, just as Brutus did to Julius Caesar.
For you the choice on Election Day is between Mr. Overton and Mr. Schneidrman. Or as Mr. Scaramucci would put it, a front stabber and a back stabber. I and many Democrats, Republicans and Independents feel now is the time for action. A write-in vote for a TOP-NOTCH person (as you put it) like FRED HAVEMEYER vs the two bottom feeders is the way to go.
If you will it, it is no dream! JOIN US. " Oct 13, 17 10:22 PM

UPDATE: Public Hearing On 'The Hills' Postponed To November 13

I totally agree with you HamptonClassic.

If Mr. Jay Schneiderman thinks we believe this story, I think his next job should be in Brooklyn, where they have a bridge that he can sell!

It is time for the voters to take a stand and kill this project, once and for all
Write-in FRED HAVEMEYER for Town Supervisor.

" Oct 16, 17 10:45 PM

Southampton Town Considers Litigation Over Hampton Bays Well Contamination

If you think this water problem in HB is bad, wait until the DLC puts in their golf course and pollutes the water in East Quogue. Maybe the Town should hire several full time attorneys to sue all the polluters. That is why we have to stop Mr. Jay Schneiderman and his greedy friends NOW. End the Hills PDD.

Write in FRED HAVEMEYER for Town Supervisor!

" Oct 16, 17 11:04 PM

Former Employee Challenging Gregor In Southampton Town Highway Department Race

My job transferred to Southampton about 20 years ago and I love to drive the country roads. In the last few years, I've noticed that the roads have improved tremendously, as to safety and drivability. THANK YOU ALEX GREGOR.

ALEX GREGOR deserves our support .... VOTE for ALEX GREGOR

" Oct 17, 17 10:10 PM

UPDATE: Public Hearing On 'The Hills' Postponed To November 13

Turkey Bridge, There are so many cliches that I could use to answer your post - but they have all been used to denounce you and your sleazy partner, Mr Jay Schneiderman. You talk a good game about being against "The Hills PDD", especially when you counseled everyone to be patient because Mr Jay Schneiderman was following the rules - YEAH RIGHT. Maybe I still have one cliche that has not been used to describe you ... When you are in bed with dogs, don't be surprised when you wake up with fleas."
Thankfully, we have Councilwoman Julie Lofstad and Candidate Tommy John Schiavoni to count on. Councilman Stan "The Silent Banker Man" Glinka has to be defeated, as he is a future vote for "The Hills PDD". " Oct 17, 17 11:00 PM

Southampton Town Postpones Hearing On The Hills

HB Proud ... You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to impugn the integrity of Judge Andrea Schiavoni, one of the most hardworking and respected jurist on the East End. Candidate Tommy John Schiavoni is a smart competent person who has worked on many boards, rendering judgments on projects needing approval.

When you talk about " too much conflict of interest - perceived or real". The only person you can be talking about is Councilman Stan Glinka, a Vice President of a Bank. As been written elsewhere ... Banks lend money to Developers (like DLC), contractors and their subs for projects like "The Hills". Banks also profit from lending money, in the form of mortgages, to potential "Hills" customers. Councilman Stan Glinka will not recuse himself from voting on "The Hills PDD", which is what he should do, nor will he indicate how he will vote, as his running mate Mr. Ray Overton has done, - yes for "The Hills PDD".

Candidate Tommy John Schiavoni has publicly stated "NO TO THE HILLS".


" Oct 18, 17 10:23 PM

Former Employee Challenging Gregor In Southampton Town Highway Department Race

To Captain Obvious - At what bar did you and your band of silly bloggers meet with Lance Aldrich and come up with this attack campaign on HIGHWAY SUPERINTENDENT ALEX GREGOR?

ALEX GREGOR has done a great job maintaining our roads and keeping them safe, especially in winter.

ALEX GREGOR earned our support ... VOTE FOR ALEX GREGOR.

" Oct 19, 17 7:46 PM

Southampton Town Postpones Hearing On The Hills

The next debate is on Monday Oct 22 in Hampton Bays. Show up and ask this question. See if he gives you a direct answer! " Oct 19, 17 7:57 PM

Schneiderman, Overton Tackle Issues In Southampton Town Supervisor Debate


On Monday night, October 23, at 6:30 PM, Hampton Bays Civic Association will host a debate for all candidates. The debate will be held at the community center in the King Kullen shopping center.

Courageous Councilwoman Julie Lofstad and Candidate Tommy John Schiavoni will present their views and answer questions. I wonder if Silent Stan The Bankerman Glinka will finally state his view on The Hills PDD or once again remain silent. And then there is his running mate, Fry, does she even have a clue, let alone a view?

" Oct 22, 17 8:13 PM

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